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Umno starting to give DAP a taste of its own medicine

Recall the DAP’s behaviour and methods over the last decade.

It’s time now to treat DAP in the very same way the DAP have always treated their enemies.

The Umno ex-president shows how to return the favour.

BELOW: “Did Harapan gomen spend RM18 billion of GST collection?” — Najib

“Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has claimed that the Pakatan Harapan government could have spent the RM18 billion in goods and services tax (GST) refunds that Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is now accusing the previous administration of robbing,” Malaysiakini reported yesterday.

ABC GST, harga semakin tinggi

LGBTQW, nih wajah M’sia Baru

It’s so easy for Umno to replicate the DAP’s methodology, isn’t it, especially since the Sabah Sarawak BN Christian components are no longer in the diminished coalition to pull the brakes.

Najib is already getting the hang of it. The rest of the Umno leaders need only follow the DAP template.

Political dynasties all in Harapan




Kit Siang-Guan Eng-Hui Ying. All in the family.

Your grandfather’s country club, izzit? The daughter of DAP’s Lim Dynasty – wearing green T-shirt in pix above – has just been appointed a senator.

Umno operatives need to ramp up their social media presence and taruh DAP kaw-kaw like the Twitter guy below has done.

More than half of DAP ministers, deputies are Christian

Kit Siang has challenged detractors to decide whether he is Mahathir’s puppet or Mahathir is the DAP’s puppet.

Well, Mahathir has shown himself decisively to be the “top dog”. Hence DAP are his “running dogs” – as MCA was said by Dapsters to be running dogs to Umno.

As to the other Kit Siang challenge on whether DAP is being led by Christians:

His party has a total of 13 cabinet ministers and deputy ministers in the Mahathir administration. More than half of the DAP ministers and deputies – Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, Yeo Bee Yin, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Ong Kian Ming & Steven Sim – are Christian. Does that answer the question?

GENUFLECTING: British Prime Minister Theresa May bending the knee to the Queen’s grandson, likewise DAP (MCA 2.0) to Mahathir 


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7 thoughts on “Umno starting to give DAP a taste of its own medicine

  1. Guan Eng should clarify matters by explaining the circumstances under which some companies would have to apply to the Customs for reimbursement of input tax paid.

    I have been helping a small company to prepare its quarterly GST returns from the fourth quarter of 2016 till the second quarter of 2018.

    This company packs and markets medical examination gloves under its own brand name and it of course pays GST Input Tax with payments to suppliers of upstream input materials used in its packing, as well as to suppliers of any other items, services, telecommunications, electricity, water bills and so forth incurred by the company.

    The company in turn collects GST output tax on the sale of its finished products to customers.

    At the end of each quarter, the company (in this case using an Excel spreadsheet with embedded formulas) adds up the total output tax collected from all sales and the total of all input tax on purchases incurred and subtracts the input tax paid out from the output tax collected during that quarter, and remits the difference to Customs by the end of April, July, October and January – i.e. within the one month grace period after the end of each quarter.

    In short – Output Tax collected minus Input Tax paid out = Amount to be paid to Customs.

    OK! In this case, this company’s Output Tax collected has always exceeded its Input Tax paid out during each of the seven quarters I have helped prepare its GST return, so this company has never had to apply for refund of Input Tax, since Output Tax collected was always more than Input Tax paid out.

    If the company had paid out more Input Tax than it had collected Output Tax, then I suppose it would have had to apply to Customs for a refund of Input Tax, though in this case, the company would have good reason to be concerned since it would have most likely have been making a loss, unless it was in a line of business such as project work, property development or construction, where there are long lead times between when it pays Input Tax with purchases and when it collects Output Tax from sales.

    It may also apply to companies such as retailers which have purchased much inventory which it cannot sell or which sells slowly.

    So Guan Eng needs to clarify which kinds of businesses need to claim re-imbursement of Input Tax paid out to suppliers.

  2. Incite incite incite….How much more miserable can you be? Will you join Jibby in jail? Please?

  3. Apa khabar helen, harap baik2 saja. Apa isunya?

    Gst outstanding refund yang tiada dalam tabung amanah bukan baru tertunggak psda tahun 2018. Ia adalah terkumpul dari tahun 2015. Tak timbul soal kerajaan ph guna duit refund. Saya terima fakta ni walau saya tak setuju ph mansuh gst dan laksana sst.

    Political dynasty ada juga dalam mana2 parti. Umno, mca dan mic serta parti di sabah dan sarawak.

    Rukun negara malqysia salah satunya kepercayaan kepada tuhan. Obviously kebanyakan rakyat beragama. So what? Most dap voters are chinese and indian but not necessarily christian.

    So what is the issue?

    Why dont you highlight the corruption of bn leaders exposed?

    Please do justice for the sake of the country. Of course ph has a weaknesses. But we must highlight issues based on facts and figures not assumption.

    Btw, i like to read your blog even since the previous government era because some of your point really valid especially when dap claim they are malaysian but have problem with malay holding post as if malay is not malaysian, even if this issue still debatable.

    Have a njcd day ya. :)

  4. re: Political dynasties all in Harapan

    What is wrong with political dynasties? This is prevalent in Msian politics since Merdeka. If you insist to blame such practice, please highlight the fault of both sides. Readers will think that you are fair in your assessment.

    Why you don’t highlight the examples of Razak-Najib, Hussein-Hishammudin, Abdullah-KJ, Aman brothers (Musa-Anifah), Taib-Adenan (the latter was the former’s brother in-law).

    1. Najib is no longer Umno president, Hisham is no longer holding any high Umno post, KJ is no longer Umno Youth chief, Musa Aman is no longer in the country and Adenan Satem is no longer with us in this world.

      The Harapan polical dynasties, on the contrary, are all today in top flight politics.

      1. re: no longer, no longer …………

        You are right in present tense. What about in the past, ie. when these BN individuals were in power? Are you trying to say there were no political dynasties in BN pre 2018?

        Did you also check the sacrifices of these beneficiaries of political dynasties? Let me elaborate. For example, Razak-Najib. (the former 1st family) Former is patriarch and latter is beneficiary. Other than the legacy/contribution by Razak, what sacrifices Najib made in order to reach the PM post he had? Did Najib really had to struggle or he had the way paved for him for eventual premiership?

        Compare this with the current 1st family. Anwar-Azizah (current DPM). Ignore Izzah as she is nowhere near the PM position held by Najib. I need not elaborate the struggles that Azizah had from 1998 (when Anwar was sacked and imprisoned) in order for her to reach the peak post of DPM.

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