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Trump will be treated by Dems like Najib is being treated by Harapan

There is no blue wave. President Donald Trump somehow manages, quite miraculously, to blunt the pendulum swing traditionally occuring in the midterms.

Trump is correct to bring up (in his tweet below) the historical trend where “there’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election”.

The senate (upper legislative chamber) remains in Republican hands after a nail-biting ballot.

BELOW: Err, “magic coming out of his ears”?!

Yesterday’s USA midterm election results – a draw

But there is no red tsunami either. The Democratic party has retaken the House of Representatives. Thus control of Congress is now split between the two parties – with Republicans holding the senate and Democrats holding the lower chamber. The two sides are tied, or in other words, a draw.

(A senator serves a term of six years whereas members of the House of Representatives serve a term of two years.)

In retaining the 100-seat senate, Republicans have won 52 seats so far; Democrats 45 and Florida pending a recount. Two senators are independents. (Update: Mississippi requires a run-off election.)

And in the lower House which seats 435 congressmen, Democrats have just passed the 218 threshold to secure a simple majority. The scorecard at this moment reads 222-199, with the last 14 races remaining to be called.

BELOW: Google‘s skew on news content – i.e. the Web’s daily curated articles and reports – is so sickeningly partisan that a few days ago, I was finally persuaded to change my Internet default search engine to the more neutral DuckDuckGo

ABOVE: Orange Man Bad is one of the more polite nicknames for Trump, more often heard are “Trump racist!”, “sexist!”, “white supremacist!”

Extremely biased behaviour of media

As Trump points out in the tweet below, indeed “he’s got the entire media against him, attacking him every day”.

The virtue-signalling media love to hate on Trump 24/7. In Malaysia, the same kind of media negativity has been directed similarly at Najib and Umno ever since their downfall.

Trump, more fortunately, only took a stumble in the midterms but falls short of utterly collapsing “on bended knee”.

Perhaps Trump does have “magic” dust that foolproofs him from the 24/7 animosity showered on him by media. Because despite the media’s full blown smear campaign to bring him down, the president’s party nonetheless successfully defied the odds stacked against them to keep the senate.

This is crucial as a Republican-majority senate will be able to block attempts by the Democrat-controlled lower house to impeach Trump.

Regardless, the Dems have already promised to unleash a barrage of congressional investigations into Trump’s personal conduct and private businesses. Like Najib Razak, Trump should be prepared for hell from his political opponents.

Liberals had become unhinged to the extent that they even politicized something as innocuous as ice cream. Normal people ordinarily eat ice cream because it’s happy food.

However ‘orange man bad’ ice cream is what liberal activists last week marketed and promoted; it’s their specially crafted anti-Trump flavour designed with angry-looking packaging. Hopefully this seething anger of the Democrats will be assuaged by their half win in the midterms.

There were actually some pundits, such as Scott Adams the Dilbert cartoonist, who had feared Democrat supporters would take violently to the streets should their party get trashed at polls.

The American voters are more or less evenly divided. They have also elected a gridlock where Democratic lawmakers – who are a slim majority in the House – have openly stated their refusal to work with the president.

Gridlock is good. At least it is a tad better than Malaysia’s version of the two-party system where the top dogs are trying to diminish the check-and-balance mechanism … or to destroy any semblance of opposition altogether.



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  1. i have no idea what american election n nationalism have to do with msia especially pas, perhaps the only thing relevant is ph greatly influence the lbgt woman n color people in usa to come out in full n gave their vote to democrats n liberal. ph lead the world to form a trend to oppose racist that discriminate lbgt, woman n minority. ph is great.

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