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‘Claiming Christian DAP in control, protesters gather for march in KL’

Report by Singapore digital media Today Online @

Singapore is very interested and concerned about the evangelism issue.

Its City Harvest Church criminal court case was consistently front page headlines in the island’s newspapers whereas Malaysian media were (Malay language) disinterested or (English language) chose to deliberately downplay the scandal.

Singapore on the alert

The late Lee Kuan Yew, a Buddhist, feared the proselytization of Singapore Malays by the aggressive evangelists.

Minister Mentor Lee said he saw the decline of religious tolerance in his country, especially with the “Go out and convert the Muslims” attitude of the evangelists — watch video clip below.

Meanwhile in Malaysia

Imagine, our neighbouring country is reporting this while not a peep – as yet – in Malaysia (ter)Kini.

Wonder when the Portal of Love will cover this story, if at all.

Update: Malaysiakini eventually uploaded its story at 10.49am here. I had blogged this post at 10.31am. Most of the other media reported hours earlier.

But my point remains — Singapore media is more interested in the evangelist angle because their government is more vigilant. After all, no less than founding father Lee Kuan Yew had warned against the danger of the widespread evangelism movement in Singapore.

Actress-director Ellie Suriaty at the protest

UPDATE: The failed Umno-linked protesters have dispersed.

If Umno is not up to the job, Muslims will have to look to PAS.


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15 thoughts on “‘Claiming Christian DAP in control, protesters gather for march in KL’

  1. re: If Umno is not up to the job, Muslims will have to look to PAS.

    With frozen accounts, Umno has no budget to mobilise its 3mil members for protest/demo etc. Without free travel, meal, accommodation and allowance, who in his/her right mind will attend such protest/demo? Especially during workday. People need to attend college, work, run business and look after kids/grandchildren.

    The most obvious was during Najib’s 1st day at court where he was charged. Compare the no. of crowds against Anwar’s trial in 1998.

    Wondering when Pas will mobilise its members to attend a mega ceramah to ‘pertahankan agama, kaum dan raja’?

    1. You’re right. Point taken about Umno’s patronage culture and (now lack of) money machinery.

      When PAS mobilizes its people, it’s not like Umno’s rent-a-crowd. They have falsafah dan perjuangan.

      Perhaps PAS’s strength should be put to the test in the upcoming Sungai Kandis by-election. If Umno stands down, will PAS be able to win against PKR?

      1. I doubt Pas can win in Sg. Kandis in a direct fight against PH – PKR. Reasons:-

        1. PKR had been winning the seat since 2008.

        2. For GE 2018, the total votes of BN + Pas were still less than PH – PKR.!/dun/10/N.49

        3. Selangor assembly is dominated by PH at 51/56 seats (if not mistaken). Voters abandoned Pas and the assembly now has only 1 Pas Adun (if not mistaken).

        4. With PH as federal government and favorable sentiment of Malaysia Baru, voters who previously supported BN and Pas will be tempted to vote PH in the upcoming by-election.

        5. Sg. Kandis is a semi-urban Malay majority seat (72%) and non-Malay (28%), a demography which is hard for Pas to win. Pas can win if it is >80% Malay and a rural seat with lower income voters.

        1. Your points (1), (2) and (5) are correct.

          (3): The non-Malay Selangor voters abandoned PAS. In the Malay heartland however, PAS grew stronger. PAS swept Kelantan & Terengganu – see chart linked below – and PAS is stronger than Umno in Kedah.

          Point (4) should be put to the test. Either PAS or Umno in straight fight against Harapan. Then we can see whether together as a combined Melayu-Islam entity PAS-Umno can be more than the sum of their parts, i.e. two separate parties.

          Not sure that when Umno voters swung against against Najib they ever realised that the BN gomen could actually fall. Now that the loss of power has sunk in, the dynamics could change.

          1. re: Now that the loss of power has sunk in, the dynamics could change.

            Assuming your prediction is correct. Umno and Pas will agree to field only one candidate and give PH a straight fight.

            But what impact can it brings?

            1. The equation in state assembly will change from 51 (PH) / 5 (Oppo) to 50 (PH) / 6 (Oppo), hardly any impact at Selangor level.

            2. The next election is due in 2023 (about 5 years). Unless there are frequent by elections from now until 2023 and Umno/Pas agree to give PH straight fights and win all these by elections to keep the momentum of “Islam Unity”, a one-off victory at Sg. Kandis will not last until 2023.

