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Menteri Agama Malaysia Baru membina jambatan hubungan Kristian

Mujahid Yusof Rawa nampaknya menteri Islam paling mesra Kristian yang pernah duduk kabinet dalam sejarah tanahair.

BAWAH: Cita-cita 2013 Mujahid Yusof untuk jadi “pembina jambatan” kini berjaya dicapai dalam 2018 pasca PRU14

BAWAH: Menteri Agama berkata politik ras dan agama sudah tidak relevan lagi di Malaysia Baru

BAWAH: Mujahid menulis buku bertajuk ‘Engaging Christianity’, dan ‘Islam & Kepelbagaian’

BAWAH: Mujahid begitu popular dengan media anti-Umno/anti-PAS kerana usaha beliau menghulur tangan persaudaraan kepada Kristian

BAWAH: Mujahid hadir di sebuah gereja evangelis Subang Jaya

BAWAH: Hubungan mesra Mujahid dengan uskup

BAWAH: “Hope I’m still a Muslim by tomorrow” — Mujahid

BAWAH: Mujahid saman malu Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff RM5 juta atas pandangan “kuda tunggangan DAP”


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15 thoughts on “Menteri Agama Malaysia Baru membina jambatan hubungan Kristian

    1. forgive her. she is not well. like jamal tongkol.
      trully mentally sick and retarded.
      we should accept her condition and not look down on her.

    2. Then stay out of her blog la. You also mentally sick for stalking her blog. Tak suka blah la. Kaki Cari gaduh betul.

  1. i like mujahid brand of islam, its sort of inclusive n rational if compare against hadi or pas, n less insult n provoke if compare against raja petra. most malay muslim i know r similar to mujahud, only a handful r like hadi, in fact none r the rpk type, which i suspect is kind of dumb n stupid breed, a rare in msia.

  2. Hi Helen !!!!!!!
    Wow.Its been so long.
    Like…gomen pun dah tukar.
    I am not making this up.Where were you?
    What change for you.
    I mean if I continue reading your blogs will history intersect with your observation or will you be the cushion to those changes.
    Please don’t go away again.Need this platform.

    1. Hi Meor. Nice to hear from you again.

      What changed for me? My cat family grew bigger. They’re a handful, and the housework is tiring as I’m not getting any younger.

      The breakneck speed of political developments are concerning, isn’t it? There is friction daily between the conservvatives and the leftists.

      I started blogging again after a hiatus as I was tempted by the election result statistics!

      I’ve been among one of the foremost to press the point that Harapan did not receive majority public approval, i.e. Their popular vote was under 50% but the GE14 votes for BN and PAS both combined exceed 50% and thus, we can say that slightly over half of Malaysians are against the Harapan govt that won on a ‘plurality’ (not absolute majorty) of support.

      I didn’t see many of the BN bloggers doing the data, so I felt compelled to hit the keyboard. But this requires a sacrifice of my time, and not to mention effort.

      1. I wish you well.What you going to leave and the cat , don’t forget the cat.
        Rewards that can benefits us all.
        Thank You.
        I will visit your site here.

    1. Of course la u say progressive as long as Islam bend down to your ideology and not the other way round.

      This is called Liberalism in Islam it’s actually a backward move.

  3. When some of the Malaysian prominent political blogger had shut down. My congratulation and hat off to Helen Ang for she has been very consistent in her writing and political blogging. Keep it up for good Helen, you will always be one of my favorites website.

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