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Reblogged: Tommy Thomas

Something tangentially about Tommy Thomas, written in November 2012 that points to either a sin of commission or omission on his part.

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Helen Ang

By Mat Rempit Hubris

  1. I would like to draw the reader’s attention to a critical factual error contained in an article written by lawyer Art Harun titled ‘Secular or Non-Secular? What history tells us’ which appeared both in his blog and also in The Malaysian Insider.
  1. In that article Art fatally misrepresented the Reid Commission — the drafters of the Merdeka Constitution.

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3 thoughts on “Reblogged: Tommy Thomas

  1. This is what Malaysia is all about….get the best and manage the country well…..beyond race and religion

    1. Actually this is not what Malaysia is about but here’s hoping for a change and for better times ahead.

  2. I watched a seminar conducted in Mandarin dissecting PRU 14 recently—The speakers were from DAP, PKR and NGO. During the Q and A session, a lady stood up and asked

    “So we have a new govt. When will we see a non-Malay PM?”

    The answer:

    Indefinitely. We will only have a non-Malay PM when the majority are ready to accept a non-Malay as PM.

    A most honest answer. Questions like these are bound to come up in race relation discourse. Heard it so many times but for once, there is no pussy footing around the subject by bringing up what the Constitution said bla bla bla…

    I relish the brutal honesty of the reply and that sums up the reality on the ground.

    The appointment of Tommy Thomas as the new AG is in the right direction. He is mo syariah expert? Neither is our previous AG and the one before him….Nevermind, AG has no say over syariah courts matter anyway.

    The argument it seems is not whether this higly qualified individual can uphold justice as enshrined in the Constitution, rather, it’s more like the fear, TT actually can.

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