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word of the year: SHOCKED


“I’m shocked, shocked, I tell ya.”

No, not really.

Putrajaya: DAP and Pribumi’s Faustian Pact to power

Selling Soul Shadow


The price for dealing with the devil will dawn on Dapsters … eventually.



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8 thoughts on “word of the year: SHOCKED

    1. Badawi and Najib both paid a high price for refusing to allow him to become the backseat driver in their respective administrations.

  1. Coming from fork tongue Atuk, nothing to surprise. Actually what he meant was shiok and not ‘shocked’. At last the deal is consummated.

  2. I was not shocked as it was expected. It is all sandiwara from Mahathir, MACC and the AG. Do you think Kit Siang and DAP would agree to allow Mahathir to join PH (PR) without any hidden agenda? It’s I scratch your back you scratch mine kind of thing! “I allow you in provided you save my son from going to jail and I also agree would not ungkit your past wrongdoings even though I have written many books on them”. They can do what they like but we the rakyat are not stupid and gullible as they think! Maybe some are like surrhead who often posts comments here. Nowadays every single news can be checked of it’s authenticity just at your fingertips!

    1. Guess what? I knew this would not stick when the case was initiated during Appandi’s time. The bugger got no proof, that’s why he did not see to prosecuting LGE, knowing it’s a sure lose case…and freeing LGE was not Tommy’s call, it was Ketua Bahagian Perbicaraan dan Rayuan / Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Datuk Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria call.

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