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“Hanya 9 peratus” tapi Kristian cukup berpengaruh

Ketua Hakim Negara baru Richard Malanjum seorang Kristian.

Peguam Negara Tommy Thomas pun Kristian.


Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri bahagian hal ehwal Undang-Undang, Liew Vui Keong, juga seorang Kristian.


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23 thoughts on ““Hanya 9 peratus” tapi Kristian cukup berpengaruh

  1. Helen ,You are mentally sick and should quickly go and get the necessary treatment before it’s to late

  2. 9% warga Malaysia beragama kristian.

    Helen, do your maths and be a righteous person to write what is your point rather than trying to camouflage your intention. Say it, if you hate Christians or feel unsecured bcoz of them. It is true there will always be fanatics in all religions but I don’t think you should make it an issue if a person try to promotion mutual understanding and to build “bridge” with people of other religion. A devoted person to his/her religion doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy against others.

    Well, it is your choice to continue to live in your religious silo (please note, I don’t think it do justice to other buddhist for me to say u are living in your Buddhism silo)… as what I remember in Cantonese, there’s an idiom that literally says “there is no cure for stupidity”…

    1. To some Muslims, the problem is his dissenting judgments on the Lina Joy and kalimah Allah court cases favouring Christians.

        1. Buddhists don’t proselytize unlike the evangelicals.

          There is in Malaysia no Buddhist equivalent of Pastor Raymond Koh.

          1. Please don’t play hide and seek or shifting the goal post. Lena’ s case is about a born Muslim, whose right to convert to other religion.

            Trying to convert Muslim, is a separate issue. Unless, of course if u believe that everyone should forever stick to the religion they are born to or follow their ancestor. In that case, you should consider to embrace the original Taoism as Buddhism was also a foreign religion proselytized in China thousand years ago.

      1. The courts had 3 judges or more judges, and a dissenting judgement is quite normal. Moreover it’s in civil court, the rulings are based on fairness, not biased by race or religion. Just to twist, can i say the other judges rulings were biased by religion?

      2. What is the point of insisting Lina as Muslim on paper (i.e. disallowed her from removing the word Islam from IC) when in reality, Lina had already abandoned the Islamic way of life. She had already renouncde Islam as her faith (at spiritual level). The word Islam in her IC means nothing.

        1. The fact that many Malays still can’t see how unjust it is to prevent someone from choosing the creed they want to follow is the biggest worry. As long as this mentality exists, this country will never progress.

  3. Hypocrite, when BN were in power and had over 80% Muslim representation in parliament from their coalition, why didn’t you write an article stating that Muslims only make up approximately 60% of the population and therefore are over represented in govt?

    1. Do you have any issue with racial or religious over-representation? Is it okay or not okay in your books, and applying to all or just specifically?

      Please elaborate and then I shall provide you my further response.

      1. Where is the over-representation? 9% of Christians as cabinet members and Christians constituted 9% of population in Malaysia. Are you playing with words again or u are confused? Why not u tabulate the religion proportion of cabinet if u are so obsess with that?

        Rather you should set your title as to “why little percentage of Buddhist are in cabinet” and let’s see whether you will even be question by the Buddhist.

        1. How did you get your figure of 9% cabinet members? Can you provide the names you counted?

          1. Thanks for pointing out the error. Bravo, Helen, so the 9 peratusan that u refer in your title is population? Isn’t that the trick for not setting the title clear and everyone just become so “heated”?

  4. Helen, aku rasa ramai orang Buddhist semakin meluat dgn penganut seperti Helen yg teramat suka melaga2 rakyat Malaysia terutama antara penganut Islam dan Kristian.

    Betulkah Helen menganut agama Buddha? Atau hanya suka2 saja?

    1. Buddhist bukan tak ada mata dan telinga. Boleh tengok sendiri bagaimana DAP didominasi evangelis. Boleh tengok sendiri betapi ramainya Kristian dalam jemaah menteri.

      MP pembangkang Buddhist di semenanjung tinggal seorang saja – Wee Ka Siong.

      Kami meluat dengan hipokrasi yang ditunjukkan komponen parti pemerintah yang kononnya “buta warna” itu … mereka sebenarnya buta hati.

  5. Helen, you mean to imply the non muslim accused in court never got their due legal rights with Muslim jurists in place for so long? I always thought you are intelligent. Justice is a human endeavour it should not have colour or creed….. and I agree with nandos..

  6. Here’s the thing though. If you believe that Islam is under threat because the law would be applied without prejudice would it matter if those 3 positions were filled with “liberal” Muslims ?

    Let’s take it a step further. What if the current government enacted laws that banned unilateral conversions ,and dismantled other laws that some Muslims considered sacred cows.Would it matter that those laws benefited all Malaysians but went against the wishes of some Muslims ?

    Perhaps what should be done is that people who believe that certain government positions should only be for Malay/Muslims of a certain religious persuasion, that this should be made into law.

  7. Helen,

    There is no provision stating that CJ must be Muslim or acceptable by majority of Muslim population in Malaysia. Appointment of CJ is based on seniority and Malanjum is the most senior Federal Court judge. He deserved it outright. Who cares what Umno, Isma, Perkasa have to say?

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