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Dapsters shower their ‘love’ on Ellie Suriati

Ellie Suriati Omar turned up at the court house yesterday to lend moral support to Najib Razak. But who is she?

Well, Ellie, who is an accomplished film director, has maliciously been described by the Peace & Love / Hope & Change crowd as an “old expired actress” / “a failed actress” … “who should act in porno”.

Their behaviour is accurately reflective of who the Dapsters are while their mean words are not at all indicative of who Ellie really is.

I can remember Ellie winning a Best Actress award at the Cinemaya Festival of Asian Films for her lead role in Spinning Gasing, a 2001 locally produced movie.

Malaysiakini’s (deliberate choice?) of an unflattering photo – above – apparently prompted one of the Peace & Love preachers to denigrate Ellie as a “has been and over the hill dumbfxxck actress trying to gain attention”.

For her ‘crime’ of showing up at Najib’s arraignment and at the same time calling upon the Attorney-General to speak in BM, the plenty of Najib haters out there want to “Get her for creating disturbance” as well as challenging: “BASTARD Ellie, if you love Jibby so much, why don’t you offer yourself to him for free?”

Typical Dapster mentality.

(Screenshots of the online abuse hurled at Ellie in Malaysiakini which I’ve cited are all screencaptured and available for viewing at the bottom of this page.)

This congregation of Hope & Change – quite contrary to their wishful self advertising – are offering Malaysia nothing hopeful but only relying on the old witchhunt tactic of smearing a female target.

Apart from falsely insinuating that Ellie Suriati is “Jib’s girl friend” / “another of Najib’s women”/”mistress” … hailing “from Jalan Chow Kit” [a red light disctrict], they also spewed vitriol at Ellie saying she’s a “dishonest immoral bitch”, “najis harlot” and suggesting for her to be fitted with a chastity belt and given 15 strokes of the rotan.

Spreading love-love-love all around 

Remember, these are the colour blind, highly righteous people who’re always preaching how “we are all Malaysians” and claiming how they love their enemy, they really do. They appear to be the staunchest Pakatan Harapan followers too.

Below are some of the other utterly predictable things Malaysiakini subscribers said about Ellie Suriati in their reader comments to the article yesterday headlined ‘Najib charged – actress denies starting ruckus outside courtroom’.

•  “bodoh”, “stupid woman”, “dunggu”, “fcked up idiot”, “bloody bit*h”, “look at that stupid face”, “dumbass”, “stupid like kayu”, “total retard”

•  “a paid Umno thug”, “Umno bigot”, “racist”, “samseng”, “hooligan”

They also called Ellie a female gangster version of “Jamal Jamban”.

Actually, if you happen to be a female pro-Najib supporter, you can expect to be further disparaged with sexist epithets like “ugly”, “old brainless aunty” or even “Muka macam karipap basi” — among some of the insults directed at Ellie in Malaysiakini, the Portal of Love.

Only dedak eaters support BN, say Dapsters

Ellie was moreover abused by the Malaysiakini lynch love mob as being:

  “barua”, “stuffed with dedak”, “being fed like chickens”, “brain is nothing but dedak”, “useless parasites”, “needs crutches paid for by stolen money”, “How much she received from MO1?”, “just for a sum of RM50”

•   “deranged witch”, “delusional bitch”, “mad”, “crazy”, “crackpot”, “shouting like a mad woman”, “nut bocor”, “go for a mental medical retard test’, “some body should check her into the Tanjung Rambutan”

  “macam monyet”, “betul-betul sampah”, “pontianak”, “satan worshipper”

BELOW: “Which kampung actress is this? Balik kampung la makcik!”

Imagine. For the sin of supporting Najib, you’re condemned by supporters of the ruling party as a satan worshipper destined to spend eternal hell with your “dedak master”.

They tell the Najib supporter unabashedly, “Go to hell, Ellie!”

Pakatan Harapan are the ruthless victors whose foot soldiers are clearly baying for blood. Hence there is no need to mouth political sweet nothings about desiring to reconcile our deeply polarized country. Nobody is going to believe their empty talk of reconciliation.

BELOW: With this torrent of abuse contained within only a single Malaysiakini story page, you can imagine the amount of ‘love’ currently being shared by Dapsters throughout the social media




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45 thoughts on “Dapsters shower their ‘love’ on Ellie Suriati

  1. Ini lah masalahnya bila kita tak tahu nak menghormati sesama manusia. Sebagai manusia biasa memang lah normal utk kita tak suka akan sesuatu yg bertentangan dgn apa yg kita rasa atau suka, tapi ini bukan lah bermakna kita ada hak utk menjadi kurang ajar dan memanggil manusia lain dgn macam2 nama yg buruk.

  2. Those who are blind are those who has been intoxified by the government who promises 100 days nonsense and who has really push Malaysia to the edge of bankrupcy by manipulating the accounting principle the debt figure to 1 trillion, purposedly halt all the much needed economy spurring developments, just to show how bad was the previous government and how good are they. Many of those who are supporting them are now calling themselve as the New Malaysian who loves peace and harmony, and who can tolerate the differences in viewpoints and opinion. Well! In fact the reverse is happening now. Any attack on differences on viewpoint will just show the true nature the current so called New Malaysian.

        1. Helen,

          DAP has been insinuating, slandering UMNOand its leaders for as long as I can remember.

          They love to lament how arrogant UMNO people are. They would pour their misery, saying their loyalty to the country is questionned.

          They question why Mandarin cant be used by Guan Eng in his statements. They argue that AG is the best candidatewhen Yg DiPertuan Agung initially reluctant to choose Tommy.

          Is he the best candidate? says who?

          They would attack anyone who dares to disagree with them.

