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DAP’s buffalo in Balakong

Former Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Kim intimated that DAP could parachute even a buffalo into Balakong on its by-election ticket and it would still get the votes (read Malaysiakini story here).

Teng further remarked that many of the DAP new breed politicians are entitled millennials who are “arrogant and cause chaos after coming to power”.

Murmurings among the party older grassroots regardless, any greenhorn “silver spoon” candidate is nonetheless guaranteed to sail through due to the solid support of DAP’s committed vote bank.

This herd mentality of the Chinese – 95 percent of whom are Harapan supporters – is a problem although the insular community remains in denial about how a majority of Malaysians view negatively their tribalism.

Faustian pact between DAP and Mahathir for the sake of power

Unstoppable force meets immovable object

I’ve been mentioning how Hannah Evangelista and her horde often berate their Umno opponents as “wicked” and “evil”.

The DAP polity exists in a dualistic bubble – fervently believing their own side is pure goodness and light whereas Najib, Zahid, Umno (and in the eyes of some Dapsters, certain objectionable government agencies such as BTN and Jakim) all belong to the dark side.

They’re also adamant and abusive in their adamance on DAP’s goodness; they’re vehement and vitriolic too in their vehemence on Umno’s badness. This dichotomous Dapster mindset is cast in stone.

And ever since DAP swept into federal power on May 9, the bullying – by what can be dubbed DAP’s ‘evangelical wing’ – has become more and more insufferable.

Do they imagine there will be no blowback from those Tanah Melayu defenders who are being bullied by DAP? Remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.


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15 thoughts on “DAP’s buffalo in Balakong

  1. “The DAP polity exists in a dualistic bubble – fervently believing their own side is pure goodness and light whereas Najib, Zahid, Umno (and in the eyes of some Dapsters, certain objectionable government agencies such as BTN and Jakim) all belong to the dark side”

    I think anyone who is stupid enough to believe that any political party is pure goodness really needs to get a dose of reality. All political parties are ultimately not to be trusted. Having said that, UMNO deserves to be ridiculed to the maximum after what the did to the people over the last decade or so. As for Jakim, the sooner they are shut down the better. I don’t want my tax money going to a worthless organisation like that whose only aim is to create hate between the races, much like what your objective on this blog is.

    1. How much tax did you pay. Is it enough to cover the cost of the air that you breath and the place to live ? Compare that to the amount petronas forked out yearly, yr miniscule tax would be better done without together with you.

      1. I don’t know exactly where my tax money goes to, but one thing is for sure, some of it is used to subsidise you and the rest of your race. You should be bloody grateful for the non bumi tax money instead of carrying on like a racist little…

        1. Watch your tongue on subsidy!!! The Chinese farmers also benefit from subsidy programs handed out by the previous government. So do Chinese fishermen who dominate the west coast of the peninsula’s shoreline. That’s not to mention other facilities like the rejuvenation of traditional kampung sundry shops.
          Don’t talk as if the Chinese don’t get any subsidy, in actual fact you Chinese DO GET subsidy from the previous government but want to belittle the BUMIPUTERAS by covering it up and create NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS of them!!!
          HUM SUP!!!

  2. ya you are right. but at least they are better than toe lickers like MCA and Gerakan and nuisance party like PPP.
    the malay parties like Bersatu and Amanah needed their vote bank too.

  3. Tajuddin practices racist policies, not wise to support or align with him. That man comes as a stupid with pure brute, fullstop. I have never heard or seen anything intelligent from him. Just like fossil fueled cars, racist policies must go too….

    1. Sorehead as stupid as ever name calling others his trademark. There is no hope for him for relentlessly utilising the crucial word to him which is racist whenever he is cornered or run short of points to argue. Just imagine if you are a Chinaman in China land. Would you like it if others steal your homeland?

      1. I never knew you were this stupid, wave. Get rid of your victim mentality and you will enjoy life a lot more. The British stole your homeland like they did with most of the world, if you want to blame anyone, blame them. The Indians were brought here by them and the Chinese were encouraged to come here by not just the British, but also the Malay Sultans for work. It’s called migration, it;s been happening from day one, so just deal with it.

          1. Is that a threat? This is how the uncivilized behave, always threaten with violence. So pathetic. Must be an UMNO supporter.

      2. Wawe, branding someone stupid is not racist, it just states that person is stupid. Name me one intelligent proposal from Tajuddin. Finding it hard kan? And i don’t have to imagine fictions, but empahsize on the fact that i am born and bred here, and do what is necessary to live a good life here. BTW, where did you get this crap that someone is stealing your homeland? you are delusional…

  4. Does anyone care if one is called a racist especially those by ph boot leakers? Any remark or opinion from a herd of opportunists and hoardes are not worth a single opinion or feedback

    1. What do you actually mean by “boot leakers”? a boot that leaks or boots vandalised to leak? Are we talking about boots or booty? Don’t be like the country brute tajuddin la….

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