31 thoughts on “Ramainya Kristian dalam kabinet XXL Mahathir

      1. So what you bigoted psycho? Was the previous majority Muslim cabinet a roaring success in your eyes?

  1. Tahniah Helen. Semakin hari semakin mantap persembahan Helen selaku ‘fire breather’. Awas jangan kasi api dekat ponggong…

    1. You people – Protuns together with Dapsters – have become an online mob.

    1. Don’t pretend lah. They’ve even been subject of police reports like YB Hannah.

      1. The way I saw it , It’s just Malay , Chinese , Indian and one Bengali.

        I am not color blind or pretend to be or claim to be . Some people like the Chinese like to take christian name for the reason only know to them .

        1. i suppose most minister from dap r christian. the secular type i believe, some even support hudud, so dun worry.

          1. For the record, some of us using part Mat Salleh names like Helen, Marina (Mahathir) or Harry (Lee Kuan Yew) are not Christian. OTOH, some who don’t use any Mat Salleh names at all such as DAP’s Yeo Bee Yin and Ong Kian Ming are indeed devout Christians.

            Other DAP leaders apparently have Christian names but these first names are not widely known in the political domain such as (David) Nga Kor Ming and (James) Ngeh Koo Ham.

            It’s quite true about Christian control of the DAP’s top leadership. Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff previously highlighted that perhaps up to eight out of DAP’s 10 nominated or “co-opted” central committee members are Christian. Immediately after Dr K raised the red flag, Hannah Yeoh withdrew and was replaced by P. Ramasamy.

      2. Why don’t you stop fucking around and just give us their names lah Helen. Not all of us are as obsessed about their race and religion the way you and your UMNO brats are.

  2. HA, nothing is ok in your eyes.
    still going thru your menopause after 20 years?
    pity and sympathise with your sufferings actually. be strong!

  3. With your obsession about mocking Christians, I can’t stop to suspect that you are just 1 of the cyber troopers of UMNO trying to instill confusion and hatred among the rakyat. Reveal your true self and stop to cover the fake Christian name of Helen.

    1. You’re so lacking in knowledge, Danial. ‘Helen’ is a famous Greek name long pre-dating the birth of Christ and spread of Christianity. The name is NOT Christian.

      And show me where in this blog I’ve mocked Christians.

      1. Helen,

        Most if not all the Chinese in PH cabinet are Christian Talibans. My American husband calls born-again Christians aka Evangelical Christians as Christian Talibans as they have the same MO as the Muslim Talibans in Afghanistan. The only difference is their attire.

        1. Do they chop off heads, kill students, execute those who dont believe and even their own mothers? It would be great if you and husband had to choose between the two communities to live in. I bet you would choose your hated Christian one. You guys are sick with unreasonable hatred.

      2. The fact is that you are trying to strike up a discontent merely based on religion. Is there a problem for Christian to be in the cabinet? Not to forget almost half of the populations in Sarawak are Christian unless if u view Sarawak should be a separate territory or nation. Be consistent!

        Since you are ethnic Chinese, why not just use your chinese name instead of using a Greek name?

          1. What is your rationale on setting the title of “ramainya kristian dalam kabinet…”? Come on, not everyone are blinded without knowing what you are trying to do with the way you set the title of this post. Why target the number of Christians in the cabinet?

            Do you see the number of Christians in cabinet as a problem? answer this Helen, don’t try to avoid answering that!

            Sebenarnya, peratus umat Islam di dalam kabinet adalah 64%. So, I don’t think there’s any problem for Muslim to be worried and not all non-muslim are Christian!

            1. I see. So you’ve counted that Muslims are 64% in cabinet. I agree that Mahathir’s cabinet is very, very lopsided in favour of his own party & PAN.

              Many media have said that PKR and DAP were unfairly shortchanged in the cabinet selection. If the component party recommendations were respected, then Nga Kor Ming would have been made a minister and he’s a Christian.

              The reason why BN voters are concerned is the even huger percentage of Pakatan Harapan MPs who are Christian — a number unprecedented. Before this Coalition of HOPE came into existence, there had never been this many Christians in parliament.

              As to what you say about “not all non Muslim are Christian”, how many Buddhists do you see in the current cabinet? Aren’t they being sidelined? Previously the MCA ministers were Buddhist. Now the DAP cabinet and deputies are stacked with Christians.

              1. Re: The reason why BN voters are concerned is the even huger percentage of Pakatan Harapan MPs who are Christian — a number unprecedented.

                I assume you refer to voters of Umno, i.e. the Malay Muslims? Why should these voters be concerned? What can these MPs do? Can they erode Malay / Muslim rights?

                If these voters were truly concerned, then why these MPs can win the election?

              2. I counted the 64% bcoz of you were so obsessed with the number of Christians in cabinet.

                So, Helen, you are actually trying to pin “them against us”, “them” being christians and “us” being who? Muslim and Buddhist? Bravo, Helen… unless I’m living in Mars, I could be the first Buddhist that I knew in Malaysia who are obsessed with this Christian is gonna do harm to me mental mind.

                If we believe in meritocracy, the religion of your representatives, be it in parliament or cabinet, should be a non-issue. Frankly speaking, I don’t care the colour, religion or even sexuality of the persons who represents me, as they are supposed to be my representative even if we are different in ethnic, religion, culture, etc….

                So, Helen, what harm have Christians done to you? Why do you feel unease by Christians? Do you have friends or relatives who are Christian? Have you shared with them on your view towards their religion? If no, why not?

                1. There’s a typo error, what I meant was “YOU” could be the first Buddhist that I knew in Malaysia who are obsessed with this Christian is gonna do harm to me mental mind.

                2. she doesnt hv any friend. the only friend she has are the four legged pussies.

  4. Helen,

    Could we trouble you to tabulate the composition of Cabinet according to PH parties for a more meaningfull analysis:-

    1. no. of minister vs no. of MP by parties,
    2. ethnicity of ministers (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Singh, West Msia natives),
    3. nominated ministers of each party by ethnicity (eg. PPBM – 6 ministers, all Malay).

    For a start, tabulate the full ministers. Ignore the deputy ministers for now.

  5. I prefer devout Buddhist or Hindu ministers. One or two christian is ok. But too many dangerous loh..

    1. Yes, it’s because it’s in the Christian world where we see the world’s greatest problems.That’s sarcasm btw, in case you didn’t get it. The rest can only look with envy at how progressive, peaceful and democratic Christian countries are compared to the others.

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