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Why I think PAS better equipped than Umno to fight DAP

Dapsters provided all kinds of excuses for Guan Eng – ref. pix below of him taken during the most recent parliament sitting – and launched their usual feral attacks on anyone suggesting that it would have been easier for the DAP sec-gen to just own up.

DAP tribalism means their dear leaders can do no wrong, and their own side is always the upright and moral one whereas the other side is always regarded as evil. Continue reading “Why I think PAS better equipped than Umno to fight DAP”

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Flare of nationalism — cool half minute video

“God, Honour, Fatherland”, the marchers for nationalism chant.


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Trump will be treated by Dems like Najib is being treated by Harapan

There is no blue wave. President Donald Trump somehow manages, quite miraculously, to blunt the pendulum swing traditionally occuring in the midterms.

Trump is correct to bring up (in his tweet below) the historical trend where “there’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election”. Continue reading “Trump will be treated by Dems like Najib is being treated by Harapan”

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Votes speak louder than propaganda (updated)

UPDATE: @2.45pm Malaysian time

It’s the wee hours (past midnight) of Tuesday morning now in New York and Americans will be voting when the polling booths open soon at around 6am or 7am.

Midterm election results should be available in 24-36 hours.

Famous pollster Five Thirty Eight forecasts that Democrats have a 7-in-8 chance of winning the House while the odds for Republicans are only 1-in-8 (see below). Continue reading “Votes speak louder than propaganda (updated)”

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PAS is on the right side of history


Tomorrow is Deepavali. However Nov 6 will also mark the date of one of most consequential elections in history – the USA 2018 midterm polls, which is being viewed as a referendum on Donald Trump’s right-wing politics.

Will nationalism continue trending worldwide? The answer comes when Americans – the world superpower citizens – cast their vote. Continue reading “PAS is on the right side of history”

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DAP dapat durian runtuh / ICERD umpama ‘Malayan Union 2.0’

Takbir Allahuakbar, “Hidup Islam” dan “Bangkit ummah” bergema di himpunan protes menentang ICERD yang berlangsung dua hari lepas.

Dalam klip video di bawah sepanjang 16 minit, tidak kedengaran pun apa-apa laungan “Hidup Melayu” atau “Bangkit Melayu” di kalangan peserta yang sedang berarak ke bangunan parlimen. Continue reading “DAP dapat durian runtuh / ICERD umpama ‘Malayan Union 2.0’”