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Sg Kandis: Such loving language from the anti-Umno people

Three by-elections are pending in Selangor due to their elected reps’ untimely passing:

  1. Sungai Kandis — polling to be held tomorrow
  2. Balakong — Adun died in car accident
  3. Seri Setia — Adun’s demise from cancer

So much love from the Harapan side!

Haters gonna hate. So much for the preaching of “love thine enemy”.

In an article today titled ‘Stop those insensitive remarks upon deaths of elected representatives’, Aliran exco Damian Denis wrote the following descriptions (quoted below) about Umno leaders and BN supporters.

Denis the NGO activist described recent public comment from Umno politicians as being “the same boorish culture” as that shown previously by a senior Perkasa leader as well as a former Umno MP upon the death of Karpal Singh. He said the Umno camp was displaying “spiteful wrath“.

Denis also decried the Umno leaders for “such vile thoughts contaminating their souls“.

Flashback (2015):

BN so vile, wicked and evil — Hannah Yeoh

Wicked, evil, worthless and rubbish BN

And stupid too.

The sentiments of the Aliran exco member echo that of Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh – see her tweet above – who said the Umno spokesmen were voicing such “wicked” and “evil” propositions. Hannah, DAP’s virtue signaller extraordinaire, then piously proceeded to preach “God is love”.

Alluding to Hannah’s rebuke of the aforementioned wicked comments expressed by Umno sec-gen Annuar Musa as well as by Umno radical Mohd Razlan Rafii (YB Ong Kian Ming’s bete noire) on the deceased Harapan Aduns, Denis chimed in: “Their remarks were totally worthless and rubbish“.

Denis further described these holdovers from the “BN administration” as lacking a degree of humility despite carrying “the baggage of non-erasable shameful deeds and abuse of power“.

He characterized the insensitive Umno political figures as “poison” in our political system, adding their behaviour “just displays obscene depravity and stupidity“.

BN and Its voters are the Dark Side

Referring further to the said insensitive Umno offenders, Denis wrote:

“Apparently, the dishonour of rampant thievery and thuggery with the subsequent sting of defeat is not comprehensive enough a lesson. Going by comments on social media, it would seem they are loathed.”

Umno is hated, according to Denis. [ And DAP is well loved?? ]

Again echoing Hannah ‘Bangsa Malaysian’ Yeoh, Denis stressed that we’re all “like an indivisible family unto one another … we are just brothers and sisters” because at the end of the day, race and religion differences are really only paper thin.


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4 thoughts on “Sg Kandis: Such loving language from the anti-Umno people

  1. I belum sempat nak baca article ni. But i have a feeling that kerajaan PH takkan kekal lama. Melayu sekarang dalam dilemma. They were desperate utk jatuhkan najib tapi sekarang sedar actually PH is not worth voting for the sake of Islam and malays.

    Berapa byk kata2 i dengar, if PH nak kekal in the next 5 years better give attention to why they voted PH other than the aim to jatuhkan najib.

    Hahaha… melayu memang bodoh mudah kena tipu.
    UMNO and BN ada harapan actually to win back the heart of malays. Tak payah nak buruk burukkan PH sebab paria2 dalam PH sendiri yg akan jatuhkan PH. Tak perlu susah susah

    1. I bet you ate your words the same evening itself……if umno’s is still using race and religion, it’s not going far….

  2. The proof of the pudding will be seen the results of the three byelections and I am waiting to see what the outcome of the Sg. Kandis byelection is by this evening.

    This time, it will be a two-cornered fight in Sg. Kandis, so the outcome could be different than in GE14.

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