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Err Mujahid, so khalwat raids will go on in Malaysia Baru?

ABOVE: Minister of Religious Affairs Mujahid Yusof Rawa embracing the Dapsters’ favourite preacher Zakir Naik

“Dia hanya ambil headline, lalu maki hamun dan cerca. Macamlah Menteri Agama ini bodoh sangat?” — Minister in charge of Islamic affairs Mujahid Yusof Rawa complaining about Muslim netizens who raised an outcry over his khalwat remarks.

“It’s not our level [as a cabinet minister] to discuss with them,” he said of the vocal social media commenters slamming him (video below).

How ironic. Is not what’s good for the goose also good for the gander?

After becoming the ruling power, the Christian-friendly Mujahid is fuming because he is now at the receiving end and has to take flak from the religiously orthodox group whereas pre-GE14, Harapan leaders did nothing to rein in their nasty hardcore supporters who dominate the social media.

According to the ‘progressive’ Mujahid, the [Muslim conservative] netizens blindly “criticized and insulted” him. Where was his righteous indignation earlier when the secular liberals terrorized all who dared to buck the oppressive Bangsa Malaysia groupthink?

Even today. You’d reckon that after their side winning the federal government, those deranged Dapsters could learn to show a little bit of graciousness. Evidently not.

In the run-up to GE13 (ref. tweet above), they had splashed their verbal acid at Michelle Yeoh, then during GE14 piling on some more abuse and now – after their evangelist leaders are comfortably ensconced in Putrajaya – they still continue spewing their vitriol at the pro-BN/Bond Girl for her past support of Najib Razak.

Online thugs who are unable to slough off their corrossive anger and perpetual outrage – that’s what they are.

BELOW: Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren led a screaming street protest against Kavanaugh

Meanwhile in America …

Trump: “They have become too extreme”

“In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob,” President Donald Trump said yesterday when celebrating the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is to be sworn in as the ninth justice this evening.

The right wing American president characterized his country’s alternative political party as an “angry, left-wing mob”. In a two-party system, the ‘Anti This’ and ‘Anti That’ Democratic Party has “become too extreme”, Trump told a thunderous MAGA rally in Topeka, Kansas.

He said that from the moment his nominee was announced, the Dems had sought to “demolish and destroy” Kavanaugh.

“Taking Kavanaugh down would unleash forces from the darkest side of American politics in perpetuity.” — Republican senator Lindsey Graham cautioned, adding “And if you think only one side is capable of doing this, you’re mistaken.

Golden Rule: What goes around comes around

Judge Kavanaugh himself, in his final testimony before the senate judicial committee, relayed to the American public in the live hearing how the Democratic Party and its aligned liberal media were on a “search and destroy” mission against him.

His description of events was one shared by the Potus; Trump yesterday also described the “disgraceful campaign” against his apex court pick as an attempt at “political and personal destruction”. Yup, the Greater of Two Evils knows no boundaries when it comes to shooting down a target.

“They threw away and threw aside every notion of decency and due process,” Trump added, saying, “What he [Kavanaugh] and his wonderful family endured at the hands of Democrats is unthinkable”. Quite so. And if I may add, Dr Kua Kia Soong is similarly an example of a comparable individual here in Malaysia enduring endless harassment at the hands of DAP operatives.

But be warned. What Dapsters are today doing viciously to their victims may boomerang when their opponents one day decide to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Liberals, conservatives have little in common anymore

In the side-by-side area graphs above representing core values, the blue colour denotes Democrats and red, Republicans. The area coloured grey is where values of the liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans overlapped. The two surveys had been carried out by the Pew Research Center over a period of intervening years.

More than two decades ago in 1994, there was greater convergence between both parties as can be observed by the biggish grey area. By last year (2017), they had drifted further apart in their values. You can see the grey area is much shrunk, with Democrats drifting to the extreme left and Republicans drifting to the so-called “far right”.

