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Mob justice meted out to Najib will backfire on Dapsters

Here speaks the Father of the DAP trinity:

Lim Kit Siang claims that Tun Mahathir is no longer “a hegemon”. A dictionary definition of the word reads, “something having dominant influence or authority over others”.

Plainly Kit Siang is bullshitting. Of course Tun is a hegemon. In fact, he’s the only one in town.

Tun M is the party chief who’s currently calling all the shots.

As for the other Harapan leaders, Wan Azizah is missing from their watershed press conferences, Muhyiddin inevitably defers to Mahathir whereas Guan Eng is overreaching only to be slapped down by Mahathir (as per whether corruption cases against Harapan leaders would be “reviewed” or not).

Meanwhile PAN president Mat Sabu became the national laughing stock some days ago, and I suspect Tun set up Mat Sabu to be the object of ridicule.

If Mat Sabu had been appointed to a less incongruous portfolio – say as Minister of Rural Development – he would not have been greeted with that explosion of memes mocking him as Defence Minister designate.

Don’t forget Tun is the only member of cabinet to have been sworn in by the Agong. Those that were designated federal ministers through Mahathir’s perogative as PM have not yet assumed office.

And as for Kit Siang’s son, Junior has a dark question mark over his head due to the bungalow corruption case still pending in court. In short, Mahathir has Guan Eng by the balls.

Are the police taking instructions from Tun M or from Home Minister designate Muhyiddin?

All the Harapan public announcements on policy changes and security matters have thus far come solely from Tun. So yeah, he’s a hegemon alright. In fact, up and until Tun begins sharing power with cabinet colleagues, he’s exercising a dictatorial fiat.

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Mahathir born anew after dip in DAP’s holy water

Next in the same breath, Kit Siang praises Tun Mahathir now as being “a consensus builder”.

According to the dictionary, consensus means “a general agreement about something or an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group”.

So Tun is beatified as a “team player” – like Kit Siang told Malaysiakini in an interview published today.

Malaysiakini also asked the DAP supremo, “Did Harapan bring out the best in Mahathir?”

Kit Siang’s cagey and ultimately empty reply to the question was, “I think we have all to learn to adapt to a new changing environment”. (My opinion is that Harapan and Mahathir are cementing the very worst in each other – more on this shortly).

In another part of the interview, Kit Siang remarked the following:

“As for Mahathir, as he is now in Pakatan Harapan, it is a new Mahathir. Of course, the question is whether there will be a reversion to Mahathirism, but then that is not what Pakatan Harapan is all about”.

What is Harapan truly all about? I say they’re all about venom, vitriol, viciousness and vindictive vendetta.

Recall the birth of PKR following the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim on 20 Sept 1998. Below is the BBC coverage:

“Reports say as many as 500 police officers, wearing helmets and armed with assault rifles, surrounded Mr Anwar’s house, blocked nearby roads and kept back angry supporters.”

The BBC reported that under Mahathir’s watch that fateful evening in 1998, hundreds of police – some of them commandos in balaclavas and wielding assault rifles – had laid siege to Anwar’s house.

And history repeats itself today with the present pre-dawn police raids on Najib’s residences. Welcome Mahathirism 2.0.

Twenty years ago, before Anwar’s dramatic downfall, Dr M had denied even unto the very last minute that the axe would soon fall on his deputy. This feint by the master Machiavelli is a salutary lesson for Mahathir’s DAP minions to take to heart.

BELOW: Najib falls asleep sitting on the sofa as his home is scoured by police

Savagery of the victors against the vanquished

Two decades after in 2018, DAP and the ‘doctor’ who refused to leave ‘the house’ have successfully ridden each other to Putrajaya. It is a journey Back-to-the-Past deja vu as we say “Hello” to a 1990s redux where Dr Mahathir was/is PM and Anwar was/will be DPM.

Four former prime ministers have refused to endorse Mahathir’s leadership.

•  Tunku sacked Mahathir from Umno and they never reconciled to the very end

•  Hussein Onn did not die an Umno member as he refused to join Mahathir’s Umno Baru

•  In his pre-GE14 message, Abdullah Badawi threw his weight behind Najib

  During Najib’s premiership, he did not grant Mahathir the Minister Mentor-type role that the ex-PM had sought

How ironic that it is former oppositionistas Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng – and the demented Dapsters – who are cheerleaders for the Mahathir epic comeback.