          They are zombies actually, incapanle of reasoning

          1. Still offended by LGE’s Mandarin’s statement and AG Tommy’s decision to conduct trial in English? Don’t lose focus. The real issue is not language. Choice of language is merely a communication method. It will not exaggerate or soften the issue.

            Focus on the real issue. LGE stated that government needs to inject extra RM2.8bil to complete TRX. If the same statement is issued in Bahasa, can the government reduce the RM2.8bil? Or the listeners of the statement (presumably Umno, Isma, Pas, Dewan Bahasa etc) will be happier just because the language is Bahasa and completely ignore the cost of RM2.8bil that government has to bear? The answer is NO. Irrespective of the language used in the statement, government must still inject the RM2.8bil. This is the real issue.

            Same as the charge against Najib for CBT and the trial is conducted in English. Assuming Najib is convicted, can anyone nullify the conviction on the ground that trial was conducted in English and not Bahasa? Is there a miscarriage of justice just because Bahasa is not used. In contrast, if trial was done in Bahasa and Najib still ends up convicted, would the CBT crime be soften (eg. the CBT value/lost money of RM42mil becomes RM42k)? No, the RM42mil stays the same.

            Irrespective of the choice of language, the objective remains the same. LGE’s statement is to provide info and AG’s aim is to secure conviction.

            There is no law stating that if a statement / trial is issued / conducted in English, the said statement / trial will become invalid. As simple as that.

      1. You are the original hooligan yrself ever since time immemorial way back since yr all came in the tongkang pecah.

        1. At least I don’t need govt handouts to survive in this world. It makes me laugh, wave when you refer to DAP and/or Chinese as racists. Just have a read of what you wrote and then think about who the real racist is.

        2. The ancestors of the host of this blog also came by way of the tongkang pecah, no?

  3. Should Elly Suriati be bothered by these “We are all Malaysians” people? They probably first heard about her name because they don’t watch Malay movies and dramas at all.

  4. Tommy is such a legend. The fact that he had to put up with those pack of monkeys from Lord of The Flies was a disgrace. Nobody gives a a shit if she’s an UMNO supporter, everyone is criticising how she and her hooligans behaved yesterday. If you had a twitter account, you would have noticed there were a significant number of Malays criticising her as well.

    1. You can comment on what ever things you like, but please don’t up to the stage of calling names. This just show that you are as rude as the one you are commented!

  5. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia gunakan Bahasa melayu Bahasa Rasmi negara yang di panggil Bahasa Malaysia. Dan Semua rakyat Malaysia mesti lah fasih mengguna Bahasa Malaysia.

    1. Sebagai seorang AG mestlah fasih dalam bahasa kebangsaan. AG Thailand boleh bercakap Thai, AG Jepun boleh bercakap Jepun, AG India boleh berbahasa Hindi, AG US boleh berbahasa English. TAPI AG MALAYSIA TAK TAU CAKAP BAHASA MALAYSIA!

      1. apa gunanya kalau ada AG yang tau berbahasa malaysia dan bangsa melayu tetapi berintegriti kosong dan bersubahat dengan PENCURI NO1 MALAYSIA?

  6. Ellie silap camp, itu yg kena char, somemore wanna exert Malay supremacy ala umno, tu yg kena tiau cow-cow…..what does ellie or anybody say to the cash, jewelleries and handbags found at the culprits’ premises? Do you really buy those are gifts? If those are gifts, why wasn’t it diverted to the gov of the day at that time, i.e BN? ask your self la… need to act stupid……i bet you all believe Zahid’s aide accidently paid off Zahid and wife’s credit card debt amounting 800k using Yayasan’s cash…LGE bought a bungalow using hard earned cash and still hutang bank……can you all see the difference ah? or still wanna be stupid?

    1. Mahathir got kuda as gift why not give them to zoo negara? Who else know what other expensive gifts Mahathir received during his 22 years old rule? Those gifts Najib said received by his daughter for wedding. And those premises raided by MACC included other persons of high income. Zahid was accused of songlaping his family yayasan.

      1. Tun also said once that Najib received” brrkarung karung” gifts from the bridegroom’s family on his daughter’s wedding.

        It means that they are very rich.

      2. mahathir kept his gift in galary perdana? n the best part is even u know the kuda is a gift, n how one know najib one is gift or no? he say ah?

        both r equally corrupt, just one is smarter than the other. in fact i believe the smarter one corrupt more.

      3. Yup, Tun should have given up his horses too…..and Najib should have given up his loot too… we know, why don’t the rakyat see that it is implemented for future leaders?

      1. yup, no arab or china donor pumped money into his personal account……and he’s still paying bank loan…..

    1. Whether you will have the Last Laugh is still unknown! Just wait and see…

      1. how do you verify who’s having the last laugh? or you just want to sound clever?

  7. Tommy hang staf kerajaan mestilah boleh bercakap bahasa melayu. Duduk malaysia berpuloh tahun tarak tahu bm ka? Bangla duduk malaysia 2-3 bulan sudah pandai BM kan? BAIK HANG LETAK JAWATAN LAH!

  8. Helen,
    Just for laughs.
    This is the title of LKS blog today : When will a Malaysian below 40 years become Prime Minister of Malaysia as some 70% of Malaysians belong to this age group?

    Haven’t read it. But someone should tell grandpa to really digest the title in front of a mirror

  9. so much so about Tommy Thomas ah.

    But Nazifuddin was ” featured ” in a paparazzi’s video clip talking in mandarin and trying his luck on a taiwanese celebrity woh.
    how ah?
    why no condemn him wo?

      1. is that so? so typical of umno idiots.
        still living in denial.

      2. wawe, now you know it’s not a doctored one…..and this also sums up that you always live in lies and always making wrong decision….what a loser you are….

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