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Two 24-hour ultimatums within 48 hours in M’sia Baru

With friends like these Harapan YBs, who needs enemies? See tweets @ bottom of page.

(1) The liberals thought they were being promised liberal Islam in Malaysia Baru. Now they will realise they’re mistaken.

(2) The offending liberal media was yesterday given 24 hours to apologize to the offended Harapan baru minister who is not really as liberal as they’d originally thought.

These same liberals used to complain that the previous BN gomen was arrogant and ‘ketuanan’. But can they recall any previous BN minister’s press sec who had ever issued a 24-hour public ultimatum to a Cinapek publication?

(3) And here is another demand made today for (a different) media to apologize. This threat comes from a DAP state exco appointed to Negeri Sembilan’s new Hope cabinet line-up. This Harapan YB similarly expects the offending bahasa Melayu article to also be retracted within 24 hours.

A Pribumi minister, a DAP deputy minister


You think Pribumi people are nicer than Umno people? 

Chinese voters have traded their political representation by MCA-Umno for a new coupling that is DAP-Pribumi.

The Chinese have obtained the ‘change’ they wanted via the successful two-party system. It was only through this bipolar system that straight fights could be arranged, and it was only through one-on-one battles that BN could defeated. (Three-cornered fights were detrimental to BN as PAS split votes away from Umno and its BN satellites.)

With their ‘Ubah’ “Ini kali lah”, the Chinese electorate’s solid voting block (95%) have made an enemy of Umno and PAS (75% of Malay voter support). Remember that in a two-party system, each side loathes the other … presently Umno-PAS are arrayed together on the other side.

On their own side, the Chinese’s new Malay/Muslim allies are Pribumi and PAN. In the old relationship, MCA and Umno had been friends since the early 1950s.

In the new relationship that Chinese voted for in GE14, DAP and Pribumi have been friends since 2016. What kind of friendship do they enjoy? How well do they treat each other? How has Pribumi chairman Mahathir treated his own party’s 13 MPs compared to how he treated the DAP’s 42 MPs?

Like I’ve said, the Dapsters and the Protuns fully deserve each other. And the Chinese voters deserve all the new friends they’ve got now.





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