The DAP are convinced that they can ride the “old horse” (nickname for Mahathir in Chinese) to achieve their ends. How naive. They’re riding a tiger that will turn around and devour them.

Count how many U-Turns Tun has done in just the past couple of years. If Tun is able to reverse course on all that he once held so dear during his long tenure in Umno, then what makes DAP believe that he won’t U-Turn on them in very short order?

And consider what the DAP and Dapsters have let themselves in for.

They’ve made a mortal enemy out of PAS who consider them anti-Islam. They’re called “biaDAP” and “DAPpigs” by some sections of Umno. They’re uneasy frenemies with PKR Malays and arch rivals to the Pribumi/Perkasa Malays.

Dapsters are the most vocal too in verbally abusing as well as imagining all sorts of ‘creative’ abuse against Najib.

On the future day when DAP slips and falls from the ‘tiger’ saddle, they shall have no more Malay friends left nor any sarong to hide behind for protection.


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33 thoughts on “Mob justice meted out to Najib will backfire on Dapsters

  1. Helen,

    Many in DAP for reasons best known to them( not that they are reasonable in the first place) believe that DAP finally manages to control Tun.

    They are partly right on the issue of control. What they do not realise is that Tun is the one calling the shots.

    I begin to believe that Tun is likely to take his own sweet time not naming the Cabinet. This move makes him the focal point, the man in charge. And Tun is enjoying the moment.

    I am sure Tun above all persons know how ridiculous to name Mohd Sabu as Minister of Defense. I try my best to be magnaminous but still I cant find any reason to believe Mohd Sabu fits the role.

  2. It’s simple…when people leave umno, they change……that is how toxic umno is

    1. Even Kit Siang has admitted that Tun Hussein Onn was scrupulously clean (set the standard for “integrity”) and that the rot started noticeably after Tun Mahathir assumed power.

      Who is the man who has led Umno for the longest time? Answer: Mahathir

      Who shaped Umno in his own image? Answer: Mahathir

      The old Umno established by Dato’ Onn Jaafar was deregistered. The Umno Baru that lives on today was created by Mahathir who once held the membership number 000 0001, Siti Hasmah was 000 0002.

      Who epitomizes all the negative traits that you lot complain endlessly about? Answer: Mahathir

      Have the Dapsters – before this recent marriage of expedience – ever hated any Umno president more than they hated Mahathir? Tun is the sifu. He erected the Umno and state superstructure. Najib merely inherited and uitized them.

      And here you’re saying the leopard has changed its spots. No, Mahathir is taking his brand of Umno to your Harapan backyard. Enjoy.

        1. one thing you got right, it’s not Tun or Najib, it’s the culture that umno carries, that’s toxic…..So, Tun is gonna kill off the umno he created, all by Rule of Law….And about Pakatan supporters, we are much smarter than umno goons, and our MP’s hears us……as for Tun, we are gonna allow him to have his ways, cos he earned it….

          1. Similar way the Rule of Law was applied to legitimise PH & PPBM by the ROS?

            1. ya, just as how ROS legitimized PH & PPBM, as per Rule of Law. If there’s abuse of power, umno can make a police report and PH will see it through….we are not in the business of shutting down critics ……that’s bn and umno’s outdated style…

          2. Sorshead tong kosong. Talk is cheap. You all will be out numbered soon. Do you have any culture to begin with? Your culture is greed and money.

  3. He’s 92, they just need to wait a little while.
    Maybe Anwar also think the same, better wait than make him mad.
    About Sabu, maybe because he’s scandalous, easy to get rid of and humiliate should he become a threat or fail to obey.

  4. Dear helen
    I find it shocking that dr m is back to his cunning way of getting his ways.he’s reviving his dictator role. his heart is really full of vengence and as our Sultan Selangor said…dr m is going to burn the country all costs he wants najib’s head to roll.he ia a bitter man.look at what he did to Tunku, Ku Li, Tun Musa Hitam,Anwar,Pak Lah and now all costs as long as he gets what he wants. He humiliates them till his heart contends.He is the only person who can weaken dap or stregthen dap.foolish of dap to be happy with the finance
    minister post.guan eng’s hands are tied. dr m is now msia”s PM, finance minister,education minister.mat sabu the clown shud be humilated with the defence post.i bet the youth and rural posts will be handed over to his trusted macai bcoz thats where the majority votes are.the youths and the malays.

