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Anwar: “I’ve been waiting 20 years” (how long more?)

Anwar Ibrahim was asked about his present path to the premiership in an appearance on Thai digital TV two days ago. The DPM’s husband replied he had been waiting 20 years to become PM and that he “can wait a bit longer” in order for a smooth transition to take place.

From the public’s point of view however, Mahathir Mohamad does not inspire confidence that he is willing to step down at the appointed time, nor that he is planning to hand over the reins to Anwar and not to a certain ‘somebody’ of his own choosing.

Anwar also revealed to his Thai interviewer hosting the ‘Disrupted World’ current affairs programme (video above) that Najib Razak had telephoned him on the historic May 9th polling night after BN lost the election.

So what deal did Najib offer to cut with Anwar?

BELOW: Umno-PAS relationship status at the start of the year

How the parties stack up in their ethnic support

Together Umno and PAS command three quarters of Malay voter support in GE14.

PKR, PAN, DAP and Pribumi plus Warisan collectively obtained less than 25 percent of votes from the Malay electorate.

Malays are members of Umno, PAS, PKR, PAN and Pribumi. Chinese are – 95 percent of them – staunch backers of Harapan with the vast majority lining up behind DAP.

Given their racial configuration, some political pundits have speculated whether a combo of Umno-PAS-PKR (Anwar faction) have enough clout to form a new government.

Where does nationalism sit among M’sian Chinese?

Race relations have steadily worsened ever since Harapan came to power some four months ago.

Umno has taken a hard turn to the right and its most right-wing figure YB Tajuddin Abdul Rahman triggered DAP to an extent that the self-professed ‘Bukan Cina’ party wants him investigated for sedition – refer tweet above.

Meanwhile, MCA has cautioned DAP against “selling out” the Chinese and permitting any further assimilation of their minority race. The MCA president was yesterday quoted by Malaysiakini on the stump as warning DAP:

“Don’t sell out the character and the rights of the Chinese. Don’t sell out the Chinese in this country and allow them to be assimilated.

“Ladies and gentleman, remember that we are Chinese and we are also Malaysians.”

MCA are Chinese Firsters who refuse to be assimilated.

How many DAP followers are closet Chinese Firsters despite their party’s loud over-insistence on being Malaysian First and having “no Indians and zero Chinese” members?

As others journey, our own races must follow

If we look at world developments today, we can see countries around the globe becoming more firmly ethno-centric.

As our country celebrates its Sept 16 national day in ten days’ time, Malaysians must examine the progress of ethno-nationalism … in the USA with the election of Trump, the UK with Brexit, South Africa with its planned expropriation of white farm land without compensation, and in almost all the countries of Europe.

Most recently, White House national security adviser John Bolton said that the US does not oppose negotiation between Kosovo and Serbia involving a swap whereby Kosovan land inhabited by Christian Serbs is given to Serbia, and Serbian land inhabited by Muslims is given to Kosovo.

The proposed territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo will facilitate Christians and Muslims living among their own kind. Both were war-torn countries following the Balkanization of the region in the 1990s and 2000s.

One clear example of this trend towards ethno-nationalism is Germany.

Germany held its last election on 24 Sept 2017. Angela Merkel only managed to swear in her cabinet on 14 March 2018. It took the Chancellor almost a good half year (5 months 18 days) to form her government.

Merkel encountered great difficulty in mustering a ruling coalition because she – like Harapan in Malaysia – had a weak mandate. Her party CDU is Christian centre right. To govern, it had to climb into bed with an ideologically opposed socialist party SPD. (Ditto Pribumi and DAP’s marriage of convenience.)

Barely three months later, the CDU-SPD coalition teetered on the brink of collapse when the former’s sister party CSU, which rules Bavaria, demanded for the globalist Merkel to tighten German borders against Muslim migrants.

BELOW: German Chancellor Angela Merkel disdains the German flag

DAP Chinese voted to abolish themselves

‘Germany’s Return of the Repressed, an article in the latest issue of Foreign Policy magazine, explains how German main opposition party AfD is successfully reviving white ethnic nationalism.

The article by Yascha Mounk, executive director at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, also sheds light on the warped mindset that prompted Merkel’s contempt for the German flag and instead preferring the EU flag – selected excerpts below.

Mounk writes:

“When I arrived at Cambridge University in the early 2000s, students from different parts of Europe flocked to national clubs for a taste of home and an opportunity to speak their native tongues. Most of the events these clubs organized took the form of benign clichés: The Italian Society hosted pasta nights, and the French Society served up artsy movies with a side of wine and cheese. Only one nationality was conspicuously absent. Instead of founding their own club, students who, like me, had grown up in Germany flocked to the European Union Society.” […]

“My experience with the European Union Society offers a glimpse into a sensibility of which few outside Germany are fully conscious: the dogged determination of many Germans to distance themselves from overtly patriotic sentiment.”


“In the years since I was at Cambridge, German students have abandoned the European Union Society, now called the European Society, en masse. … Meanwhile, the university now boasts a thriving German Society, with a predominantly German steering committee that presumably runs with great efficiency.”

The big event of Cambridge’s revitalized German club is its traditional costume dress-up Oktoberfest where beer and a variety of German specialities directly imported from Bavaria is served. This revert embrace reflects Germany’s return to traditionalism and ethno-nationalism.

In Malaysia, larger swathes than ever before of Umno and PAS supporters now hate the DAP. At the Sept 1 ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally, Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Rahman declared “DAP adalah musuh orang Melayu, musuh Islam”; another supreme councilor Lokman Adam led the cry, “Hancur DAP!”

Umno today is in the position of Germany’s AfD for fomenting ethnic nationalism. Harapan is in the same unstable position as the Merkel administration whose popularity is sinking fast, and shaky government under constant threat of collapse.

