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The more Umno weakens, the stronger PAS gets

The signs were there long before GE13 that BN would break up.

On 22 June 2012 – more than six years ago – I’d blogged a post titled ‘Masa depan hubungan Umno-MCA tergugat’. I wrote, “Hubungan MCA-BN yang renggang bagai retak menanti belah”.

Today BN is as good as dead. Umno is, effectively, no longer burdened with the MCA.

BELOW: Umno people grown tired of MCA’s petulant and bizarre behaviour, “boo MCA no-show”

When MCA and Umno were together, they at least shared a genuine friendship dating back to their first cooperation in 1952. What binds DAP and Pribumi together is only a Faustian pact.

MCA people are fairly decent. DAP people? They’re full of bloodlust and the desire to destroy. MCA is already down and out but DAP wants the total destruction of its erstwhile Chinese rival.

I’m among the five percent Chinese who voted BN in 2013 and 2018. I voted to reject the DAP’s politics of hate, of annihilation. The 95 percent Chinese who voted Harapan are most welcome to enjoy their relationship with Pribumi, and DAP’s war against PAS.

BELOW: PAS people … like East/West Germans, North/South Vietnamese … receptive to reunification with Umno

Ibarat sirih pulang ke gagang

On 22 Aug 2011 – seven plus years ago – I’d blogged a post titled ‘PAS-Umno acapkali bincang perpaduan mesti ada sebabnya’. I wrote, “Air dicincang tak akan putus … Naluri manusia adalah untuk bercampur-gaul serta bermesra dengan mereka yang dianggap mirip kepada kita”.

Even the north and south Koreans makin rapatkan saf, and they’re divided by the national boundaries of their respective republics. There is no such artificial border separating Umno and PAS.

Perpaduan ummah has clearly come to fruition. This was made manifest in Sungai Kandis, Seri Setia and the recent PAS muktamar. In the Umno general assembly convened today, rombongan PAS lagi besar turned up reciprocating Umno’s top-level delegation to the earlier PAS gathering in Kuala Terengganu.

ABOVE: Ada beza antara hak dan batil, antara yang istiqamah dengan Islam dan yang berada dalam kesesatan

Anyone willing to make a objective assessment of reality can see this coming from a mile away … or from seven years ago.

And now Umno and PAS are sitting in solidarity on the opposition bench – both Malay, both Muslim, making a Malay-Muslim alliance seperti isi dengan kuku.

The Duri Dalam Daging coalition is DAP with its kahwin mutaah partners – Pribumi, a race-based Malay party which will not admit any Chinese or Indians as members, and PAN, a religion-based Islamist party which will not admit any non Muslims as members. A thorn in the other’s flesh.

ABOVE: Gobind Singh Deo in record book as the first Punjabi Sikh minister outside of India in Malaysia … and you thought DAP was colour blind and beyond race


The 95 percent vely clever Chinese voters 

The Hope People who, by 95 percent consensus, voted Harapan are still complaining about Umno’s so-called “ketuanan”. Yet they elected to hook up with Pribumi where Chinese would never be admitted into that party as “equals”. All the DAP demented sheeple trapped in the Harapan pen can do is bleat their “Equality” mantra.

Mahathir showed our country the ketuanan stuff Harapan is made of when he stuffed his cabinet with Pribumi ministers, sidelining DAP and PKR, and similarly when Pribumi grabbed the lion’s share of the Menteri Besar posts.

It was Mahathir who wrote the text book on ‘ketuanan’; his Malay Dilemma was banned by the then prime minister Tunku in 1970 – a ban only lifted when Mahathir himself assumed power as PM.

Pribumi is founded by Mahathir who is patently more Malay supremacist than any Umno president ever – Dato’ Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak, Hussein Onn, Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Zahid.

DAP Chinese: Beside them Pribumi, opposite them PAS

The Chinese presently have by their side the ultimate “Melayu ultra”; Mahathir has not, and will not change from what he has always been his entire political career. Dapsters and Protuns thoroughly deserve each other.

