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The difference between them and us, and why they won

Our Malaysian landscape as we drift into the long, dark night

And so the Darkening that’s suffusing our land from the spread of false Hope has claimed its first political victims.

UPDATE 1: I made a mistake. Below is a more recent and accurate news about the MACC chief which paints a different scenario

UPDATE 2: Umno apparatchik Lokman Adam lashed out at the “Mahathir-DAP regime” after he got marching orders from his Finance Ministry job

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Dzulkifli Ahmad today resigned as per the demand by Pakatan Harapan.

Yesterday had seen the resignation of Malaysian Institute of Political Analysis (Mapan) director Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff. (More about Dr Kamarul later but suffice it for now to say that I really admire his fortitude in the face of the feral attacks by the Hannah Hyenas.)

Expect more ‘resignations’ or outright sackings of government agency bosses and others in the civil service to be a daily occurrence these coming weeks.

Expect too for BN supporters everywhere to be punished by the vindictive Harapan warlords.

Vengeance is Harapan’s, get used to it

Johor’s new Harapan menteri besar Osman Sapian intimated from the get-go that opposition areas (i.e. Umno wards) would be denied development funds.

The proposed ‘punishment’ – starving opposition seats of state allocations – is rich coming from this Harapan Johor government considering that it had immorally poached three Umno assemblymen party hoppers.

The Umno frogs – ‘cleansed’ (di-BERSIH-kan) to become Harapan princes – had won their seats on the BN ticket and thus their crossover to the other side is clearly a betrayal of the voters’ mandate.

In Perak, a declared support for Harapan by two Umno Aduns (Zainol Fadzi Paharudin and Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi) has enabled Harapan to unethically form the state government after an initial stalemate. Umno can’t expel these two toads soon enough.

In Sabah, numerous faithless BN Aduns have already jumped ship to Harapan, causing the Umno Sabah chief minister to be ousted.

Without doubt, Harapan is a tainted government being built on betrayals of trust.

So why did we lose GE14?

Raja Petra Kamarudin hit the nail on the head in answering this thorny question.

Apart from internal sabotage, the passage below penned by Raja Petra the ‘morning after’ best explains. In his May 10 article, Raja Petra wrote:

“… most Barisan leaders from Umno as well as from the other coalition members did not want to touch the GST and 1MDB issues with a ten-foot pole. They just did not know how to articulate their arguments so it was left to a handful of bloggers to do that job. But where were the political leaders or cabinet members? They were playing safe in case the GST and 1MDB ‘dirt’ rubs off on them.

“What I saw and what I mentioned to some of the Barisan leaders is that most were abandoning Najib and were throwing him under the bus.”

True, Barisan leaders threw Najib under the bus. DAP and Amanah leaders, on the other hand, went as far as to install rocket boosters on Mahahthir’s sub-par Proton.

Metaphors aside, the fact was that BN people were simply unwilling to whitewash Najib (as explained succinctly by Raja Petra).

It was not the same with Harapan where the Dapsters had been more than eager to bathe Tun Mahathir with holy water and enthusiastically cleanse him of all his political sins.

The 93-year-old was previously dubbed “Malay ultra” by DAP but nonetheless ‘rebirthed’ on election eve to be devoid of a single “racist” bone in his born again body.

That’s the main difference between how Harapan and BN each operate.

The DAP and the Pribumi camps which once held the other to be devil incarnate had in GE14 licked back their own prodigious spittle (jilat ludah sendiri) malah sanggup cium pipi kiri kanan just to hoodwink voters.

The Umno and MCA long-married couple, by contrast, failed to get their act together and couldn’t stop bickering in public.

In short, BN were either too complacent or too disengaged to even put up a false front as Harapan had so ably done.

The above is Part One. I shall continue Part Two talking from a more personal perspective.




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20 thoughts on “The difference between them and us, and why they won

  1. It is very simple…

    You are all corrupt and corrupted – morally and financially.

    Laporan Ketua Audit Negara

    Hutang Negeri

    Pahang 1.087 billion
    Kedah 1.028 billion
    Trgnu 502 juta
    Melaka 405 juta
    Kelantan 391 juta
    Johor 334 juta
    N.Sembilan 196 juta
    Perlis 171 juta
    Sarawak 36 juta
    Sabah 30 juta
    Perak 23 juta
    Selangor 14 juta(dari ratus juta zaman BN )
    Penang Tiada Hutang( dari 600 juta zaman BN )

    Patutlah sampai skrg xde Adun BN Pahang nak jadi MB

    Dan patutlah Lim Guan Eng layak jadi Menteri Kewangan

      1. How is producing verifiable figures being funny? In most parts of the world, people will look at things like this when assessing how a govt is performing. Only in this country is race and religion the driving factor in choosing a govt for a lot of people, specifically UMNO people…but times are changing as GE14 showed.

