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The bestest GE14 present, ever!

After all the GE14 viciousness from the vile Dapsters, they’re on the way to getting the “new” Malaysia their vote deserves. Ain’t karma simply cosmic?


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22 thoughts on “The bestest GE14 present, ever!

  1. Haha helen😆
    Dap is panicking….great news….dap will be stabbed in the back by the grand old man.

  2. Even if 40 UMNO MP’s jump ship to Pribumi/Pakatan, there still are 3.6 million UMNO members left in the part of the “iceberg” below the water’s surface and it can be expected that more than enough of them will come forward to stand as MPs in the next general election or byelection and contest for seats even against their former comrades, and depending upon the sentiment amongst the Malay voter base in their constituencies contested, these new UMNO candidates could likely win back the seats, well at least some of them.

    If UMNO is declared illegal and deregistered, then the reaction or actions of the 3.6 million members driven into the could well be unpredictable.

    The Pakatan government is not doing enough to address Malaysia’s economic problems, even though the growing weakness ringgit is partly due to the recent strengthening of the US dollar.

    Like the ringgit was at RM4.183 to the U.S. dollar today.

    Whilst the U.S. dollar was at its highest on the U.S. Dollar Currency Index (DXY) in the past six months today.

    And also at its highest in the past 12 months.

    That means that the currencies of our neighbours would also have weakened correspondingly to the strengthening of the U.S. dollar on the DXY but there is a domestic report which says that the ringgit performed the worst against the U.S. dollar compared to currences of other countries in our region.

    Whatever, the weakening ringgit exchange rate against the U.S. dollar, whether due to internal or external factors is cold comfort for ordinary Malaysians, since a weaker ringgit results in more expensive imports or imported inputs used in domestically produced products, hence higher prices on the shelves.

    I wonder what our Minister of Bookkeeping – oops! I mean Minister of Finance is doing about that, whilst our Minister of Economic Affairs has been tied up in a long drawn out contest for his party’s vice presidency, which could well be drawn out even longer due to challenges to the election results and questions of their validity following the discovery of a 4G & WiFi signal jamming device at the party’s election venue at an indoor stadium in Kuala Selangor last Sunday. This jamming device placed on an upper terrace of the stadium was able to blanket the whole are of the venue and disrupt e-voting the the extent that party’s election in Kuala Selangor had to be called off and postponed.

    1. re: “If UMNO is declared illegal and deregistered, then the reaction or actions of the 3.6 million members driven into the could well be unpredictable.”

      They will join PAS. Then M’sia will have a more refined two-party system —- PAS vs DAP.

      1. Perhaps some would join PAS or vote for it but I would not be surprised if they came out in street demonstrations or possibly riots.

      2. i think malay would have a impression that dap is arrogant, big mouth, not enough respect towards malay culture n lifestyle, but they dun find dap ie chinese a threat anymore in term of power to rule. so umno n pas need a new strategy, either good governance, or find ways to split up pakatan.

      3. I doubt that the many alcohol loving and womanizing UMN0 members would want to support a hardcore Islamic party and live under Shariah law.

          1. Alcohol drinking is a culture to many nons including the few in the public sector. One such case was saved by a group of ustazs upon his return from the eastern Msia.

      4. Helen,

        I try to verify the claim that UMNO as 3.5 million members. I feel that the figure is way too high.

        As for Tun’s luring( or coercing) UMNO’s MP s to switch side, I must say that Tun has no qualm in destroying the very party that enabled him to be the PM for 22 years. That shows character( or rather lack of it).

        I assume Tun is racing against time. Now all of us know that Tun is not fond of Anwar. He agreed to mend ties not out of love but Tun and Anwar were facing the same enemy: UMNO.

        Getting UMNOs MPs to join Ph(meaning {Pribumi) is a way of telling Anwar that Tun has upper hand. After all, Anwar is not exactly young anymore.

