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The more Umno weakens, the stronger PAS gets

The signs were there long before GE13 that BN would break up.

On 22 June 2012 – more than six years ago – I’d blogged a post titled ‘Masa depan hubungan Umno-MCA tergugat’. I wrote, “Hubungan MCA-BN yang renggang bagai retak menanti belah”.

Today BN is as good as dead. Umno is, effectively, no longer burdened with the MCA. Continue reading “The more Umno weakens, the stronger PAS gets”

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If Maryam Lee were a cat, ‘they’ would put her in the spin dryer

It’s rare nowadays for political writing to elicit guffaws but Maryam Lee’s satire succeeded in making me LOL at the following line she penned: “[unbelievable …] that a country with a median age of 28.5 should be governed by someone who is 93”.

Some political operatives have no qualms to ‘kill’ (character assassinate) those like Maryam who challenge their 95% consensus groupthink. Indeed the #undirosak poster girl has been targeted by death threats, and not to mention sexual harassment and body shaming. Continue reading “If Maryam Lee were a cat, ‘they’ would put her in the spin dryer”

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How DAP is implementing secular Malaysia

“Malaysia is undoubtedly a secular nation,” the DAP Godfather has once again publicly declared from his platform abroad (this time in Sydney) – see Malaysiakini report on Saturday.

If silence is taken to imply consent, then might we assume DAP’s political partners are in agreement with Lim Kit Siang, that is unless Pribumi, PAN and PKR will step forward to contradict his “secular state” assertion. Continue reading “How DAP is implementing secular Malaysia”

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Deadly attacks on Christians and churches — latest news

UPDATE (2 June 2019)

Look at the green graph below.

Apart from the Gulf states of Bahrain and Qatar which have large expat and foreign worker populations, the two other countries that are religiously closest to Malaysia – in terms of Muslim composition – are Lebanon and Burkina Faso.

Lebanon, as is widely known, has experienced decades of Muslim-Christian civil war. For the latest news of terrorist attacks on Christians in Burkina Faso, read article excerpt below. Continue reading “Deadly attacks on Christians and churches — latest news”

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Can Umno+PAS win GE15 on Malay votes? Yes

DAP vociferously argues that the Malay opposition (Umno, PAS) cannot win elections unless they have multiracial support from the voting public. That’s debatable.

When combined, the total votes for Umno and PAS exceed Harapan votes – for example – in the seat contested by Pribumi federal minister Rina Harun who holds the Rural Development cabinet portfolio.

Titiwangsa parliament result GE14:

  • Pribumi:  23,840 votes
  • Umno (19,701) + PAS (6,845) =  26,546 votes

Continue reading “Can Umno+PAS win GE15 on Malay votes? Yes”

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Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’

“The Dalai Lama – oft-considered the embodiment of peace and tolerance – has suggested Europe should only be for Europeans, telling refugees to go home and rebuild their own countries,” Newsweek reported yesterday.

The Tibetan spiritual leader – who is a past winner of the Nobel Peace Prize – was speaking in Malmo, Sweden. Last weekend, the country held its general election where anti-immigration party the Sweden Democrats took a great stride to finish in third place. Continue reading “Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’”

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Melayu Bangkit @ Seri Setia

Harapan tanked by a whopping 15.5k votes!

In GE14, the Harapan-PKR candidate for Seri Setia (Shaharuddin Badaruddin) had obtained 29,250 votes. In today’s by-election, his Harapan replacement (Halimey Abu Bakar) managed to collect only 13,725 votes.

The Harapan vote share has drastically halved, suffering a steep drop of 15,525 votes. Continue reading “Melayu Bangkit @ Seri Setia”

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Anwar: “I’ve been waiting 20 years” (how long more?)

Anwar Ibrahim was asked about his present path to the premiership in an appearance on Thai digital TV two days ago. The DPM’s husband replied he had been waiting 20 years to become PM and that he “can wait a bit longer” in order for a smooth transition to take place. Continue reading “Anwar: “I’ve been waiting 20 years” (how long more?)”