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Votes speak louder than propaganda (updated)

UPDATE: @2.45pm Malaysian time

It’s the wee hours (past midnight) of Tuesday morning now in New York and Americans will be voting when the polling booths open soon at around 6am or 7am.

Midterm election results should be available in 24-36 hours.

Famous pollster Five Thirty Eight forecasts that Democrats have a 7-in-8 chance of winning the House while the odds for Republicans are only 1-in-8 (see below).

Going by historical record, the president’s party has lost seats in every midterm election since 1946, with just two exceptions under the popular Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks.

In terms of their fundraising, the Democrats also lead, with the Dems having collected roughly US$1 billion to the Republicans’ US$700 million.

Despite many metrics so much favouring the Dems, I’m going to swim against the current and guess on the Republicans keeping both House and senate.

I could be wrong but let’s wait and see.


Election day in the USA is by custom on a November Tuesday. It would traditionally be the first Tuesday of the month and can fall anywhere between Nov 2 and Nov 8.

It was not criminal for Malaysia to hold GE14 on Wednesday, instead of on a weekend. As usual, the griping by Harapan was for the primary purpose of stoking resentment – something the then opposition are experts at.

Democrats are the party of feminists, minorities and LGBTQs – see data above.

Republicans are the party of the Star-Spangled Banner (flag, national anthem) and patriots. Republican president Donald Trump is a nationalist.

The midterm vote takes place at the halfway point (2018) between the American presidential election series (2016 / 2020). It’s regarded as a referendum on The Prez. Today America goes to the polls.

Nationalism is the future of the world

Canada’s Munk Debate is a well-known international event where two opposing sides contest the current social, political or economic ideologies.

The most recent Munk Debate was held in Toronto a few days ago on Friday (Nov 2). Its topic was “Be it resolved, the future of western politics is populist not liberal”. Steve Bannon supported the debate resolution while David Frum opposed it.

Does the future belong to populist politics, or in other words ‘populist nationalism’? The two men made their case to a liberal audience blatantly hostile to Bannon, dubbed the architect of Trump’s nationalism.

Most predictably, the leftist thugs attempted to deplatform Bannon by force. One police officer was punched in the face and another hit with a stick during the demo outside the venue.

Inside the hall, one protester unfurled a banner reading, “No hate, no bigotry, no place for Bannon’s white supremacy”. The taunt is typical of countless mindless rhymes chanted by leftists wherever they are violently disrupting events.

A dozen anti-Bannon leftists were charged in Toronto for trespassing, disorderly conduct and assault.

Bullies on the left are a mob

A debate is simply where two individuals/teams talk on stage to challenge the other side’s ideas but the left won’t allow that.

It is the political right that is actually more open-minded. The left is a mob constantly shutting down conservative speakers to the point of causing injury and giving one professor of Middlebury College a concussion last year.

BELOW: Antifa thugs riot to prevent the appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley early last year; the right does not riot to prevent liberals from speaking

David Frum was Bannon’s opponent in the Munk Debate.

In his column in The Atlantic magazine, Frum described how the protesters deployed the heckler’s veto. He wrote:

“They decided to shut down the debate by force and threat. They tried to block the entrance to the debate venue, then harassed attendees as they sought to enter.”

Frum added that due to the security threat, the debate organizers were obliged to search every bag as well as ‘wand’ (wave metal detector and body pat) every entrant, delaying the start time by 45 minutes. “Even with that delay, many ticket-holders were unable to take their seats.”

The left control the media. They’re also the masters of propaganda and dirty tricks.

They don’t believe in check and balance, preferring instead to shut down debate (literally, the Munk Debate), to harass and to bully. They beat up people wearing MAGA caps in the street.

Reasonable people around the world are increasingly voting against illiberalism. Today’s election in the USA should be closely watched by PAS and Umno.

The media – being dominated by the left – are mostly saying the “safe bet” is on the Democrats.

However if the Republicans defy predictions and are successful retaining the senate and the House, then we will know that nationalism is the winning card.


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