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Kerajaan Harapan wajar sekat lawatan evangelis ke Baitulmaqdis

Lim Guan Eng mahu berlagak seolah-olah dia dan partinya cukup anti Isreal. Konon.

Kami mengecam sekeras-kerasnya tindakan Knesset (Parlimen) Israel meluluskan undang-undang negara bangsa “yang bersifat zalim, tidak adil dan demokratik sama sekali,” kata setiausaha agung DAP itu pada minggu lepas.

Kalau betul, maka kerajaan Harapan sekarang harus didesak DAP untuk memboikot Israel dengan tidak lagi meluluskan permit khas bagi evangelis Malaysia membuat kunjungan ke kota Baitulmaqdis (Jerusalem) yang dikuasai Israel.

Pentadbiran Mahathir mencongak Malaysia Baru

Ada setengah Kristian Malaysia seperti Wong Chun Wai (CEO The Star Group) yang menziarahi Baitulmaqdis.

Chun Wai pernah membuat penjelasan bahawa rakyat Malaysia secara amnya tidak dibenarkan untuk melawat Israel “but thanks to the flexibility and tolerance of the Malaysian government, restricted trips to Jerusalem are allowed for religious purposes”.

Dasar kerajaan BN yang dulunya begitu fleksibel dan toleran nyata tiada lagi bertempat bersama kerajaan Harapan masakini yang tidak mungkin akan toleran terhadap “kezaliman dan perkauman” (petik cakap Guan Eng) rejim Yahudi.

Dalam satu kenyataan akhbar pada 21 Julai, Guan Eng menyifatkan undang-undang baru negara bangsa Yahudi tersebut sebagai mengabsahkan pendudukan haram Israel di Baitulmaqdis di mana seluruh kota tersebut telah seterusnya dijadikan ibu negara Israel.

“Tindakan itu, katanya, bukan sahaja bercanggah dengan segala konvensyen Pertubuhan Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) dan undang-undang antarabangsa yang mengiktiraf negara Palestin, malah melanggar prinsip keamanan dan kemanusiaan dalam mengembalikan kestabilan di rantau tersebut,” mengikut laporan Astro Awani.

Justeru Guan Eng menyeru masyarakat antarabangsa agar memberi tekanan kepada Israel supaya memansuhkan “undang-undang zalim dan bersifat perkauman itu”.

Dalam pada itu, tentu wajar DAP – sebagai komponen penting kerajaan Harapan – mengetuai boikot ke atas Israel ekoran DAP mendokong “persaudaraan … yang menentang segala bentuk kezaliman dan perkauman tidak kira di Malaysia atau di mana-mana sahaja di dunia”.


Saya berterima kasih kepada seorang pembaca bergelar ‘Seeker’ yang mengirim komen di bawah (salin tampal) #comment-208741 pada pukul 12 tengahari tadi. Pada hemat saya, cadangan beliau berupa satu syor yang bernas.

Seeker menulis:

“Furthermore, if Lim Guan Eng is so hurt by the plight of the Palestinians, and personally feels their pain, then he should urge the new government to stop issuing Jerusalem visas for evangelical pilgrims.

“Why should Malaysian tourist money contribute to the Israeli treasury, and ultimately its army? Shouldn’t the “Malaysia Baru” unite and boycott Israel this way? Why aren’t local churches urging Malaysian christians to unite and boycott Israel/Jerusalem for the sake of the Palestinians whose plight has pained our honourable finance minister?”

BACA JUGA: ‘Guan Eng attempting to equate Chinese to oppressed Palestinians?’


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11 thoughts on “Kerajaan Harapan wajar sekat lawatan evangelis ke Baitulmaqdis

  1. Thanks Helen for exposing this DAP hypocrisy and for quoting me. Let’s see what these snivelling hypocrites do. – Seeker.

    1. You are missing the point. LGE, from the gov of the day, condemns the “ketuanan” concept, may it be coming from jewish or melayu. And i would like to know how did you derive that pilgrimage’s expenditures goes to the army…… israel army really need funds from the said avenue?

      1. How do I know the pilgrimage revenue goes to the Israeli treasury? Because all revenue is taxed into a national treasury. Maybe, this is not the case with the Malaysia Baru regime but at one time, GST from tourism activities went directly to the Malaysian treasury.

        Furthermore, I have worked with Israelis, Arabs and other nationalities at a UN-affiliate. Therefore, please don’t peddle your porcine intellect before me. Save it for your DAP masters.

        Lots of DAP turds also have a congenital habit of badmouthing Malaysia and Malays and their religion even during a casual conversation in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Want me to prove it? Actually, I can walk in to Lim Guan Eng’s office and kick him repeatedly in the teeth with a sample recorded proof. The problem is he is never alone. If he is ever alone and you see him with a the next day, then I must have paid a visit.

        Now, howl and scream. It looks like I just made an earth-shattering physical threat against your tokong. That’s what you people are good for, aren’t they? Howling and screaming like cowardly snowflakes, deflecting the entire from serious issues like rising living costs.

        If Malaysia is really bankrupt, why is the Finance Minister wasting time and poking his nose into Israeli-Arab affairs? This is dereliction of duty.

        1. you are chicken shit@tong kosong….my question was, does israel army really need returns from pilgrimage to fund their army, as per your statement….to back you statement you must show audit trails, not just shoot out like chicken shit.

          and you?? you wanna kick lge teeth? am i liaiasing with a teenager here? you sound like one…. btw, you said you have proofs, please share or you will be tagged liar, on top of full fledged chicken shit. And yet you wonder why you and your kind are ridiculed.

          lastly, if you are not a teenager, i am expecting you to kick lge’s teeth, or you bukan anak jantan berbapakkan sorang….

