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Takeaways for PAS from foreign trends

Brief postmortem on midterms:

1. The Divided States of America

Everybody’s saying USA voting and the country itself is more polarized than ever. The red areas have gone redder and the blue areas bluer.

2. Love-hate relationship with Trump

Exit polls for the midterm election indicate that Trump factored in the decision of two-thirds of the voters. He’s hugely unpopular with Democrats but crucial in turning out his base and helping Republicans keep the senate.

3. Democrats more energized

Voter turnout increased to record levels among young lefties; college educated white women in the suburbs voted Dem, blacks overwhelmingly voted Dems.

4. Democrats’ pro-immigration and multicultural agenda

Among the new lawmakers, Democrats injected ethnic, religious and gender (more females and LGBTs than ever) diversity into the legislatures. Rural and white areas voted Republican.

5. Justice Kavanaugh’s cause mattered to Republicans

Four out of five Democrat senators defending their vulnerable seats voted against judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court. These incumbents lost in the midterms. Only the sole Democrat who voted ‘Yes’, Joe Manchin, retained his West Virginia senate seat.

My views and comparison with Malaysian scenario

1. The first minutes of the Bannon documentary above show far left Antifa beating up American conservatives everywhere. In Malaysia, Dapsters continually bully BN and PAS people, although not physically but they’re nonetheless vicious.

2. Trump Derangement Syndrome, Najib Derangement Syndrome … same, same. So much hate breeding unreasonable and extreme behaviour. Trump rightly describes the media as “nasty and hostile”.

3. The 90-95 percent black votes for Democrats is like the Chinese tsunami vote for DAP. It don’t benefit the community none.

4. Rural and Malay areas vote Umno/PAS, reject LGBT and liberal/feminist mores. Conservatism is being put under pressure as under Harapan, LGBT and liberal activism have suddenly become in your face.

5. Only one side of the political divide practises Search & Destroy – the politics of personal destruction.

What has my cat Snowboots (above) – a Malaysian – got to do with Halloween?

A reader asked me what have the American elections and nationalism to do with Malaysia and PAS?

If the Republicans had won the House, I’d have pronounced that USA was trending along the path of nationalist Europe. That didn’t happen however.

President Trump is a nationalist. The PAS-led anti-ICERD movement is nationalist.

Trump has shifted gear into campaign 2020 mode, fired his attorney general and vowed to fight back (like Najib) against the witch hunter Dems who can now – after their midterms House win – subpoena him to death. But “two can play that game!” Trump tweeted.

In my personal opinion, Umno/PAS desperately need a fighter like Trump, flawed character and all.



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  1. As one astute hedge fund manager Ray Dalio opined, the last time countries embraced nationalism and populism was in 1930s, and that eventually lead to World War 2; in fact a war has already started this time, trade war that is. Dark days ahead.

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