    We are really moving backwards.rakyat anticipated no gst as 0 tax… yet are fooled to revert back to not abolished.petronas is again dr m’s fav….revert back to subsidy and petronas’ profits again being used.all dr m’s aged friends and cronies are called back to do strengthen him.we shud be moving forward with new energetic peofessionals instead of people from the past.somehow najib is better in handling our economy.

    To anwar……dream on.the dictator is back…hungrier for power.7 days as PM just analyse dr m’s much for Malaysia Baru.really pity DS Najib….strengthen our economy just to be handed to the vultures.24/7 dicaci dimaki diaib dihina.they simply refuse to aknowledge Klinik 1 msia, UTC,BRIM,MRT,PRIMA Kad Siswa etc.if he has any wrongdoing investigate and charge him accordingly with evidence, not subject him to ridicule and humiliation.

    1. And to think that Najib had not raided mahathir’s, mukhriz, mokhzani’s homes while he had the opportunity.

    2. “.look at what he did to Tunku, Ku Li, Tun Musa Hitam,Anwar,Pak Lah and now all costs as long as he gets what he wants. He humiliates them till his heart contends”

      Not sure why I looked it differently.
      1.Tunku – he named PutraJaya after Tunku.He didnt agree with Tunku on the way Tunku manage the country in 1969. I dont see anything wrong with that.The Malays were with Tun M then.
      2.Tun Musa – there are different in managing the country and Musa resigned on his own.UMNO main committee decided to recall Tun Musa but somehow were not successful. As far that I know the reason for fallout, Tun Musa did not agree Minister of Trade post given to Tengku Razaleigh after an UMNO election .Tun M did not agreed to Tun Musa suggestion.Later on Tun Musa manage to convince Tengku Razaleigh to fight Tun M while Tun Musa fight against Encik Ghafar Baba in an UMNO election. Tunku Razakeigh n Tun Musa lost in that election.
      3.Anwar – please google to find out reason for the fallout.
      4.Pak Lah – Pak Lah was in team B led by Tengku Razaleigh.Team B lost in the election and because of the election, many Team B supporters lost their cabinet post.This include Tengku Razaleigh, Rais Yatim, Pak Lah n many others.Later on, in another UMNO election, Pak Lah fought again and won the Vice President post. Tun M appointed Pak Lah as Deputy Prime Minister after fallout with Anwar Ibrahim. Can’t imagine a Prime Minister will appoint someone who has a track record fighting against him. Tun M selected Pak Lah because he won the majority vote and because of his clean image. When Pak Lah was used by the 4th floor boys, Tun M advised Pak Lah to step down.
      4.Najib – Tun M pushed Najib to the PM post because Tun M owed to Tun Razak as Tun Razak was instrumental in Tun M getting the PM post by instructing Tun Hussein Onn to select Tun M as his deputy. Reason for fallout with Najib is very obvious.1MDB.

      The way I see it..Tun M’s actions was justified.I think it is against his core value when unsavoury things happened and he kept queit about it.By taking action, historically he will be judged as the one who saved the country in many many occasions.Historically, no one in the world can match his feat.

  5. Helen. Sorry, there is no mob justice.

    PH leader Anwar Ibrahim said PH will follow proper procedure, no such thing as ‘law of the jungle’ in handling Najib. See here:

    “Orang kata Najib bersalah, tapi kita kena ikut proses. Saya beritahu kepada Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan dia kata, pergi cari dokumen dan sebagainya.

    “Walaupun kita percaya ada cukup alasan untuk mendakwa Najib tapi kita mesti ikut peoses yang cukup sebelum dakwa,” katanya di majlis berbuka puasa di kediamannya di Bukit Segambut malam tadi.

    Anwar mengulas tentang proses pencarian bukti yang sedang giat dijalankan pihak berkuasa sekarang ini, dan komitmen kerajaan Pakatan Harapan untuk menyiasat skandal pentadbiran lepas.

    Anwar memberitahu hadirin kemenangan Pakatan Harapan tidak bermakna ia membenarkan proses membalas dendam terhadap musuh.

    “Jangan kemenangan kita itu menghilangkan rasa syukur kepada Allah. Kalau kita syukur kita kena ikut perintah Allah. Jangan kita kata syukur kepada Allah, kita bantai dia, terus suruh tangkap. Itu namanya dendam.

