Anwar can wait forever

November 11, 2018 at 8:45 pm 22 comments

Yesterday DAP maverick Zaid Ibrahim released his Last Testament in which he said, “The die is cast”. He explains:

“Not only I will stop writing altogether, I will no longer be a member of any political party. I have wasted enough years in politics, thinking I could make some difference to the country, but it’s not to be.”

Zaid further added:

“[…]  I don’t have the means to fight anymore.“

Nor should he. Neither Zaid nor any other idealist thinker can make a difference fighting because as he correctly says, the die is cast. The political trajectory of Malaysia’s two-party system will certainly follow its due course. Hence Zaid must wisely leave it to PAS to battle DAP.

The guillotine finally falls on Zaid

“The French Revolution was not the only example of a people’s mass desire for change going tragically wrong,” Zaid once said in a speech delivered in end-May 2012.

Describing the French ‘Reign of Terror’ in his famous book on the ancien regime, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote how it was “a political revolution which acted like and began to look like a religious revolution. Observe the characteristic traits which make it resemble one: not only is it widespread, but, like a religious revolution, it is spread by preaching and propaganda”.

In our own time here and now, the spread of “preaching and propaganda” by the politically pious was indeed primary in the toppling of the Umno regime.

“So, in the name of revolution and liberty, the world came to know of the guillotine” (illustration below) – thus spake the prophetic Zaid Ibrahim

Resistance is futile … OFF WITH HIS HEAD! 

Another revolution that devoured itself with Bersih-like fervour was the misbegotten Iranian one that toppled the Shah.

“There was no swift Islamic justice, no economic transformation, no freedom and liberation for women and minorities. Instead, the Grand Ayatollah, Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, created an oppressive regime that has plunged Iran into perpetual war, with the world and with its own people,” observed Zaid on what followed after 1979.

“And so, thirty years later the Iranian people are seeking another Revolution to save them from the last one.” Zaid noted.

Malaysia likewise needs to be “re-saved” from the ‘Back to the Future, A Return of the 1990s’ dystopia created by the Dapsters.

Zaid at the mercy of the mob with their pitchforks and torches

What put Zaid’s head on the chopping block

“The world came crashing down on me after I suggested in a tweet and a blog posting that Tun Daim Zainuddin and his billionaire friends were making key decisions for the Pakatan Harapan government,” confessed the last testament of Zaid Ibrahim.

Then DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng made a phone call to Zaid, and his fate was sealed.

However, apart from ruffling prominent feathers with his sensitive statement that “billionaires and towkays [are…] the real decision makers in the PH government”, Zaid also stated recently in his blog (Oct 23), “Sinful and non-halal activities are lucrative and contribute to the financial well-being of the Chinese”.

Sinful activities of the bersih Chinese?

That can’t have gone down well with the Harapan claque and their preachy evangelical leaders, not forgetting too that Guan Eng is himself a born again Christian. As such, all of Guan Eng’s sins were cleansed right away at his baptism, while the sins of Mahathir and his cronies diBERSIHkan fully the minute they joined the glorious coalition of Hope.

The benighted Zaid surely committed a cardinal sin in daring to link Chinese to activities that are lucrative but unfortunately not halal.

BELOW: Mahathir walking with the evangelistas

Are folks gonna get honesty from Harapan? – Zaid

Aside from alienating Mahathir with his retracted “billionaires” comment as well as making DAP eat chilli (siapa makan, dia rasa pedas) with his remark about the Chinese’s lucrative profit from non-halal sin industry, Zaid also managed to sound as if he was impugning Harapan’s honesty.

On Oct 31, Zaid had written:

“If, as many have said, some of the Ministers are inexperienced, then why are we leaving the experienced Anwar out when the logical thing to do is to bring someone like him in to strengthen the Cabinet? Unless the real reason is that not all PH leaders want Anwar as a Minister or even Prime Minister. They do not mind if Anwar remains Prime-Minister-in-waiting because the wait can be forever.”

Commenting on the unethical MP party crossovers – the done deals and the ones to come – Zaid wrote:

“All I want to see is some honesty in the way PH leaders behave towards one another. If they can’t be honest with their colleagues, how are we – the little people – going to get honest treatment from them?‘

The little people shall reap what they sowed through their GE14 votes.

BELOW: Anwar can be the PM-in-waiting for all eternity, who cares? The lil people voted for authoritarianism

How the two-party system works

The two-party system which Malaysia has adopted mandates two sides – one team versus the other. This system was clearly seen in play during post-GE14 byelections not too long ago.