On the opposite side, the Chinese are faced with a unified Umno and PAS.

For the moment, Dapsters are delighting in schadenfreude to see Umno depleted of its MPs after five crossovers – ref. tweet above. Aside from these parliamentarians, Umno Aduns too have jumped ship.

PAS on the other hand was all the stronger, ideologically purer, after the departure of the PAN rubbish.

Dapsters further mock Umno politicians and their supporters as being driven by money politics and dedak. In contrast, PAS leaders and their followers have perjuangan. They hold fast to their Islamic ideology.

Between Umno and PAS, it is the latter that is stronger. Umno holds two states – Perlis and Pahang. PAS also holds two states – Kelantan and Terengganu.

In Terengganu, PAS is pursuing RUU355 in spirit and substance with its public canings. Umno demurs, keeps quiet.

This is something I’ve said many times before in my blog – PAS has more influence on Umno than the other way around. The new Pemuda Umno chief is more PAS-like (Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki was deputy minister in charge of religious affairs in the Najib cabinet) and unlike his Umno Youth predecessor Khairy ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ Jamaluddin.

Ideologically, PAS will lead and Umno follow. PAS’s strength is bolstered through their cooperation – PAS with Umno’s help performed better in the Seri Setia by-election than Umno with PAS’s help performed in the Sungai Kandis by-election.

Such is the unintended consequence of the Chinese tsunami of GE13 and GE14.

DAP will find PAS to be the more formidable adversary compared to clueless tidak apa Umno. The 95 percent Chinese who voted Harapan fully deserve the DAP and all that the party offers.


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28 thoughts on “The more Umno weakens, the stronger PAS gets

  1. ge14 is a fight among umno, not pas or dap. obviously mahathir faction won the election, not najib. i said it many times, the one that could defeat umno is umno, from razaleigh to anwar to mahathir, just happened this time dap pick the winner while pas pick the loser, both r still umno, a diff name though. n just happened that umno leave chinese no choice but to align with any anti umno force.

    umno as a opposition have to work with pas, the problem is how the coalition would bring in more votes? is giving up the so called 95% harapan chinese really a good idea knowing that its a max out? most youth r anti establishment, if umno n pas share the same ideology to fight harapan, most probably they could only preserve what the have, not likely to gain more, unless their shared values could attract the young.

    1. Actually it ia not that hard to attract the younguns. Just make some janji manis but without any intention to actually fulfill them. When you get their vote just said the previous gov has done massive damage that it is impossible to be done.

      1. i think yr view is outdated, didnt u see our young one is many times smarter than those that continuously giving their vote to the same band of liar thief n robber for the past 60 years.

        1. Im young and thought i was smart enuf so i voted harapan hoping that the promises would full filled especially regarding ptptn tho there were doubts iniatially. What happen to the promises are really frustrating.i should have voted BN..huhu

          1. ok, can agree u r the type that was referred in rnz writes, just curious bila u mahu bayar balik u punya hutang?

          2. not too late. better if you vote for Pas.
            no more frustration and syurga is guaranteed by them.

        2. And they vote the very same person that lead that “band of liar thieves and robber” for 22 years before…..

  2. .. good write up Helen, on the dot.. meant only for those who are still sober and ‘tadak hancing’, he.. he.. he..

  3. I think you have mostly got the right of it. The variable is UMNO of course. Can it survive the onslaught of Mahathir and DSAI ? If UMNO manages to stop the hemorrhaging then maybe an UMNO/PAS Malay coalition is a route to Federal power.

    Wong Chun Wai wrote a pretty good piece recently. What he points to is the old type of power sharing formula and the pre “running dogs” Chinese power sharing that served Mahathri and MCA so well before it went to shit.

    The Harapan apeshitters and their “New Malaysia” narrative is a smokescreen for old alliance style politics. Whether this is a good thing or not, the next few years will tell. I will say though that the Bangsa Malaysia kool aid, is dangerous and amy prove far more damaging than whatever the Opposition throws at Harapan.

