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DAP’s us-versus-them ethos

When DAP politicians are speaking to a mixed crowd, their words could not be more sugar-coated. “We’re all Malaysians,” they coo, dripping honey from one side of their mouth.

“Not Chinese … zero Indians here.”

However when they think they’re speaking exclusively to their own race in their own tongue, they show their true colours.

Tunjuk belang 

In a speech for an Indian audience – video below – DAP cabinet minister M. Kulasegaran refers to “them” (a group of people Kula does not specify) as pendatang.

He tells his Tamil-speaking listeners, we’re not the pendatang, “they” are.

“They”, “we”  ↔  “we”, “they”

Kula (and his DAP non-Malay colleagues) are unable to leave behind their adversarial ‘us’ vs, ‘them” dichotomy even after their party has succeeded in grabbing federal power.

Transcript and translation of the above “pendatang” video clip is prepared by Malaysiakini.

KULASEGARAN SAID: “A lot of people, when asked about our history, (they say our) history dates back 120-130 years.

“Not true. When we first came here (it was) 2,500 years ago. The evidence is in Bujang Valley. There are temples there… buried.

THEY were the pendatang, WE were not pendatang. They and us are the same.

“If you ask a lot of our students, they will say (our history is) 100 years…’because my teacher told me that’.

“I say, knock that teacher’s head. You can quote me on that. We have the right to stay here, this is our motherland.

WE have all the rights to stay here as THEY do. Don’t give up. We must tell our people that…”

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Cat In Lion Hood
Kalinga is King

My question to Kula and DAP Indian operatives:

You say that your people came to this peninsula “2,500 years ago”.

Historically speaking, around roughly the same time two-and-a-half millennia ago, there was the mighty Kalinga empire in the Indian subcontinent. The Kalingas were dynastic rulers of a kingdom spanning a wide region.

So why the sensitivity, outrage and taking offence today when Indians are called “keling” by our locals? Is the Kalinga heritage something to be proud of, or is it a racial slur?

Make up your mind which is it!


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  1. Lately the minority are more demanding , they want UEC to be recognize .
    Melayu has not made any demand so far ,what they want is just a good governance .
    Apa lagi Melayu mahu ?.

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