Umno, PAS and presumably/possibly Anwar too are biased towards an ethno-nationalistic state. Mahathir is widely regarded as being anti China. PAN promotes the Islamic status quo. And the Malaysian Chinese? They’ve have put all their eggs in the DAP basket.

Looking at minority-majority race relations around the world, the community’s GE14 rabid partisanship was ultimately stupid and not to mention self destructive. The Chinese have voted to abolish themselves (Guan Eng’s “Saya bukan Cina”) without any guarantee that they will have a niche in the future New Order. How stupid!


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9 thoughts on “Anwar: “I’ve been waiting 20 years” (how long more?)

  1. Anwar should be prepared to wait another 2 years. A fool like Anwar will always be dragged everywhere including hell by his vanity.

  2. Whilst I do not like these developments in an ethno and religio-centric direction, however having watched the shift in politics and voting trends in western Europe and North America over the past two or so years, I agree with you that there has been and is an ongoing shift, especially amongst the European ethnicities in these countries in a euro-ethnic and Christian religion-centric or cultural-centric direction and a powerful backlash against globalisation, political correctness, multiculturalism and so forth.

    The results of Sweden’s elections on Sunday will be interesting to watch as the Sweden Democrats go up against the Social Democrats.

    Sweden is known to have practiced strong social democratic policies with very liberal socio-cultural policies and acceptance of non-European migrants but after the massive influx and acceptance of non-European and mostly non-Christian refugees into European Union countries and the social problems which have resulted, coupled with unemployment, the level of tolerance and acceptance has been eroding, hence the swing in an ethno and religio-centric direction and an ugly increase especially in Islamophobia, where in the past it was a rise in anti-semetism.

    Even this You Tube commentator, who self-describes himself as left-liberal leaning, has somewhat moved in this direction.

    As this trend grows, especially in western countries to which most Malaysians and other Asians have migrated, it inevitably will also affect such permanent residents and new citizens of these countries, including those in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even in the much more multicultural United States, and many of these immigrants to these western countries have the same Islamophobic attitudes.

    Also, it is inevitable that the trend in the west will have its affect on Malaysia, though here the rising antagonisms is not directed at foreign workers but between are between the different ethnicities and religious groups who comprise the bulk of Malaysian citizens and have been here for generations.

    Also, just as European ethnicities who mostly are religiously or culturally Christian, rightly or wrongly feel their existence threatened by the massive influx of non-European and non-Christian immigrants – likewise the Malays and Muslims in Malaysia, rightly or wrongly feel threatened especially by non-Malay, non-Muslim Malaysians whom they perceive to be aggressively challenging their position and religious beliefs.

    When you have someone such as DAP state assemblyman for Sungai Pelek say something like this, I wonder what impression he will make on Bumiputras.

    “Ronnie Liu: Bring down bumiputra quota for housing projects in Selangor ”

    My reaction is that he appears to be siding with the property developers, instead of the rakyat and in Penang, some call DAP the “Developers Action Party”, however others may react differently to his statement.

    It may be too soon after GE14 to say, but especially the results of the upcoming byelection in Seri Setia may be revealing of any recent shifts in voting patterns post GE14.

    PKR won Seri Setia with only 66.62% of the vote, with UMNO/BN winning 22.50% and PAS 10.39%

    The demographic of Seri Setia is Malay 54.13%;Indian 24.38%; Chinese 19.7%, with Sabah & Sarawak Bumiputras and Orang Asli comprising the rest.

    (The percentages in The Star’s list are wrong, so I have taken the results provided by Wikipedia)

    Whilst, given its two-thirds majority of votes in Seri Setia in a three-cornered fight in GE14 and PKR could very well hold Seri Setia, however the results of the upcoming two-cornered fight between UMNO and PAS in the Seri Setia byelection will be indicative of any shift in sentiment on the ground there since GE14.

    As for Balakong, I’m pretty sure DAP will win big again, unless Mahathir’s recent bull in the china (fine porcelain) shop approach in his dealings with China would have put off enough voters in that majority Malaysian Chinese (61.07%) state constituency.

  3. Correction and clarification:-

    As this trend grows, especially in western countries to which most Malaysians and other Asians have migrated, it inevitably will also affect such permanent residents and new citizens of these countries, including those in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even in the much more multicultural United States, this growing intolerance towards visible minorities could adversely affect them too, either in areas of employment and they could even become victims of racial abuse and attacks.

    Rather ironically, many of these Malaysian immigrants to these western countries have expressed the same Islamophobic sentiments in e-mails, social media posts and over tea, as some amongst the white population have, but if ethnic tensions there are to continue to worsen, they could well become victims of a backlash or any violence, even if they are not Muslim.

  4. i dun see any trend, all i see is a cycle, whereby those in power become rotten. especially in usa n europe, race religion is merely one of the cause, n not a major one that induce voters who to vote.

    msia is very diff bec a stupid anglophile named lky scared the malay until they cant see thing rationally. n forced to believe umno is the only savior.

    that is oso y lky can only be an emperor in an island, similar to that stupid called chiang kai shek.

    1. A trend is a part of a cycle.

      Since the 1960s, the western world had been moving in the direction of greater tolerance and liberalism but that pendulum swing had reached its limit and has reversed.

      1. i can agree, however unlike the west, we r now moving towards greater tolerance n liberalism, thanks to mahathir n anwar, n the many malay that vote not based on race n religion dogma. since lks never become our pm, i believe the trend would continue for quite a long time.

    2. lky was from a bygone era and is now gone. Yet obviously you still felt his influence and i think that shows your fear. you are obviously from the peasant class

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