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Chinese never turning back @ Balakong & beyond

MCA should gulung tikar.

DAP has long been taunting that MCA should close shop.

I agree.

In the Balakong by-election yesterday, DAP’s share of the popular vote rose to 85 percent. It is an increase from the 77.5 percent vote share DAP obtained in the general election four months ago.

This time, MCA managed to keep its deposit … but barely. This time also, MCA contested under its own (not BN’s) party logo and faced off DAP in a straight fight.

Chinese voters have spoken loud and clear through their ballot – they continued to reject MCA while handing DAP a thumping victory.

BELOW: Total MCA seats in parliament … one dead man walking

MCA: Dying … dying … dead

Don’t expect the pro-DAP Chinese tsunami to ebb, ever.

Our general election in 1969 was the first time that the DAP-led opposition won the popular vote at 50.7 percent. The Alliance comprising Umno, MCA and MIC obtained 49.3 percent of the vote.

The opposition had to wait until 2013 to repeat its feat of winning the popular vote. This time also, DAP again emerged the strongest opposition party in parliament.

Today history has turned a full circle with BN once more being reduced to its three core communal parties of Umno, MCA and MIC. Only now the Chinese leg of the race tripod is broken beyond repair.

BELOW: Total DAP seats in parliament … unshakeable

Chinese politics a zero sum game

After the BN’s landslide victory in GE11 under Abdullah Badawi, DAP took a change of direction with an increasingly Christian – particularly evangelical – leadership.

Its UBAH approach evidently worked. As you can observe in the red graph, DAP has really bloated, just like their many YBs’ expanding waistlines and Guan Eng’s own double chin. 

Comparing the red (DAP) and blue (MCA) graphs above, the see-saw effect over four general elections is apparent: When MCA is up, DAP is down and vice versa.

MCA and DAP’s contrasting electoral fortunes is shown even more starkly by the overlapping graphs below of state seats nationwide under both parties. The 2018 paired red-and-blue bars (at the very bottom) indicating the GE14 state assemblies head count says it all.

Let DAP carry on in its present trajectory

MCA has hit rock bottom and it can never recover; the signs can’t get any clearer than this. After all, Wisma MCA will become rubble in the near future.

With its party headquarters demolished and gone, what’s left? MCA’s spirit had long flown its body, so it’s quite fitting that the physical outer shell be discarded as well.

The vile DAP leaders and their vicious cybertroopers cannot be budged because Chinese support for them is rock solid. It is simply impossible to wean these hyper partisan followers away from the party.

Best thing is to accept facts, gamely confront reality and let the chips fall where they may.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Lokman Noor Adam are not the only ones who deeply loathe the DAP. Rest assured that the anti-DAP tide will swell into a counter tsunami sooner than you think.



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7 thoughts on “Chinese never turning back @ Balakong & beyond

  1. “With its party headquarters demolished and gone, what’s left? MCA’s spirit had long flown its body, so it’s quite fitting that the physical outer shell be discarded as well.”

    Hmmmm! I wonder what will be the fate of your “beloved” Jerusubang Star?

    It’s share price has dropped below RM1 following its Q2 2018 financial report where its Q2 revenue dropped below RM100 million and Q2 net profit was a mere RM1.414 million.

    TA Securities isn’t too positive about the future of media overall.

    Neither is Alliance DBS Research

    I also wonder what Star Media Group will do with Star Tower which is one of the towers in the Pacific Star @ Section 13 mixed residentai and office block development on the site of the old Star office on Jalan 13/6, Petaling Jaya.

    Some pictures of this development due for completion at the end of 2018 have the Star logo on it but most pictures of it do not.

    What next for Star if MCA falls apart?

      1. Don’t quite get the “Gotham City” thing. I’ve not watched Batman and Robin for decades.

        All I can say is that Phileo Damansara I and II are both rather isolated by the horrendous traffic on the roads outside especialy at peak periods.

        I’ve also not been to the area for a long time, such as to visit ay of the pubs or restaurants in the place for over 10 years, so dunno how it has changed.

        I did go to The Star to place an obituary notice for a friend in January and the security with entry and exit gates was amajor change from back in 2006.

        Dunno about the journalists working there now, since many of my former colleagues had moved on, taken MSS (Star form of VSS), had retired, etc., leaving new and younger journalists and photographers to carry on.

        However, with the plunge in profitability in Q2, if this trend continues, it looks like Star could be going into the red in the next few quarters and I expect there could be more cost cutting measures, including less or no exgratia, pay rises and perhaps more MSS offered to older and more experienced journalists and staff.

        These changes are systemic and have affected journalists worldwide, a readership and viewership increasingly moves online, where most content is free of charge and where online advertising revenue is very much less than print and growing very slowly, whilst print advertising revenue which has subsidised the retail price of newspapers and has enabled them to support a large number of staff in decent paying jobs – is decreasing rapidly.

        Also, online publications, including online audio and video streaming sites face stiff competition for online and digital advertising advertisements from the likes of Google, Facebook and so forth which command a much bigger share of eyeballs worldwide. Heck! Even the You Tube video streaming site hosted by Google, is reported to be loss making, despite Google overall being profitable.

        Media are caught on the horns of a dilemma whereby they must go online to remain relevant but by going online they increasingly becom irrelevant

        This is what tech futurists describe as “creative destruction”, where new forms of media created undermine traditional forms of media.

        I have written many articles about this trend quite extensively since 2012, on my blog IT Scheiss

      2. BTW. In the run up to GE14, news reports and commentaries on various mainstream and alternative media sites used to be varied and interesting but post GE14, with some exceptions, most sites are reporting more or less the same bland thing.

        So this is what a supposedly freer press in a “New Malaysia” has to offer us.

        Only a handful of sites such as yours, The Third Force, Malaysia Today and Gopal Raj Kumar offer more interesting reading and more controversial viewpoints.

    1. DAP is Bad in and of itself. Nothing good can come or emerge from such bad seed. It will only yield poisoned fruit.

      1. bad seed? you are talking about yourself ah?
        malaysians are lucky that you hv no offspring. Otherwise the bad genes of yours will mutate into even worse type after some kacukan.

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