    “Apa yang penting kita tegakkan undang-undang,” katanya.

    So Helen, don’t start going nutters like a chicken with its head cut off.

    1. Next time I’d appreciate if you don’t copypaste huge chunks of text.

      Just provide the link and quote the most relevant bit you wish to highlight. Thanks.

      1. Awat marah jika tidak orang tak baca dan faham kamu tu tulis berjela ada kala itu blog kamu it’s yours tapi beri peluang lepas tu nak mengawal pula

        1. You’re free to pen your original thoughts. Copypasting in toto does not add value.

  6. There is no right or wrong when it comes to DAP choosing to ‘forget and forgive.’ Everyone in PH had their part, but without Tun M, PH would not have won the election. In politikus universe, winning is everything. DAP got that right. Without Tun, there is no ‘ini kalilah.’

    Let’s not talk about political naivety. Politicians have their own agenda when choosing their bffs.

    Will Tun M revert to tyranny 2.0?

    I doubt

    1. This tsunami was brought on by young voters. Syed Saddiq was on Awani and he acknowledged young voters are driven by self interests and are not loyal to any one party. If you don’t deliver, you are out.

    2. The kind of ‘control’ Mahathir practiced in the past can no longer be replicated with the emergence of internet and social media. There is no turning back.

    3. Tun is already in his nineties…. At this point in life, money and power are secondaty to leaving behind a legacy for future generations.

    Btw, 200 over Birkins were recovered from Najib’s Pavillon lair. Still busy whitewashing Najib when his own party gave up?

    1. Exactly. PH or Anwar would NOT have changed the system and won the election for us WITHOUT Dr. M.

      Let’s see what Dr. M does. If he does anything corrupt, we’ll hang him.

      But let’s give him use his official powers to do what is necessary to clean up and dismantle the corrupt system as long as it is within the parameters of the law. And IT IS within the parameters of the law so far. If he goes outside it, we hang him.

      That’s the PH way.

      1. But Helen, you know what’s the scariest thing?

        The old man Dr. M is really trying to change things before he dies. Fixing his mistakes.

        Only then his legacy will remain. Otherwise, no legacy. Zilch.

        This is the scariest thing for BN supporters.

        The guy is not being a hegemon anymore. He’s doing what has to be done, in a tough way, to remedy the rot.

        This is going to go down in history. Nothing BN can do is going to change what’s written in history from this point.

        The history books ARE going to be rewritten. No stopping it, Helen.

        If you were sincere about a better Malaysia, you’d WANT Mahathir to do the right thing, to succeed, to reverse the rot, and set us on the right path, and prevent PH from being another BN.

        You’d want a better Malaysia whoever the leader was.

        But why, Helen, you don’t want a better Malaysia?

        It’s simple. I think it’s cognitive dissonance. You had so strongly supported BN, aligned your values and your votes so strongly with them, that to see PH succeed is a complete repudiation of your identity and what you stood for.

        Which is incredibly painful to accept.

        So we accept if you deny it. We can understand why you go on as you do. You are only human. It is natural for you to do so.

        But as I said, we’ll continue to correct you.

        1. I don’t support fake people. Most of them are in the pakaTun’s lair. I am not concerned wirh what tun is doing. He might be guided by his conception or musconception.
          But, I don’t support the others in his lair. Everyone there has one’s own agenda but they are fake people or munafiq. Never to be trusted. They say one thing and mean it something else.
          The record shows that a certain race is never to be trusted. Not in a thousand years. They are only looking for personal gain. That is in their dna. It is for their cont survival since they have nowhere to go.
          The outcasts who behave like outcasts. Look at the swearing and hooliganisnic approach. So alien in this original land.
          The game had just begun. What happens in umno is nobody’s concern other than theirs. They do no need any opinion from liars and fakers.
          In any deed the intention form the core. So, dapsters, go back to your own lair and atart mooing, wtv. The game has just begun. You won’t know where or what you’ll end up or with from now on. I’d suggest you go back to your homeland instead of meddling in others’.

  7. Helen, also check out the priceless treasures they found in Najib + Rosmah’s residences… 284 luxury handbags, 72 bags of cash and jewellery and an unopened safe.

