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A picture of Malaysia Baru

It was only less than a month-and-half ago that I pondered ‘Will dogs have a better life in New Malaysia?’

This week, through the photographs below, we can see the answer. Dogs tortured in Shah Alam have suffered their legs chopped off.

“Such cruelty is [ NOT ] beyond comprehension”

Raving and ranting evangelists like Hannah Yeoh constantly scream that it is Umno leaders who are “wicked” and “evil”.

These real acts of wickedness and cruelty against innocent dogs did not happen in PAS-ruled Kelantan or Terengganu nor in Umno/BN-controlled Pahang. The evil is ensconced in an overwhelmingly (51 out of 56 Selangor DUN seats) Hope state, and furthermore in a long-held Harapan constituency.

Look deep at ‘love-love-love’ in our midst. What kind of people are they?!


Dog butchery in yet another staunchy Harapan state — ‘The brutality of Penang’ (28 Sept 2015)


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4 thoughts on “A picture of Malaysia Baru

  1. This is cruel and beyond any comprehension. Is this the society that we’re moving into: of ignorance; of barbarity; of stupidity?


  2. wow even what happen to dogs also was the new government fault. Helen, just go and seek professional physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physician help before your brain completely gone beyond repair.

  3. And this place where the dead dogs are lying looks like a “nice” middle class neighbourgood.

    And now we have this revelation straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

    A shorter and more to the point version.

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