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Guan Eng attempting to equate Chinese to oppressed Palestinians?

Lim Guan Eng stridently condemned a law which recognises Israel as a “nation-state of the Jewish people”, drawing a backlash from some Dapsters and Zionist Christians who told the DAP sec-gen to mind his own business as he is not the Foreign Minister.

Guan Eng had said the new “racist” law passed by the Knesset (Israeli parliament) upholds “the concept of Jewish supremacy”, according to a report in The Star.

“The Arab identity, including their language, had been sidelined and denied through a racist legislative process,” Guan Eng was also quoted by Malaysiakini as saying in his statement last week (July 21).

In this particular regard as cited above, Guan Eng has falsely (mis)represented the Israel nation-state law. Actually, the legal text of the controversial law stipulates, “This clause [making Hebrew the state language] does not harm the status given to the Arabic language before this law came into effect”.

So Arabic will not really be “downgraded” as claimed by Guan Eng.

Israel Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

Should Israel be officially allowed to be a nation state?

The Israel basic law – which has been harshly criticized by Guan Eng – spells out, among its other elements:

(1) “The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people…”

(2) “The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people…”

(3) The national flag features the symbol of Judaism while the state emblem is a seven-branched menorah.

(4) The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

(5) The state’s language is Hebrew while the Arabic language is given a special status.

Other items of the newly passed law concern aspects of the Jewish diaspora, Isreali settlements, Hebrew calendar, national holidays and Shabbat (Fri. evening to Sat. night rest day) as well as festivals.

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Other nation states of the world

Is the concept of ‘nation state’ something kosher or is it racist? Let’s try applying similar guidelines to another sample country to test the idea.

(1) “The land of Thailand/Finland is the historical homeland of the Thai/Finnish people…”

(2) “The State of Thailand/Finland is the national home of the Thais/Finns…”

(3) The national flag features the symbol of Christianity.

(4) The capital of Thailand/Finland is Bangkok/Helsinki.

(5) The national language is Thai/Finnish.

What is so objectionable about such parameters as listed above? You can say the same of a majority of countries in the world – Japan/Japanese, Russia/Russian, Poland/Polish, etc, etc.

Likewise the special privileges for the diaspora. Chinese and Indian diaspora enjoy special treatment too. See PIO card for Overseas Citizens of India, and China’s visa for Foreigners of Chinese Origin.

Having said that, it must be acknowledged that the Arab-Israeli minority are rightly opposing what the new law terms “the ingathering of [Jewish] exiles” as well as Israel’s disputed claim to the entire city of Jerusalem, of which the Palestianians are demanding the eastern half of the city as capital for their own nascent state.

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Race, religion, language, culture

Race, religion, language, culture, a shared history and mutual national aspirations are what bind people together as a nation.

Guan Eng’s DAP on the other hand promulgates a made-up nationality called “Malaysian First” but it is one which is colour/race blind and purportedly looks beyond creed (the word ‘creed’ refers to “a system of religious belief”).

Hence when DAP chants its perennial “beyond colour and creed” mantra, it is intent on flattening any race and religion distinctions … “we’re all Malaysians”; the only drawback is that the DAP’s sense of being Malaysian is ill defined – is a true Malaysian characterized as someone loves to eat nasi lemak?

The flag of Finland (above) bears the Christian cross. The flag of Israel has the Star of David which is the symbol of Judaism. Although the flag of Thailand consists of only coloured horizontal stripes, nonetheless the flags of several Thai provinces contain Buddhist imagery.

A national flag that is clearly Buddhist is Cambodia’s. The flags of many Muslim countries have the Islamic crescent; the flag of Japan has the rising sun representing the country’s Shinto faith; the flag of India has a chakra wheel that’s connected to Hindu and Buddhist symbolism; the flags of Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay have representations of their indigenous religions.

The DAP’s posture at nation building pretends that race and religion don’t matter. But history tells us that they do: Muslim Bosnia broke away from Christian Yugoslavia; Muslim Pakistan separated from Hindu India, the island of Cyprus has two halves – Muslim Turk in the east, Christian Greek in the west.


‘Philippine Leader Signs Law Giving Autonomy to Muslim South’ (29 July 2018)

Meanwhile, a language divide has seen French-speaking Quebec trying to break away from English-speaking Canada. In Belgium, the Flemish people of Flanders in the country’s north speak Dutch whereas Walloons of Wallonia in the south speak French.

In fact, the Belgian north-south communal split was so bad that its parliament famously failed to form a government for 20 months in 2010-2011, and you thought Mahathir was slow in announcing his full cabinet.

Pakatuns and Dapsters are of different race, religion, language, culture, history and aspirations. Well good luck to the ‘diverse’ Harapan government, they sure need it to avoid pulling apart.

What they say and what they mean

DAP cabinet minister M. Kulasegaran has had to apologize for saying, “THEY were the pendatang, WE were not pendatang”. Although he and his party continue to deny and deflect, any honest observer would take it that Kula really meant ‘Melayu pendatang’ when referring to “they”.

DAP leaders are not always explicit but we already know the party well enough to understand what they’re hinting at between the lines.

Now let’s reexamine what Guan Eng said in his statement about the Palestinian minority vis-a-vis the Israel nation state law.

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All the standard DAP buzzwords such as “the concept of Jewish {Malay} supremacy” and complaints about downgrading Arabic {Mandarin?} status are evident in Guan Eng’s statement with regard to the Israel law on nation state.

“The minority race which had been treated as second-class citizens all this while will continue to be marginalised even more,” Guan Eng said of the “cruel, unfair, and undemocratic” Israel foundational law that allegedly “denies the rights of minorities“.

“The DAP which all this while upheld the principles of freedom, equality and friendship will continue to oppose any form of cruelty and racialism regardless whether in Malaysia or anywhere in the world,” he said

‘We urge the international community to unite and pressure Israel to repeal this racist and oppressive law, and give equal treatment to minorities in that country,” Guan Eng added.

Do you for one minute believe that the DAP genuinely cares about the plight of the ‘oppressed’ Palestinian minority? Who is Guan Eng really alluding to, going by his all too familiar language?

It wouldn’t surprise anyone that in pandering to the Malay-Muslim vote bank, the opportunistic DAP has no qualms in hijacking the Palestinian cause.


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7 thoughts on “Guan Eng attempting to equate Chinese to oppressed Palestinians?

  1. Is LGE a hypocrite for voicing out about the plight of the Palestinians? Absolutely. Does he give a rats about them? Highly unlikely.

    But in the same breath, do the Malays who jump up and down over this issue really care about the Palestinians out of the goodness of their hearts or simply because the Palestinians are Muslims? I think we all know the answer to that.

    LGE is not the only hypocrite around.

  2. Also many Malaysian Chinese (usually the uncultured, upstart ones) used to compare themselves to Jews. Jewish were not particularly flattered by such comparisons.

    Furthermore, Israel’s economy ultimately depends on grassroots innovation. The Malaysian economy depend on crony capitalism. Someone like Lim Guan Eng would be a garbage collector in Israel.

    There is definitely a degree of anti-semitism and jealousy of Jews in the DAP but these people work hand in hand with evangelicals who worship Israel like an idol.

    1. Thank you for your follow-up comment. I’ve copypasted a part of it to feature in my subsequent post, ‘Kerajaan Harapan wajar sekat lawatan evangelis ke Baitulmaqdis’.

  3. Didn’t these same people claim we were living in an apartheid state ?

    Hate is their trade and victimization, the currency.

    This is DAP politics in a nutshell.

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