    It’s a good thing Najib + Rosmah’s movements were restricted, so that investigations could be carried out. Or else, they’d run off with their loot.

    So on this count, what Mahathir did was good judgement. Stop them and investigate before the evidence goes missing.

    Sometimes, this has to be done. Najib’s lawyer conceded yesterday that the police did their job professionally.

    So stop parading the picture of Najib napping and trying to get sympathy. The photo is context-less. Don’t parade it around and insinuate as if it is an image of him being harassed or tortured.

    Cukup la Helen. You and your gang lost big time, as in mega big. Now just be a bit less frantic and be more objective in your reporting. (But then again, this is like asking a cat not to be a cat).

    So please continue with your drama and frantic reporting. I will continue to come visit and set you right. For the sake of balanced reporting. So your readers don’t get fooled.

    1. You guys are parading Rosmah’s handbags to get her lynched. Mob justice as I’ve said. It doesn’t mean that just because we’re BN voters we condone her extravagant lifestyle.

      Betty Chew has her Gucci and Hannah Yeoh has her Prada. Your turn will come. Remember the wheel of karma.

      1. The cops were taking these things out of the house.

        Reporters were camped there.

        They see it.

        They report it.

        The public HAS A RIGHT to know about what’s going on.

        All the more so IF these are bought from money obtained dubiously.

        Remember, this is the PM and his wife. They should be paragons of cleanness.

        I’m sure the public agrees with this. And this is a warning for all future leaders in PH to not try to hoard riches.

        PH leaders: be warned – don’t misuse your position to hoard riches like this.

        1. Like Waythamoorthy said, “between Narakasuran and Ravana”.

          Betty ‘Gucci’ Chew … Hannah ‘Prada’ Yeoh … I’d like to see their handbag collection.

      2. Quote: You guys are parading Rosmah’s handbags to get her lynched. Mob justice as I’ve said. It doesn’t mean that just because we’re BN voters we condone her extravagant lifestyle.

        Yes, i dont discount the possibility some of the bags could be gifts from cronies and kaki bodeks.

        Every Birkin has a serial number and are registered. If the authorities are serious about getting to the bottom of things, they should follow up on the list of registered bag owners.

  8. You’re damn right.

    Mahathir IS tough. Anwar admit’s he’s softer. But Anwar says however Mahathir is the “right man” for what needs to be done now.

    Enjoy this bit:

    Mahathir was perfect as prime minister right now as the new government goes about dismantling the obsolete and corrupt system put in place by the long-ruling Umno-led coalition, Anwar said.

    Umno’s race-based politics and patronage system have been slammed by its critics and blamed for the bulging civil service and weak institutions like the judiciary.

    “Probably he seems to be the right man… I am a bit more moderate and have a softer image,” Anwar said.

    “Because of how I suffered, I always think how any decision would cause sufferings to those affected. So I’m a bit more considerate… and that may not be good in these times when we have to make sure the elements of the old regime do not resurface.”


    Mahathir has to undo the old rubbish and corrupt system, and you need to be tough for it.

    If you are soft, the weeds will grow again.

    Feel free to republish this for your readers to get some perspective and evaluate it against your frantic rant. For the sake of getting a better picture of the truth, remember? (Unless you only want to promote your suppositions and view and are not interested in your readers getting a multiple-view picture).

    We’ll see if you are interested in multiple views and trying to find the truth, or whether you just want to promote your view and what you sell as the truth.

    I hope all readers of Helen’s blog read what I’ve just said.

    1. The ancient Mahathir is the very epitome of the ancien regime.

      He poisoned the system. Stop expecting him to be the antidote.

      1. Shall we wait and see, Helen? Still early days.

        I have no guarantee he will be the antidote. True. You also have no guarantee he will NOT be the antidote.

        Wisdom suggests we see what happens.


      2. Be strong helen.Not many will have the courage as you do. Whatever it is….Dr M jas confirmed fears that he has not changed.PH supporter observe dr m’s vengeance .Dap Pkr and Amanah kindly observe what will hapen if you are against Dr M.

        Police state is back.De Ja Vu.
        Mahathir 1.0
        usung tilam Mahathir 2.0 usung handbag .najib is harmless.he will never fight like anwar and ku li did. Charge him for his crimes.he doesnt resist ,yet he is humiliated at all costs.May Allah show us the right path and bless us especially in the holy month of ramadhan.

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