In the Sungai Kandis byelection on Aug 4, PAS withdrew to allow Umno a straight fight with Harapan, one-on-one (discounting lightweight independents). In the Seri Setia byelection on Sept 8, Umno withdrew to allow PAS a straight fight with Harapan, similarly one-on-one (discounting mosquito third parties).

The two-party system in peninsular Malaysia means Umno/PAS vs Harapan. There are two tribes fighting each other.

Umno and PAS belong to the same side.

Race and religion are important factors in the make-up of the tribes but more integral is the bifurcation into two opposing ideologies. It can be the right wing vs the left wing, conservatives vs liberals, nationalists vs globalists, red states vs blue.

For comparison, a different sort of election system is proportional representation where the top two parties are neither of them strong enough to alone form the government.

Under proportional representation, parties with other differing ideologies – e.g. the Greens, the Socialists (like PSM in Malaysia), the Communists, the Pro-Business – are kingmakers without whose support Party #1 and/or Party #2 will be unable to rule.

The foremost feature of the two-party system is how much both sides despise each other. This visceral hate is discerned in the world’s foremost two-party state, the USA.

There the Democrats detest Republican president Donald Trump beyond measure. An identical hate in our country is exhibited by Dapsters and Protuns against Najib Razak.

In America, ethnic minorities favour Democrats with 90-95 precent blacks voting the Democratic Party. In Malaysia, ethnic minorities favour Harapan with 90-95 precent Chinese voting the DAP.

BELOW: Democrat Sharice Davids is Kansas’ new Congressman; ‘she’ (?) is openly LGBT involved in a same-sex relationship

In America, the religious Christian majority favour Republicans with strong evangelical backing for Trump whereas the religious minority/securalists and LGBTs vote Democrat. In Malaysia, the religious Muslim majority favour the present opposition with strong backing for PAS whereas the religious minority/securalists vote Harapan.

We can learn a lot about how a two-party system develops from looking at the USA. Are the American elections instructive for Malaysia? Yes.

America is an advanced democracy. We learn a lot from watching the hateful behaviour of the demented Democrats and their array of dirty tricks, the latest being the suspect ballots miscounted in Florida to steal the recent Nov 6 election.

Hold up a mirror to Democrats and you see DAP. From studying American politics, we understand that only a strong religious nationalist movement (in Malaysia, PAS) will be able to withstand the globalist onslaught.


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  • 1. IT.Scheiss  |  November 12, 2018 at 5:59 am

    Interesting comparison of historical events and US politics with that of Malaysia today.

    I wonder what will happen in PKR after evidence of sabotage of e-voting in its party elections.


    and, about two weeks later:-


    And, your “beloved” Jerusubang Star wrote:-

    “IS the first Pakatan Harapan Cabinet already heading for a reshuffle, albeit a minor one?”

    “Talk in the corridors of power in Putrajaya and the headquarters of the Pakatan coalition partners have been rife about Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s disappointment with the performance of several ministries and the controversies that a handful of ministers have managed to court.”

    I wonder where or what will all this lead to.

  • 2. Adnan  |  November 12, 2018 at 9:09 am

    Helen, the three political megalomaniac in Malaysia, love it when people comes begging from them. They comes to the people bearing approvals after the people complained to feed their lust of power. Anyone who dare to question their wisdom will be somehow squashed… I withdrew from politic when TDM and his minions came to power and saw how my late mother was squashed. Now I just become a bystander watching all the political actors acting out their part, and the best actor goes to TDM…

  • 3. Asker  |  November 12, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    How do you know Lim Guan Eng called Zaid? Did you answer the phone?

    • 4. Helen Ang  |  November 12, 2018 at 6:21 pm

      Zaid Ibrahim: “First Mr Lim Guan Eng called and said my statement was uncalled for as it was not true and not based on facts. He suggested that I make a retraction.“ @

      Why don’t you check out the links first – already embedded in my original article above – before you snark.

      • 5. Asker  |  November 13, 2018 at 9:02 pm

        You lie again. Nowhere did Zaid say that the call sealed his fate. That’s your insidious spin. Again.

        • 6. Helen Ang  |  November 13, 2018 at 11:31 pm

          You’re a Dapster. Enuff said.

          • 7. Asker  |  November 17, 2018 at 11:32 am

            Lol. What does that make you?

            • 8. Helen Ang  |  November 17, 2018 at 1:30 pm

              I’m open minded, and that’s how someone like you is commenting on my blog without censorship even though you’ve falsely and recklessly accused me as a “liar”.