        1. SA,

          Why still sentimental/loyal with Umno? Umno of today is different from Umno previously. Let me be more specific. Umno under Tunku Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein were real fighters of the Malay race and Islam. No doubt about this.

          This changed when Tun M became president. Cronyism, money politics, corruption, incarceration of Anwar etc started to be prevalent. It worsens under Tun Abdullah and Najib. So bad to the extent that Tun M (the person responsible in nurturing Najib and started all the bad practices) had to came out of retirement and overthrew BN.

          I am not saying Tun M is a saint. But during his 22 years rule, despite all the scandals etc, Malaysia enjoyed the best economic growth. Try ask anyone in their 50s or 60s. The people somehow forgave Tun M’s past misdeeds (hence voted PH) considering his past contribution and willingness to overthrow Umno/Najib.

          Had BN won the GE14, we will never see the changes today. From the charges against Najib, Rosmah, Zahid, Irwan (more to follow), changes at the top government officials, (AG, MACC chief, CJ) and review/cancellation/cost reduction of ECRL, HSR, LRT3, MRT2 etc. The latest is the DOJ charge against Jho Low. Not to mention the retrieval of Aquanimity.

          1. Yup. You are right. Tun is no saint. That assessment is for everybody to see.

            But you are wrong to say that many in 60s are fond of Tun. These people know Tun ( and Anwar and off course who is Kit Siang).

            PH manages to get the majority if non malay votes
            And within Malay community, those whose choose PH are the young ones.

            Not surprising as these young people are clueless about Tun or self serving Anwar or racist DAP.

            As for MRT cost reduction, price is reduced as the scope is reduced . So what is there to shout about.

            1. re: As for MRT cost reduction, price is reduced as the scope is reduced. So what is there to shout about.

              Correct. Why BN gomen agreed to a higher scope earlier? This prompted the total cost to escalate. If a reduced scope will serve the same purpose, why not choose this earlier? Bear in mind MRT2 is already mid way, meaning cost reduction is only for the balance unfinished portion. If reduced scope is agreed earlier, the cost savings will be even more.

              Try read this link on the LRT3 reduction:

              I am picking one cost reduction here:
              (i) Reducing the order of 42 sets of six-car trains to 22 sets of three-car trains. Based on the feasibility study of the LRT3 project, the 22 sets of three-car trains is more than sufficient
              to cope with the anticipated passenger demand until the year 2035 before additional three-car trains need to be ordered.

              Why so wasteful to use 42 sets of 6-car train at the first place?

              If you want to see a wasteful project, please go and take the Sunway BRT. Look at the size of station, ticket fare and no. of passengers.

  3. Top headline news in BBC international and other international media, as of 1-2 hours ago:

    US Department of Justice finally charges JLow and Goldman Sach bankers for 1MDB – some Goldman Sach bankers already arrested in the US.

    Next, papers on Najib being prepared.

    Helen. Before you were a die-hard supporter of Najib, Arul Kanda, 1MDB, BN…

    Now where you hide your face?

    Can still write politic story here? No shame ah?

    1. What a blatant lie, and liar you are. When have I ever mentioned support for Arul Kanda or 1MDB in any of my blog posts.

      You’re like Lim Kit Siang who tarred BN supporters as voting for kleptocracy.

      No, you and LKS and DAP are not morally superior to BN voters, so don’t bother sitting on the high horse.

  4. re: You’re like Lim Kit Siang who tarred BN supporters as voting for kleptocracy.

    We assume you did vote BN in GE14. Back then, the 1MDB scandal and Najib’s RM2.6bil donation were already making international headlines. In view of these, why you still voted for BN? What were the factors that were significant enough for you to ignore these scandals and still vote BN?

    1. Fair question.

      (1) Yup, I voted BN in both GE12 & 13. This is something I’ve openly stated before.

      (2) Yeah, I was aware that 1MDB was a concerning issue before I cast my ballot.

