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Mahathir recycles his Malay Dilemma rhetoric

This morning, the chairman of parti Pribumi led a Bumiputera Congress to which the colour-blind, cheese-eating surrender monkeys were not invited. Not only were Dapsters not invited to this beyond-race event in Malaysia Baru, they would have been unwelcome to partipate even if they had desired to.

Btw, Mahathir’s party does not allow “equal” membership to that muka tebal ethnic group calling themselves ‘Anak Malaysia’ who – among their kind – make up the 95 percent voters that solidly pangkah roket.

BELOW: Mahathir’s rhetoric remains un-UBAH from his “Malay ultra” days when his 1970 ‘Dilemma’ book was banned by Tunku

Hey, the 1990s called and want their photo album back

Dapsters twist and shout that MCA is a “racist” party because it caters specifically to Chinese. Dapsters even challenge MCA to dissolve  and rebrand itself as a politically correct multiracial party.

And Dapsters also rant and rave about Umno’s racism.

So how many multiracial faces can Dapsters recognize below among the Harapan luminaries who attended this morning’s Bumiputera Congress? And how many of Harapan’s VIPs carry the old Umno DNA?

BELOW: Guan Eng & his 2nd Class Gang are missing from frame 

Guan Eng kata:

“Saya bukan Cina.”

“Saya bukan Cina!”



A Chinese Congress is not on the cards anytime soon for Harapan despite the Dapsters going ape shit in social media.

The only five percent Chinese who voted BN in the general election are having the last laugh and enjoying every minute of it, ROTF…


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13 thoughts on “Mahathir recycles his Malay Dilemma rhetoric

  1. 5% chinese voted BN in GE 14? Only 5 chinese kot for BN kot. one of them is you.
    what a joke you syiok sendiri HA!
    continue to syiok sendiri. good to live in denial like umno.

  2. Hello fatty dog, when you will ever learnt that UMNo/ BN and your beloved Jibon is dead yes they are DEAD and buried !

    1. If it is true what Mahathir said about Najib,WHERE IS THE PROOF?? Can you or anybody in PH can show it to me???

      1. The hundred over million ringgit worth of cash and jewelry found in his house not good enough ah?

        1. shame on ur eyes..see the game being played by mahathey clearly..please man..dont be a fool..

  3. “Guan Eng & his 2nd Class Gang are missing from frame ”

    Yes. Because LGE was in IXORA Hotel Prai giving Taklimat SST bersama Menteri Kewangan. Miss Mulan was there.

    But you should see how shameless the LGE loving crowd was. They asked questions to ask to be exempted from SST.

    The LGE loving Mamaks ask LGE to exempt from Service Tax because it gives unfair advantage to small nasi kandar stalls with income below RM1.5 mil. One canteen operator (Chinese) with millions of ringgit income ask for exemptions to protect the B40 operator pengeluaran wanita – konon. The Ananda manager asks LGE to exempt tax because customer will run next door for Indian food. A shameless bawang goreng manufacturer (Chinese woman) ask LGE for exemption.

    Looks like these people voted so that they could get favours sudah terkencing.

  4. BTW. If you look at the Sales Tax table. Cake is “manufacture” so kena tax but mooncake is tax free.
    Mooncake is very important to life life rice, fish and pork. If we don’t eat mooncake we will die of hunger.

  5. Tun’s gameplan to beat Umno, he created Pribumi. And he won. And now, he wants to change the malay psyche, working towards a better nation, toning down racism. Umno’s mistake was to go against Tun.

    1. I don’t think so too….in a way, i would say Najib did good….cos of him, we managed to change the govt, showing rakyat of rakyat’s strength……and from now on, we can always change govt when we need to.

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