One example of a hot button issue consonant with the American left’s liberal values is their backing for abortion on demand. In contrast, the conservative right are religious and “pro life”. Other contentious issues are LGBT rights and freedoms, and particular to our Malaysian context, the matter of criminalizing khalwat.

Pew Research Center – see chart above – found in its mid-2017 survey that 92 percent of “solid liberals” believe “religion should be kept separate from government policies”.

Liberals are militantly secular. In Malaysia they’re no different.

‘Two-party system: Each side truly despising the other’ — read HERE

Don’t forget that one side of the political divide is “willing to cause such destruction in the pursuit of power” (to borrow Trump’s words). This willingness can be equally applied to the DAP and its own angry mob.

The American public elected Trump as a last resort “to stop the radical Democrats” and their violent Antifa demonstrators. Very soon the Malaysian public too will elect a right-wing government as the last resort to stop the bullies from shoving their liberalism down our throat.


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7 thoughts on “Err Mujahid, so khalwat raids will go on in Malaysia Baru?

  1. The word Antifa was ketara only around 2017 about the time Trump “other good people” comments
    Trumpism is an anomaly, a reaction to modern USA liberal politics at home and abroad
    Inward looking desperate population acting up.

    1. Antifa was however already active before Trump won the election in November 2016.

      “Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous …”


      Antifa caused violence at Trump election campaign rallies in 2016.


  2. Political parties in Malaysia or US cannot bring people together in they continue to “pluck the feathers” as commented by Madeline Albright on GPS
    The chart Political polarization suggested divisions always exist but we’re not “pluck apart” as in this day and age of alternate media.
    What is your solutions to address majmuk society deep divide?

  3. This piece would have been stronger if you had not made false equivalencies between the American experience and the Malaysian experience.

    In Malaysian Establishment (Harapan) politics what is happening is the dissonance between the Non-Malay (Chinese driven) Bangsa Mlalaysia kool aid and Malay/Muslim realpolitik.

    Harapan political actors are desperately trying to find coherence between these disparate ideologies. I wonder how many UMNO leaders will survive this period of long knives – the MACC – to hold on to the base.

    The demonization of someone like Michele Yeoh for instance is indicative of the fascist impulses of the DAP and those who support them. As is the canonization of Clare Rew…(whatever) Brown.

    This is BN Redux plain and simple. If UMNO survives they have to go full metal right wing and align with PAS. As usual it is the economy which would determine the winners.

    1. “I wonder how many UMNO leaders will survive this period of long knives – the MACC – to hold on to the base.”

      Much of the narrative over Pakatan versus UMNO-PAS centres upon the number of MPs and ADUNs these parties respectively have in parliament (the tip of the iceberg) and the state assemblies but ignores these parties’ rank and file membership (the iceberg below the water).

      Whatever happens to these UMNO leaders or how many jump ship, I believe that new leaders will come forward from the rank and file of UMNO to contest in elections and whether they win or lose the seats contested depends upon the amount of support they get from UMNO and PAS voters in the respective constituencies contested.

      We have already seen this in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih, where newcomers from the UMNO ranks came forth, contested and won and I expect to see more newcomers coming forth from the rank and file to contest in future by-elections and the next general election.

      1. You make an interesting point.

        The question then becomes, how long will the passion between the UMNO and PAS elites last and does this translate to the base going along with this love affair or the base rejecting this and newcomers from PAS emerging as a counter narrative to the newcomers of UMNO.

        1. It’s left to be seen, I’d say.

          However, with the way the Pakatan federal and Johor state governments are handling the dire situatione related to the toxic waste dump in Sungai Kim Kim in Pasir Gudang, I don’t think that the voters, especially working class Malays in the affected areas will be too impressed, which will show come an election or a by-election.

          Whilst they can charge culprits in court, the top priority right now should be to clean up or neutralise the toxic waste and to try to contain its ill effects.

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