      (3) I voted BN b’cos I’m convinced it’s still the lesser of two evils.

      (4) Both sides were mired in scandal. Guan Eng was then facing two corruption charges in court. ‘You’ (ref. to ppl in general) might argue that the sum involved in his bad-feng-shui, no-swimming-pool bungalow was a few magnitudes smaller than RM2.6b. But Dapsters have been willing to make excuses for Guan Eng and disregarding the principle of the matter, or in other words applying double standards.

      Also, for decades when Kit Siang was opposition leader, he himself had written many books in which he alleged that Mahathir squandered billions – vast amounts totalling more than 1MDB – in a number of financial debacles.

      (5) Lastly, I see DAP as destructive but Dapsters are always giving the party a pass. The 2017 landslide in Tanjung Bungah that killed 11 workers happened only two roads away from where I used to live in Penang during the early-to-mid 2000s. Former Tg Bungah Adun Teh Yee Cheu is a greenie but DAP ‘destroyed’ him when he dared to vote with an Umno motion in the DUN on preserving the environment.

      DAP eat their own. The ultimate victims of DAP are the Chinese.

    2. BNM,

      Let me answer such a question ” why still vote for BN”.

      Because DAP led PH is so toxic, full of vengeance and is waging war with the malay community.

      So as goes the saying, Helen or me or around 70% of Malays chose either UMNO or PAS warrts and all

  5. Helen,

    re: I’m convinced it’s still the lesser of two evils, few magnitudes smaller than RM2.6b.

    You have to realise the difference between small corruption vs big corruption. We are not saying DAP is 100% clean. But their “magnitude of corruption” is way much smaller than BN. All we can harp on was LGE’s bungalow (bought in 2015 at RM2.8mil vs market price RM4.27mil, discount RM1.47mil).

    What is the significance of RM1.47mil for LGE who was back then, earning 3 salaries of CM, MP and Adun since 2008? If we use his current earning of RM86k per month as minister, MP and Adun as benchmark, it will only take 17 months from him to earn that RM1.47mil discount. To give you a better perspective:-

    LGE 3 salaries started in Mar 2008 (CM, MP and Adun) = assume RM70k per month
    LGE bought bungalow in July 2015 = 7 years 5 months (i.e. 89 months)
    LGE’s total salary from Mar 2008 – July 2015 = RM6.23mil
    Alleged to have bought the bungalow at discount RM1.47mil

    Question: how significant is RM1.47mil compared to RM6.23mil?

    Pre GE14, BN was controlling all the government machineries like police, MACC, AG, juduciary, Customs, LHDN, Companies Commission etc. Yet the only ‘corruption’ BN uncover was LGE’s bungalow purchase. Was BN being lackadaisical to uncover the corrupt practises of DAP? Why didn’t BN use the same level of detail (like they did in incarcerating Anwar twice) to bring down DAP?

    Compare the above with the discovery of corrupt practises of Najib, Rosmah, Zahid and Irwan in a matter of few months post GE14. More will be uncovered. Just wait and see.

    We have to be realistic. We can’t completely eliminate corruption. There will be small bribery here and there. We have to live with this. The world is never perfect. Focus on the big corruption instead.

    Gajah di depan mata tak nampak, semut di seberang mata nampak.

    re: The ultimate victims of DAP are the Chinese.

    Why insist to use a “future doom prophecy” (events which have yet to happen) to malign the current DAP?

    Can you even point out if the Chinese community at large are currently suffering from any adverse impact due to the loss of BN / DAP’s rise of power? Any massive job loss, loss of business, racial riots etc befalling on the Chinese community now?

    1. Corruption attributed to Guan Eng is suddenly withdrawn when Harapan comes into power. Should BN ever return to power, couldn’t the corruption now being attributed to Najib also disappear overnight?