            BTW, if Sg. Kandis by election proceeds, it will favour PH by virtue of being both the government at federal and state levels. PH will deploy all resources (including government machinery). What resources can Pas and Umno deploy, especially the former’s bank accounts are frozen?

            1. Selangor with 51 Harapan Aduns and only five opposition YBs is close to becoming a one-party state. Or look at how MCA today has only one MP left in a 222-seat parliament, and Gerakan annihilated.

              They’re aiming to destroy Umno next, like how MCA – which had 31 MPs in the 2004 Badawi parliament – has been destroyed. With each successive election – 2008 to 2013 to 2018 – the Harapan dominance becomes more and more overwhelming (as seen in S’gor DUN). This is a result of the 24/7 Harapan brainwashing being carried out.

              Check and balance is being killed off because anyone with a dissenting view from the Harapan totalitarian groupthink is verbally abused, harassed and threatened. We can see an example of the mob action against Ellie Suriaty and they would happily destroy her (already they’re trying to pecahkan her periuk nasi).

              If you don’t wish to live in a one-party state and subjected total indoctrination, then you must pushback to retrieve some check and balance. Harapan can only be checked by strengthening the opposition and this can only be done if Umno and PAS join forces.

              DAP is morphing into MCA 2.0 and very soon Harapan will not be able to get volunteers anymore unless the same money is fed into the machinery. Harapan is turning into the very monster they wanted to “save” Malaysia from.

              Even if Umno/PAS lose the by-election, they still need to take this first step of engineering a straight fight.

              This Harapan expertise in

              1. I accidentally left the last sentence above hanging.

                I meant to say Harapan is more dangerous to the public than BN ever was even in the latter’s heyday because Harapan has more expertise in brainwashing — i.e. the type of cult cultivation employed by the evangelical mega churches like City Harvest.

                “Hope” is the favourite word in Christian evangelism. Check out the following poster,

                1. Agree with you. We need to strengthen BN to act as a credible opposition.

                  However, the likelihood of a merger or formal cooperation between Umno and Pas is very unlikely. No doubt there will be no more objection from BN component parties (MCA and MIC are weak and other Sabah / Sarawak parties had left) that will prevent Umno from luring Pas.

                  We need to understand the bargaining power between Umno vis-a-vis Pas. Umno is weak and Pas is still strong despite being a solo 3rd force. Without access to government machinery, what Umno can offer to Pas? If Umno failed to lure Pas when the former was in power, I don’t see how Umno can do it now.

                  Put it like this. If both Umno and Pas were sincere to uphold Malay and Islam as a single entity, both would have merged/cooperated by having common candidates and gave PH a straight fights in GE14.

                  Post GE14, I think Pas is contended to be based in less developed Malay heartland states like Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. They seems no longer interested to regain foothold in more developed states like Selangor, Johor, Penang and KL.

                  1. Umno miscalculated. It thought the three-cornered fights would hurt Harapan. Instead the split votes benefitted PAS which successfully grabbed some Umno seats.

                    Recall that Pakatan did not make its winning strides until the 2008 election where they managed the compromise of straight fights against BN. For GE15, Umno and PAS have no choice but to replicate the same Pakatan formula.

                    I believe that in M’sia, Umno-PAS will be able to pull off the Trump calculus. The Donald went for the white voting bloc. (Obama in 2008 was such a messsianic figure he snared 95% of the black votes.)

                    Trump knew he wouldn’t be getting black support but unfortunately for Hillary, black voters didn’t turn out in the same stratastrophic numbers that they had done for Obama.

                    If PAS and Umno can see their respective Islamism and ‘nationalism’ (bumiputeraism) as a viable combination, then maybe they will work out some sort of electoral arrangement short of merger.

        2. eh, kan HA cakap majority malay support Umno and Pas?
          now different story pulak?

          1. 🤣 laughing at your Dapsterism … you really need to re-read bnm’s point No.5 — non-Malay voters in Sg Kandis are 28 percent. In other words, every three out of 10 voters there are non Malay.

            And every nine out of 10 Indian voters in the peninsula voted for Harapan in GE14 … this aspect has been overlooked due to the heavy focus on the Chinese voter partisanship.

  2. Nothing new, just another false claim from umno……umno’s using it’s only known battling tool, Race and Religion……and wanna drag PAS along with them……good luck, losers….

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