        1. You have to be Brunei to run a state debt free. And we all know that the bulk of the Selangor & Penang ” ratus juta loan from zaman BN” had to do with water & the PAkatan did not have to do much to get those loans reduced.

          Please don’t rewrite the facts.
          I picked PH because of Tun & my belief that he is experienced enough to get our economy on the right track. I picked PH because none of the Umno divisions have the balls to kick out Najib so we joined the rest to kick him out.

          But I am under no delusions that PKR or DAP is better. LGE has a corruption case pending. Yes, yes, you all think it’s a trump up charge but PKR set the precedent with Khir Toyo’s case. If Khir had to go to jail for buying a house below market value then so should LGE.

          AI is not fit to be PM. If Najib the corrupt is not fit to be PM then AI is a double whammy, corrupt & liwat.

          So now I am hoping the pardon will come with some conditions. Also, constitutionally he still has to wait out the period of 5 years of no politics. That’s enough time to find a good candidate who is not AI or KJ

  2. >>Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Dzulkifli Ahmad today resigned as per the demand by Pakatan Harapan.<<

    If he has found to have been corrupted,,,then he should not only be sacked but also prosecuted.

  3. The simple fact of it is that by comparison the opposition ran a ‘slick’ campaign by local standards. It was a take no prisoners approach. Barisan on the other hand had a hopelessly incompetent bunch of hangers on who knew nothing of how to harness social media and big data or how to use data analytics.

    The BN had a lot of money and their chief strategist believe it or not was Rosmah Mansoor. Aiding her was another equally incompetent clown Mahathir’s niece. Neither has any capacity for the job or experience to have been able to manage a campaign that required some degree of sophistication.

    Hannah Yeoh and her colleagues had a steady stream of money and technological help coming from abroad and locally. Collectively they had more members on their databases which included the emails, phone and Facebook addresses of all UMNO, MCA and MIC members who had one. They were ably assisted by Australians Jeremy Heiman and David Madden, 2 gurus of social media manipulation. And why were the Barisan planners so incompetent? Well if we start with thewhite anting and internal betrayals we would need another day and a terabyte of storage space to explain that.

    Keep well you too are on a watch list. Najib’s house is surrounded by security personal and watch whats happening in Indonesia. Don’t be surprised if Jokowo is soon removed by the Army.

    1965 all over again. Chinese influence in the region is a growing concern for the Americans like it was under Sukarno in ‘the year of living dangerously’.

    After the Rocket Man and Trump summit in Singapore the earth in that region will move again.

    1. BN had millions and you guys claim pakatan run a slick campaign. I wont not hire najib campaign manager with this kind outcome.This imply BN bought idiots to communicate their agenda and strategies their campaign. No wonder pakatan terminating all BN government machinery. They fail completely to keep their old master in government.

      1. You are not wrong. I would not hire Najib’s advisers and campaign managers or workers to clean my toilet bow.. They squandered their opportunities and wasted resources engaging friends and relatives, mates and a host of other yes men and women. The woman at the helm was a complete incompetent ignoramus. The Barisan failed to take notice of the fact Najib’s wife was a liability and a “lightening rod for scandal and controversy”. Najib failed to aggressively and properly address false stories and rumours about himself leading people to draw the conclusion he was guilty of the allegations against him.

        he did not prosecute the Royal Commission properly and was surrounded by amateurs and incompetents.

  4. There you go….”They were playing safe in case the GST and 1MDB ‘dirt’ rubs off on them”
    Imdb is indeed dirty, umno knows it…..that’s why the candidates can’t defend it…..these fools has always this idea that umno will rule forever….

  5. Continuously mumbling like a sick old lady. Enough lah Helen, wake up from your long sleep and just face the reality – your “respect mypm” is gone and gone for good and you also gone. Stop spreading daily fake news before you gets into trouble.

  6. Helen Ang,

    There are so many reasons BN to lose the PRU14 election. I give you one.

    1.PH has a better leader than BN.Their difference, Macam langit dan bumi .You put Tun M side by side against Najib.Tun will win hands down. Tun is a good general, good chef and is also a good communicator. Tun M had lose several battles against Najib.After each battle, he got bruised, but he will always get stronger and ready for the next battle.Why Tun M got the sustaining power to continue while most people at his age will give up. I believe his core values and his clarity of purpose that drive this old man to go through all these challenges and succeeded.These traits are sign of true leader. Najib did not possess these traits beside self claiming rhetorically “pahlawan Bugis”.In his first defeat, he give up.

