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Pakistan’s prime minister elect and his beloved dogs

Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has just won the election in Pakistan and the celebrity politician is set to lead the new government.

Btw, Imran has five dogs and they sleep in his bedroom.

BELOW: Happier with doggie than with wifey

The loyal canines are rumored to have been a catalyst for Imran’s divorce from his second wife Reham as well as contributed to a split from his third and current wife Bushra.

A man’s relationship with his four-legged friend might just, urm, last longer than a marriage between the pet lover and his jealous spouse. The Imran-Reham marital union only lasted 10 months before he jatuhkan talak on her via sms.

Dogs rock!

Splitsville from Wife #2 and the pretty ‘third party’ to the break-up

Splitsville, possibly, from Wife #3 over this flirty, furry lass

The dog in his life during the ‘youngish’-looking Imran’s first marriage to Jemima … they’re beautifully colour coordinated

Women, they come and go; my dogs are for keeps


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  1. If Imran was a Malaysian politician, the Malays would be going to town on him about disrespecting Islam etc. Agree with you for the first time in my life, dogs are truly the best creatures on earth.

    1. dogs are the best pet a man can have…why haram it just because you say so…

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