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Dapster see, Dapster do

Is Hannah Yeoh implying that Zahid Hamidi’s daughter is an unfit parent? See the DAP deputy minister’s pinned tweet sneering “Not all parents are fit to be parents” below.

In another tweet immediately beneath the pinned one, Hannah implied that the “emotions” of Zahid’s nine-year-old granddaughter had been manipulated by the innocent child’s caregivers, i.e. by the “adults [who] should know better” (read: the child’s parents).

Hannah blamed the child’s mother (Zahid’s daughter) for the video “floating in the internet” which triggered the Dapsters.

That’s rich coming from consummate political animal Hannah who once weaponized her own daughter as the tool to try and coerce a special keturunan ‘Anak Malaysiabirth certificate from Najib for the Chindian newborn party mascot.

Hannah had no qualms then in shoving her week-old baby under the political spotlight – see her tweet below.

Hannah’s political coalition Harapan has likewise used children for the emotionally manipulative “atuk has precious little time left” election campaign ad. The girl in the teary Mahathir video, circulated on Facebook by the PM himself, is six years old.

Hannah now says the Harapan political junkies must not slam or share the video of Zahid’s granddaughter. When her party use children for political purposes, it’s okay for the child (like Hannah’s six-day-old baby) to be the focus of a DAP public petition to the then-PM Najib Razak.

But when Zahid’s granddaughter is upset at the treatment meted out to her granddad, the Dapsters go apeshit.

Very predictably, Zahid’s granddaughter is being verbally attacked by Harapan supporters. So Hannah attempts to draw a futile line imploring a modicum of decency – Dapsters abusively piling on a kid is bad optics.

Nonetheless the bloodthirsty mob refuse to be called off despite Hannah’s virtue signalling that a nine-year-old is “too young to understand going on” wrt her grandfather Zahid’s prosecution. The mob are, after all, only following the lynching that their party leaders consistently show by example.

Kepimpinan melalui teladan: The politics of personal destruction

Yesterday, former Penang Adun Teh Yee Cheu described how badly he was treated simply because he was willing to cast a bipartisan vote in the DUN.

Teh told FMT he was “declared persona non grata by his colleagues in the Penang government” for failing to toe the party line. “He came under severe attack as his criticisms were seen as detrimental to the state leadership,” said FMT reporting on the various repercussions suffered by the ex-DAP man.

Although popular with the green crowd, Teh was extremely unpopular with DAP politicians and operatives. He explained that his warnings about damage – including landslides – caused to the environment through over development “were seen as a nuisance” and openly castigated by his colleagues.

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Dr Kua Kia Soong, another former DAP elected rep, can also tell you about the endless smear campaign mounted against him. As can DAP ex-Adun Dr Boo Cheng Hau, and plenty others who fell afoul of their party leadership.

If they can eat their own so savagely, what’s to stop them from savaging a nine-year-old girl? The genie cannot be put back into the bottle. DAP hate politics is here to stay.


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6 thoughts on “Dapster see, Dapster do

  1. A nine year old threatening someone, where did she pick up this totally wrong attitude? Why don’t the parent up the pace by giving her a gun from their own factory? Anyway, the parent asked for it. Lesson learned….There’s a vast difference between threatening and introducing muhibbah policies….netizen’s should ignore this young girl as she’s too young to understand her grandpa’s devious “deals”…

      1. If you have not seen the video, here it is….the tone says it all, sad coming from a kid….

        If a kid tells it to another kid, i might accept as kid’s talk. By telling it to a nation, the parents invited wrath…..i bet i would receive the same brickbats, if my kids were posted with saying such statements to the public…

        “i will make your life unpeaceful, i will make your regret, your life”….what do you call that?? bad parenting indeed….can’t say much since the grandfather has a case of beating up a dude too…

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