    Tun is also a good chef. He know how to mix the right ingredients to give a good meal acceptable to PH components and Rakyat. Leaders in DAP, PKR n Amanah were against Tun while Tun was the PM and I also believe when Bersatu was initially formed, it was not planned that Tun M will be elected as the leader of Pakatan Harapan. Pakatan Harapan without PAS will be a sure loser and with Bersatu joining Pakatan Harapan will also not change the status quo as Bersatu brand is still new .Furthermore Bersatu was faced with a lot of internal problem and has no traction from the masses.Then miracle do happen to those believing in it.Zaid Ibrahim proposed Tun M to become the leader of Pakatan Harapan.Azmin brought Tun M to meet Anwar and once Anwar endorsed Tun M as leader of Pakatan Harapan and supported by the rest of PH’s components, things were moving fast and BN could not respond..Electing Tun M as the leader of Pakatan Harapan was a game changer.

    Tun M is a better communicator than Najib.Tun M last broadcast before the election touched the heart of many people. Tun M was telling the people the danger of choosing bribe against dignity. (Antara rasuah dan maruah) while at the same time, Najib was throwing more candies.My conscience was very clear.The die is cast.

    1. err.. temujin…
      PH better leader? iyola..
      turn m is from umno/bn previously
      until someone from umno/bn came into pakatan..
      then only pembangkang can win..?

  7. Keep it up helen! Cant imagine how you have the courage to face the wrath and vengence of the PH supporters when others are shying away.

    Hope you will, in time, gain momentum and support to face challenging times.thank you helen.thw thought of 5 years ia agonizing.

  8. Some of us are still supporting you Helen, at least those who can separate the wheat from the chaff. Is Pakatn on the road to self implode with another u-turn? According to MMail, the post of Finance Mster is still pending, whoever that will be, until after oath taking. I thought junior was grinning from ear to ear being one of the three mentioned post. Daddy dearest is going to pissoff big time for sure. That should keep you busy till GE15. Post by stoug.

  9. the trouble with bloggers like “Hilang” soon, talk too much about ex-oppositons stuffs like “terowong”, evanglistusm.
    these could be the trap the Fuckatan laid.
    look at MCA, instead of telling the chinese the great MCA achievements like UTAR, MULPHA not to forget all the work people like Michael Chong doing or done, the vice president “cry-baby” Weep Kar Siong choose to tell tale “the terowong”
    “sui beh liow” – not lose all from 7-11 to become jackpot 1- jackpot 2
    luckly not “101”

  10. Dear helen
    We are facing interesting times.cunning dr m is at work and cunning anwar is sharpening his knife.we rakyat will be their pawn soon.already dr m is pretty smart by

    1.choosing guan eng as finance minister.killing 2 birds with 1 stone.dr m said no pm shud be finance dr m is pleasing the chinese with the post but with guan eng’s impending court case, dr m is actually the finance minister with his closest allies as the elderly councils.really smart😁

    2.mat sabu as defence minister🤣.thats a joke!.he is not presentable nor charismatic with scandals and controversies surrounding him.its the typical minister tun m likes, not the smart type…easily control.anf threatened. Mat sabu is more suited as rural minister for his kampung style politics.wont look stupid in that capacity.

    3.with regards to anwar’s release,hopefully anwar might just receive pardon and not full pardon so no PM post for anwar😎unfair to pardon him too since rule of law shud apply as dr m keep on repeating.on what basis does he deserves full pardon as he was a sex related convict in a muslim country. Other convicts might request equal rights.great for dr m.

    So dr m gets to stay and continue to divide and rule.But PKR will get the TPM post and compensated with other posts.

    Salute Dr M….killing 3 birds with 1 stone.seriouly interesting times for Malaysia Baru helen whether its for the better or for worse.

    BN and Umno needs to orepare itself with the right people.get ris ofcthe the warlords.get new energetic and capable leaders.PH is like BN 2.0, recycling old faces….anf recycling ex UMNO old faces….moving backwards

  11. Msians are a strange lot…follow the leader..sudah ludah jilat balik..!when pKR was formed it was bcos of their hatred for tun m!

  12. BN is not a happy place right now… the internal bickering, finger pointing and exodus will continue for months. The “Lords of UMNO” are unusually quiet… but in time, all will be revealed….

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