          1. Funds from the national treasury of course goes to the defence ministry, among other ministries, including the ministry in charge of new Jewish settlements in the West Bank. All defence ministries get their funds from their respective national treasuries. The same in Malaysia unless there is a special Tokong bank right now to fund our armed forces.

            You are an idiot like all those DAP dung who get visceral about their beloved tokong. Debating someone like you is replying to a rabid dog.

            My basic premise is this: If the DAP is so concerned about Israeli “oppression of Palestinians”, then they should urge the revocation of all Jerusalem pilgrimages that inevitably enrich Israel. Who gets the revenue from these pilgrimages? Palestinian Arabs?

            In any case, you are defending Lim Guan Eng as if he is a god. Then, why not just switch pilgrimages to the DAP HQ instead of Jerusalem to worship your deity?

            1. If you say so, chickenshit….and i shall go to sleep thinking where israelites get the army fund from now on…

              One more thing, i don’t worship….but i respect the people who does it in orderly manner and under free will.

              As i believe everybody should be treated fairly, and in the case of pilgrimage too, every faith should be allowed to practice it. Are you getting my drift, chickenshit?

              Let us know when you have the proof and kicked lge’s teeth ya…chickenshit….

              1. Surrhead : “If you say so, chickenshit…One more thing, i don’t worship….but i respect the people who does it in orderly manner and under free will.”

                My. my. For an emotional DAP lackey, you are full of contradictions, aren’t you? Keep it up.

                Surrhead: “Let us know when you have the proof and kicked lge’s teeth ya…chickenshit…”

                Actually, that statement was preceded by records of DAP stalwarts ingratiating themselves to Israelis during their Jerusalem tour.

                Besides, one has to give LGE a chance to “save Malaysia” and “return it to the path of prosperity” first. Who knows he might be the genius economist DAP claims he is.

                In any case, Mahathir himself had once repeatedly declared Lim Guan Eng to be a liar in that Rahim Thamby Chik case. The case has NOT been re-opened because Lim Guan Eng is the chicken shit Mahathir kicks repeatedly in the teeth again and again. And believe me, no one wants to dare intervene when the old man is kicking someone in the teeth before throwing him into jail.

                FINALLY, Helen’s article was about the hypocrisy of Malaysian evangelicals who visit Jerusalem while their political leaders condemn Israel. You keep dodging the fact that revenue from Jerusalem tours do not enter Israeli treasury which is subsequently apportioned to various government ministries and agencies, including the Israeli military.

                1. Chicken shit, you are so dogged with jerusalem tours contributing to israel’s coffer, so, how much are Malaysians’ contribution? And can the same restriction be proposed to Malaysian muslims when performing haj? on the grounds that wahabism is funded…. and terrorism and whatnots….

  2. “FINALLY, Helen’s article was about the hypocrisy of Malaysian evangelicals who visit Jerusalem while their political leaders condemn Israel”

    How is this hypocritical? Christians have been visiting the Holy Land for centuries and it will continue to do so for centuries to come. We do it because that’s where Christ lived. Do you have a problem with that? Besides, you don’t have to agree with every position that the party you voted for takes. Do you agree with theft and corruption? If you don’t, then you are a hypocrite based on your logic since that was pretty much what UMNO did best over the last few years.

    Let me make it clear to you, we voted for PH because they stood the best chance of getting rid of UMNO. We also voted for PAS in GE 13 for the same reason. Anyone but UMNO…

  3. Folks, the last time I had a disagreement with Helen Ang was about this Christian issue. Having said that, the Evangelical movement in South East Asia, is fertile ground for fund raising for Israel.

    While I do not advocate any kind of restriction of movement and think that not recognizing Israel as a country is honestly dumb, I think the Evangelical movement – some parts of it – are contributing to a dangerous dialectic when it comes to so called clash of civilization discourse and the hypocrisy of the religious elements (Christian) within the DAP could lead to deeper divisions waiting to be exploited by the far right elements of this country.

    Just couple years back Haaretz did a piece on Evangelical fund raising in South East Asia for Israel a couple of years back. The highest award for service to the Jewish community went to an Indonesian, Sherly America-Gosal.

    From the piece -“Yet, she is the first Christian individual to receive the prestigious Yakir Award presented each year by United Israel Appeal (also known as Keren Hayesod), the official Israeli fundraising organization whose domain includes the entire world outside of the United States. Explaining its choice, the awards committee noted that America-Gosal had “pioneered the Keren Hayesod cause in Asia and tirelessly advances it, mainly among Christian business and community leaders.” It also praised her for initiating fundraising events “in which hundreds of influential leaders from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea and Papua New Guinea participate.”

    The DAP’s sin is that they betrayed their secular agenda and by embracing the Evangelical strain of this particular Abrahamic faith and contributing to the toxic environment of religious agendas in this country, they do a harm that is greater than the corruption scandals past and present.

    1. re: “The DAP’s sin is that they betrayed their secular agenda”

      They also betrayed DAP’s hardcore base, and not to mention threw Ramasamy under the bus without batting an eyelid.

      Although the Penang DCM II’s revolt is nothing to do with Israel or evangelists, nonetheless the “washing of hands” by his Chinese party bosses is reflective of DAP 2.0 religious dialectics, or more accurately, their hypocrisy and playacting to fish Malay votes. Despicable sneaky bastards.

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