    What I don’t get is that fact that the apeshitters seem to think that UMNO/PAS and the people who voted for them are mutually exclusive. I do not think that even the Malay political operatives in Harapan make this stupid assumption.

    It disgust me to see how these people behave. Making ahistorical arguments, ad hominems, straw men and vilifying people who do not subscribe to the groupthink.

    The fact that they do not see the pattern or choose not to, points to the overtly fascist nature of Harapan.

    1. say what you want, ABU & Anything but Pas.
      both parties are worse than David Koresh. sick people.

  4. Quote: PAS has more influence on Umno than the other way around….

    And whose fault is that?

    Don’t forget who paid for the oil that grease the wheel for PAS in the last GE.

    So, Chinese overwhelmingly voted for DAP.

    Whose fault is that? Courtesy of UMNO’s racial politics depicting Chinese as those Crazy Rich Asians – filthy rich and privileged while the Malays still poor, need their (UMNO) affirmative policies to get by.

    Nothing causes more friction and distrust than ‘false’ racial and ethnic income inequality.

    1. re: “Don’t forget who paid for the oil that grease the wheel for PAS in the last GE.”

      PAS being more influential over Umno than vice versa doesn’t come from war chest.

      PAS’s ideology is Islamist. Umno’s is ethno nationalist.

      The influence of religion (specifically Islam) is stronger than the influence of race (specifically Malay). Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s Turkey is the strongest example of a Muslim secular state. It didn’t last.

      Islam is addin. It cannot be secular.

      However, race and religion are conflated, and thus Umno and PAS can work together.

      In Hungary, Poland, European countries where there is a resurgence of Christianity and in Trump’s evangelical America, ethnic nationalism works hand in hand with Christianity although in the USA it would be more of a “civic nationalism”.

  5. I just read the Asia Samachar article from which this award was based. It says the “first Punjabi Sikh ministers in Asia outside of India”.

    Will the DAP also recognize Kula for being the XX or umpteenth Tamil Hindu minister in Asia outside of India and Singapore? The DAP does not like Tamilians. The Star for one always picks ethnic Tamilians who have a relatively lighter complexion. And of course, lots of Punjabis.

    But the DAP is a racist party, led by Chinia Bakwaaz drawn from the deepest gutters of Chinese civilization. Mainland Chinese stay away from their crude racism and gutter-level thinking

    1. DAP is racist and yet anyone can join it. UMNO is not racist and only Malays can gain membership. Your logic is brilliant.

    2. how do we address the people who asked for bribe or rent seeking from these lowest class cinapeks?

      or how shall look at people who received dedaks from the rent seekers from the lowest class cinapeks?

  6. A reader ‘Seeker’ has informed me that Gobind is not the first Punjabi Sikh minister outside India. The honour belongs to Harjit Singh Sajjan, who was the Canadian Defence Minister from 2015.

    The mistake is mine. I had previously come across the Gobind “first” write-up somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks Seeker for providing the clarification. Have made necessary correction in my article proper.

  7. Umno or Pas can continue to exist
    Nothing changes there
    Just as nothing changes in Teranu and Kelatang.
    Thats the problem

  8. I don’t think PAS-UMNO can unite for now….cos of the ideology and true nature of these 2 parties. Pas aligned with religion, and wants an arab like nation. Meanwhile, Umno still wants to have it’s moderate ways. Maybe the unity can happen when UMNO is diluted with PAS’ ideology, but his will take time. And if they did UG, then UMNO will have to kow-tow to PAS, which UMNO is not gonna accept easily.

  9. ” The 95 percent Chinese who voted Harapan fully deserve the DAP and all that the party offers. ”

    aptly said.

    i will still vote PH if election is held tmrw.

  10. helen, this is the best article i’ve read so far….keep on writting eh helen..

    Take care of urself too

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