DAP defining nationalism and patriotism

September 13, 2018 at 12:53 pm Leave a comment

Harapan chairman Mahathir Mohamad says that Malaysians are still tied to our separate races – see video below.

On the other hand, DAP leaders such as Guan Eng, Hannah and other evangelistas swear they’re Bangsa Malaysia.

Imagine if our future generations are all taught to conform to the DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia (Baru) framework.

 What then is the language of Malaysian Firsters that they speak?

  What is the common culture of Malaysian Firsters? What religion/customs do Bangsa Malaysia practice?

•  What is the Bangsa Malaysia shared history? What about those who supported terrorists during Emergency that had tried to overthrow the Malay monarchy in order to install a communist republic? (Saving Malaysia?)

 What is the meaning of patriotism to someone who had applied for permanent residence in Australia and only slunk back here when her PR application was rejected?



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