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Will dogs have a better life in New Malaysia?

The gift that keeps on giving … I’m referring to a stray cat I nickname Owpy — my acronym for One White Paw.

Owpy is a cat that I occasionally feed. She appears to be feral and wary of humans but of late, whenever she catches sight of me, she will ask for food. This is after she has gotten somewhat used to being offered food if and when it is that I infrequently see her.

Otherwise I leave a bowl of kibbles out daily for whichever cat dropping by – I don’t keep track – but I’ve decided to stop this ‘soup kitchen’ after I saw a huge rat pop its head from the drain two nights ago. There is also the problem of cockroaches.

Last night Owpy gifted me with her small kitten. This is the second time she has done this. I’m already bringing up Jojo from her previous litter who is not quite a year old yet. Owpy just brings and leaves them – previously Jojo inside the house (months ago) and this one that I’ve not given a name yesterday in the garden since my front door was closed.

I suppose it is a small blessing that Owpy’s litter, or surviving offspring each litter, is only one kitten.

It was raining last night and the abandoned kitten outside was bawling its lungs out. What could I do (?) sigh.

I’ve just returned from the pet shop; had to buy kitten-formula kibbles as I had only adult cat food in the house.

(For the record, all my home cats – every single one male and female – have been spayed.)

All dogs go to heaven 

What I find somewhat despairing and ironic about this stray cat giving me her periodic presents is that I’m actually a dog person. I love dogs. And I prefer dogs to cats.

My canine companion of 15 years died last year. I don’t have any dogs now.

One of the catalysts for my political articles in the mid-2000s stemmed from my dissatisfaction that the majority of public parks and even neighborhood playgrounds in Petaling Jaya and other more distant parts of Selangor I visited – driving with my dog in the back seat – would not allow dogs to be walked.

It was the inability to publicly walk my dog in recreational areas that started me off writing politically. Before that I wrote features (book reviews, travel, hobbies, ‘colour’ stories) and humour to showcase my cartooning talent.

Today the 95 percent of pro-Harapan Chinese voters seem to believe that the sun is suddenly brighter, the air miraculously fresher and the world swell and wonderful now that DAP has come to power under their newly “beloved Tun”.

I certainly hope that life for Malaysian dogs has also improved in this so-called new Harapan land.



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15 thoughts on “Will dogs have a better life in New Malaysia?

  1. Your headline : Will dogs have a better life in New Malaysia? My answer : Yes for a DOG like you !

    1. hello… macai…why u feel so butt hurt seeing the headline? u are one of the DOG meant by her?
      hahahaha typical gone end macai..

  2. PIGs also now having better live in new Malaya.. stay calm with the new KETUANAN MANDARIN… hahahahah

    1. great news indeed that pigs are getting treatment !
      but for umno stooge like you, kesian lo…
      no more in govt, no more dedak for the umno stooges 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Sorry to hear about the passing of your loyal canine companion. It is never easy to let go especially if you see them as part of the family.

    Some cats can be just as loving as dogs. Just remember to get them scratching posts…. if not they will take it out on your furniture.

  4. Another painful bombshell news for UMNO-BN supporters:

    Najib’s stash of luxury watches, handbags and jewellery – guess how much they’re worth, Helen?

    (a) RM10 million
    (b) RM50 million
    (c) RM100 million
    (d) RM500 million
    (e) RM1 billion?


  5. orang susah are used to susah life, but can orang senang be used to susah life too ? an interesting time to watch when time come !

  6. More from the pipeline:

    Satu lagi Ahli Parlimen UMNO.

    Kes korupsi besar pulak.

    Aduhai, aduhai. Satu demi satu berita dosa UMNO mula keluar.

    Kasi siasat dan tangkap sama Ahli Parlimen ni!

    Helen, teruskan sokong parti paling korup di Malaysia. Boss dan isteri bawak lari gelang dan Bijan berharga 1.1 billion. Anak-anak kecik dalam parti main-main dgn puluh-puluhan juta wang rakyat.

    Bila lagi penyokong UMNO nak sedar, parti ni parti pembelot dan pembolot rakyat…

      1. Helen, rumah Mahathir dgn Siti Hasmah ada gelang, handbag, jam, tiara bernilai berjuta-juta ringgit ke? Write a blog post asking the MACC to do a raid and investigate. Got the guts?

        Don’t elak the main question la… which is:

        UMNO’s corruption is now being brought out into the open, piece by piece. Still supporting UMNO ke? Or is everything UMNO MPs have done (including Najib) halal for you?

        It’s really cute how pro-BN bloggers spin the story about the billion-ringgit jewellery to somehow fit your fixed idea that Najib is innocent. The cognitive dissonance is so painful, that you are forced to deny and seek some incredible explanation so that you can explain to your heart that Najib and Rosmah are completely innocent.

        This is the sadness of pro-BN bloggers.

        Better if you admit, “yes, UMNO leaders and MPs have committed various serious offences. Punish them. We hope to have a new UMNO that will no longer be criminal and will be a terrifically effective opposition from now on”.

        But you can’t even do that. But we understand – it is too painful for you to swallow the truth.

        Keep on denying and fighting on. We’ll keep on exposing. You will continue to be in denial. It’s okay. We’ll just keep revealing the crimes done against the public.

        Let the show go on.

        1. Mahathir’s sons are billionaires. Perhaps the new fans of “beloved Tun” know better what’s what.

          As for Rosmah’s handbags and jewellery, her husband is the MP of Pekan. He’s no longer Umno president or BN chairman.

          We voted for BN. We did not vote for Rosmah just as you voted for Harapan and you did not vote for Mahathir’s billionaire sons.

          In no way should you (DAP hacks) try to represent yourself as morally superior to BN or PAS or PSM voters because you’re not.

          1. Helen,

            Pegi la kempen siasat anak-anak Mahathir. Saya sokong kau 100%.

            Inilah yang kau kena buat kalau benar-benar sayangkan negara, bukan duduk meleter belakang laptop kau.

            Kalau kau jumpa apa-apa, aku sokong anak-anak dia disiasat. Kita takmo korupsi sama ada di pihak UMNO atau di PH.

            Jadi dipersilakanlah Helen.

            Yang pelik kan Helen, masa Najib berkuasa, dia dgn SPRM pun tak jumpa apa-apa. Kalau tak sudah pasti Najib dah bongkarkan skandal anak-anak Madey demi survival dia.

            Tapi tidak. Takde apa-apa

            Macam mana ni Helen?

            Jom lah, kita siasat sama-sama?

            Kau ada dokumen atau bukti apa-apa tak berkenaan penyelewengan wang secara tidak sah yang dilakukan anak-anak Mahathir?

            Aku tolong siarkan kat akhbar.

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