PAS and Umno’s blooming ta’awun siyasi relationship

September 15, 2018 at 6:23 pm 5 comments

Umno president Zahid Hamidi today led a top level delegation, which included party vice presidents Ismail Sabri and Mahdzir Khalid as well as sec-gen Annuar Musa to a VIP welcome at the PAS muktamar.

BELOW: Zahid and PAS president Hadi Awang in a ta’awun siyasi embrace

Terengganu is happenin’

The Umno head honchos were preceded in Kuala Terengganu two days earlier by Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki who attended the PAS Youth muktamar opening where he was thoroughly at home. This breakthrough would never have been conceivable under the previous regime of Khairy and Azwanbro.

KJ is a Malaysian Firster who doesn’t have Asyraf’s street cred in religion.

PAS worried about spread of Christian agenda

Poking her big, flat evangelical nose into a Terengganu matter involving syariah – see @hannahyeoh tweet above – was KJ’s fellow Malaysian First fanatic. Unlike KJ though, Hannah is someone who does indeed have street cred in religion as she preaches The Word everywhere she goes.

Umno and PAS cooperating on Islam is only building on already strong fundamentals as both are Agama Bangsa parties. And they’ve done so before in the RUU355 business.

BELOW: Hannah forgot her usual tudung costume in the Ministry’s recent ‘Maal Hijrah’ poster

On the other hand, whether DAP and Pribumi are able to see eye to eye on religious issues is another question. After all, DAP evangelistas are just too fond of posturing on other faiths and belief systems which are not their own, like Hannah did on the underage Muslim marriage case in Kelantan and public caning of lesbians in Terengganu.

PAS Mursyidul Am Hashim Jasin reminded the muktamar on Thursday (Sept 13) that “Islam’s position in the country has been threatened by people trying to spread the Christian agenda”.

One of the planks of a strengthened PAS and Umno race-religion cooperation is addressing this ‘Christian agenda’ threat.

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  • 1. Harlequin  |  September 15, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    UMNO and PAS do not share the same ideology. Assuming they just join forces to oust PH, their “alliance of convenience” will ultimately need to grapple with the fact they are both fighting and overlapping each other for the same demographics – Malay Muslim voters.

    Pribumi and DAP do not share this dilemma. Each need only to pacify their own demographics. Admittedly DAP has an easier task pandering to their constituents with overwhelming support from the Chinese and weak opposition from MCA, who share the same DAP demographics.

    • 2.  |  September 15, 2018 at 10:35 pm


      You are right about ” alliance of convenience” . But you are wrong to associate it with PAS and UMNO. The alliance of convenience is best decribed at DAP and Pribumi.

      PAS and UMNO of course go for Malay votes..But there are many seats for the grab. Kulim, Sg Petani, Alor Setar, Permatang Pauh, Balik Pulau, Parit Buntar, Tg Malim, ALOR gajah? Tampin, Lumut, Titiwangsa,,Lembah Pantai? Hang Tuah Jaya, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kuantan, Jerlun are most likely won by either UMNO or PAS if they cooperate.

      I must say tjat this cooperation does rattle PH

      • 3. Harlequin  |  September 16, 2018 at 10:19 am


        UMNO is a Ketuanan Melayu race centric party while PAS rides on the religiosity ticket. PAS wanted this country to be under Sharia, UMNO has been reluctant. Money politics are the hallmark of UMNO politicians, being synonymous with big houses, big cars and the good life while PAS, having taken the moral high path, had to curb all excesses.

        On ideology, these two are not the same.

        Ideally speaking, for any coalition to work, component parties are expected to bring something to the table. My contention in the original post is this, both PAS and UMNO are after the same demographics – Malay voters. If both parties are bringing the same thing to the table, they are overlapping each other. I did not do the maths so I can’t say for sure how effective is such practice . (As opposed to trying to broaden their voter base on a multi-racial platform)

  • 4.  |  September 15, 2018 at 8:24 pm


    Indeed many are not happy with the cordial relationship between UMNO and PAS. For their own selfish political benefits, they view the good ties between PAS and UMNO as a threat to them.

    MCA through Dr Wee said the ties will alienate the Chinese. My question to him is that is he blind to the fact that almost entire Chinese community has already wishes UMNO dead.

    No matter what UMNO does, it will still be rejected en bloc by the Chinese. So only morons would want to worry what the Chinese thinks about polutical cooperation between PAS and UMNO.

    Some said no way UMNO can attain power back even with political cooperation with PAS. Really?.

    Using the PRU 14 result, had there was acooperation with PAS, constituents like Titiwangsa, Lembah Pantai, Kubang Pasu, Sg Petani, Alor Setar, Kulim, Lumut, Tampin, Hang tuaj Jaya, Muar, Batu Pahat, Permatang Pauh , Balik Pulau, Kuantan would have be won by either PAS and UMNO.

    And for state seats with unique names like Pinang Tunggal, Trluk Air Tawar, Bertam, Kulim , Chenderiang, well would have falllen to either PAS and UMNO

    Cooperation bewteen these 2 parties make sense. It will garner around 75% of malay votes

    • 5. Malaysia Baharu  |  September 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

      Its like a Malay saying “bagai sirih pulang ke gagang”. Well, PAS was conceived from a breakaway fews from Umno back then before the forming of Federation of Malay States 1948.

      So it is no surprise that both can be back together as the original DNA is the same.


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