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Icerd, angry ice cream and anti-immigrant govts

Ben & Jerry’s are politicizing their ice cream. The expensive brand has just released its new anti-Trump flavour which features on the cup label a picture of an angry-looking “person of color” street protester.

The ice-cream company, a subsidiary of F&B global giant Unilever, was founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Cohen and Greenfield are Jews. Continue reading “Icerd, angry ice cream and anti-immigrant govts”

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Dapster see, Dapster do

Is Hannah Yeoh implying that Zahid Hamidi’s daughter is an unfit parent? See the DAP deputy minister’s pinned tweet sneering “Not all parents are fit to be parents” below.

In another tweet immediately beneath the pinned one, Hannah implied that the “emotions” of Zahid’s nine-year-old granddaughter had been manipulated by the innocent child’s caregivers, i.e. by the “adults [who] should know better” (read: the child’s parents). Continue reading “Dapster see, Dapster do”

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Mahathir on ‘unstable’ countries kicking out immigrants

That freeze frame moment two days ago – of Mahathir and Anwar lifting hands together in triumph – could have easily come from a scene in the 1990s.

It’s like Malaysia had taken one step forward (to 2004 with Badawi installed as PM and Najib as DPM) but then moved two steps backwards (to 1998 when Mahathir was PM and Anwar his No.2 impatiently waiting in the wings). Continue reading “Mahathir on ‘unstable’ countries kicking out immigrants”

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Is Bosnia going to break up again?

Bosnia held its election earlier this week on Sunday (Oct 7). It was a fractious polls predicated on race and religion.

In its aftermath, foreign policy experts are now expecting Bosnia’s Christian half, Republika Srpska, to be all the closer to secession. See AlJazeera Oct 9 story ‘Will Milorad Dodik break up Bosnia?’

BELOW: Bosnia’s three main races don’t really want to live together Continue reading “Is Bosnia going to break up again?”

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Two-party system: Each side truly despising the other

Just a few hours ago (Malaysian time), the American senate voted 50-48 to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. The 100-member chamber voted strictly along partisan lines with only one exception on each side.

All the Republican senators voted ‘Yes’ for Brett Kavanaugh with the sole exception of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) from Alaska and all the Democrat senators voted ‘No’ with the sole exception of Sen. Joe Manchin (D) from West Virginia. Continue reading “Two-party system: Each side truly despising the other”