      As to the magnitude, in all those years before DAP hooked up with Pribumi, Kit Siang was predicting that M’sia was a “ticking time bomb” enroute to becoming failed state. Pre-Najib, DAP had blamed Mahathir squarely. Lim Sr and his colleagues were touting Barry Wain’s findings in Maverick that Mahathir was responsible for RM100b in national losses … but that’s alright – dosa lama diBERSIHkan – once Mahathir becomes the vehicle carrying Lim Jr to Putrajaya.

      As for Guan Eng’s current lucrative salaries & earnings, it’s obvious that the DAP’s politics of hate have been very beneficial to the party’s favoured YBs. But what has the average Chinese benefited from DAP attaining power? (Neither have BN supporters been gifted with Birkin bags from Rosmah either.) Politics benefits the elites on both sides.

      You say Najib, Rosmah, Zahid and Irwan plus more to come are being raked over the coals. Well, we’re being given a good glimpse of what happens to the losers when Harapan wins. I wonder what will happen when the wheels of karma turns a round and opponents of Harapan are on top.

      Lastly on the impact upon Chinese. What’s the sentiment of the group/antagonists who gave them the nickname “DAPigs”, you think? Can you think of any similar nickname given to MCA people? Do the other races despise MCA people as much as they despise DAP people?

  6. re: Should BN ever return to power, couldn’t the corruption now being attributed to Najib also disappear overnight?

    Yes, it can. But election is due in 2023. Long time more. PH will expedite the court cases. I don’t think BN will return to power in 2023. Will them few terms to make a return. BN has disintegrated. Umno + Pas (if they can really work it out) by relying on max 75% Malay votes are not enough to secure federal power.

    re: but that’s alright – dosa lama diBERSIHkan

    This is the political reality. The rakyat who voted PH (led by Tun M) have forgiven Tun M’s past misdeeds.

    re: Politics benefits the elites on both sides.

    Yes. The high salaries of ministers, MPs and Aduns are regulated. Whoever occupy the post will earn the salaries. Whether PH or BN.

    re: I wonder what will happen when the wheels of karma turns a round and opponents of Harapan are on top.

    Why wait for karma to turn around? BN held power for the past 61 years. They should had done it pre GE14 with their control of all government resources. They did used ISA to jail many opponents. Even Anwar was jailed twice.

    When it comes to money related crimes (bribery, CBT etc), why BN didn’t employ the same tactic to bring down PH? So far, BN charged LGE only for buying bungalow below market value. What about other PH politicians? Either BN was lazy to dig up all the crimes? Or PH politicians have not committed any crime, hence no case to begin with?

    re: DAPigs

    What so strange with name calling in politics? Why be easily offended? It won’t cause you to lose anything. No life will be lost/harm. Opponents will always find a way to kenakan you. Part and parcel of politics. PH called Najib kleptocrat. Dap called old Mahathir as Mahafiraun. Umno called Dap as Dapigs.

    If I assume you started to malign Dap as early in 2008 (when Chinese tsunami started), it is already 10 years. The truth is, the Chinese community at large have not suffered any real adverse impact from Dap’s rise of power. Kids go to school/college as usual. Adults do business or work as usual. No massive job/business loss. No racial riot where Chinese lives or properties were damaged or loss.

    Your doom prophecy “Chinese will suffer if Dap wins” are proven false for the past 10 years. How long more you want to peddle this? Another 10 years?

    1. re: … “BN was lazy to dig up all the (DAP/opposition) crimes?”
      Parti Paling Tidak Apa — PPTA, remember?

      re: “Opponents will always find a way to kenakan you”
      Only DAP (and Tun) so vicious.

  7. DAP is the new (neo) MCA. The old maverick is going to destroy UMNO and shore up support for BERSATU. PKR is in his cross hairs next or at least the Malay element in PKR. Already the Tun supported factions are acting up. DSAI will never be PM and I think this is alright with the DAP and most certainly AMANAH, which is …..what the hell is AMANAH anyway.

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