              Those who don’t agree with Harapan are not automatically “liars” or the names you people so easily slap on us.

              SJWs who clamour for diversity should respect the diversity of opinion.

              • 9. Asker  |  November 21, 2018 at 11:15 am

                You? Open Minded? LOL. Thanks. Needed a good laugh.

  • 10. Aku Melayu  |  November 12, 2018 at 9:04 pm


    Spot on especially on American politics. My husband’s family is a very good example. The born-again Christians brother and his family are Trump die-hard supporters, the 2 gay siblings are Democrats and so are his other brother who lives and works in Columbia. My MIL is an Obama fan and she despises Trump. As for my husband he is a Socialist.

    • 11. HY  |  November 13, 2018 at 5:00 pm

      whats a socialist view on 3r? can share?

  • 12. grkumar  |  November 13, 2018 at 8:33 am

    “The world came crashing down on me after I suggested in a tweet and a blog posting that Tun Daim Zainuddin and his billionaire friends were making key decisions for the Pakatan Harapan government,” confessed the last testament of Zaid Ibrahim.

    In much the same way they paved the way for an incompetent and totally substandard legal practitioner to reap millions annually simply because he was in government, a fair weather friend (at the time not known) and he was a Malay in UMNO.

    Zaid and people like him who milked the NEP at the expense of more deserving Malays and then cry foul because the tide has turned against them are not deserving of any sympathy.

    Perhaps there is some semblance of common sense and dignity left in the old fart in that he is threatening to quit the stage.Quit first then establish the proof he is still sane.

    • 13. Asker  |  November 17, 2018 at 11:33 am

      That’s rich coming a parasitic, delusional old fart like you Gopal.

      • 14. tehtarik  |  November 18, 2018 at 9:31 am

        ” we understand that only a strong religious nationalist movement (in Malaysia, PAS) will be able to withstand the globalist onslaught. ”

        PAS able to withstand?

        They cant even afford to pay wages of state civil servants!
        A person with a cow’s brain will believe Pas is capable of ” withstanding ” the onslaught by professing their nonsenses day in and out.

      • 15. grkumar  |  May 26, 2019 at 1:38 pm

        stop smelling my fart Joe and read whats written.

  • 16. Meor S.  |  November 22, 2018 at 4:48 am

    No the Republican are not strickly a religious block.Strickly whites and whites sympathizers.Unlike Pas that had no appreciable sympathizers in non Muslims.Unlike Umno that no had appreciable sympathizers in non Malays.
    There are no coalition parties in USA
    Trump is sick and Obama was too scared
    USA is at a cliff.The end of Trump soon will the beginning of USA refomasi.
    Its that white man last supper.

  • 17. Meor S.  |  November 22, 2018 at 5:15 am

    I don’t agree with this observation

    America is an advanced democracy. We learn a lot from watching the hateful behaviour of the demented Democrats and their array of dirty tricks, the latest being the suspect ballots miscounted in Florida to steal the recent Nov 6 election.

    Are we watching the same thing?
    Racial prejudice in me and in you i guess
    shape reality.
    Kalu statement tu is for sensation and satirical, takpalah.
    If any constitution is a living document we breath easy.If it is a dead documents written by white or brown man we in deep s&;”-!
    Change will come.

    • 18. Helen Ang  |  November 22, 2018 at 3:14 pm

      Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes – who has submitted her resignation – acknowledged that “her office couldn’t find 2,040 ballots that had been included in the first vote count but not in the machine recount of state elections”. Florida’s senator-elect Rick Scott has asked the state Department of Law Enforcement to investigate what he said “may be rampant fraud”.

      • 19. MeorUsa  |  November 22, 2018 at 6:09 pm

        Tuesday morning people were flooding the Registrar of Voters’ Office with calls about where to vote. Many couldn’t get through. So they flooded the mayor’s office with calls. Around 11 a.m. Mayor Toni Harp (who has no authority over the running of elections) and two aides walked to the registrar’s office to convey the concerns.

        Then machines started jamming. That happened in other cities, as well. People came in from the rain and dripped on ballots; their wet ballots jammed tabulators when officials fed them in.

        Why this always happened in poor Democratic populated counties?
        The above happened in New Haven CT

        Republican don’t care.Care only about challenging the results.

        • 20. Helen Ang  |  November 23, 2018 at 2:49 am

          This aforementioned election supervisor Brenda Snipes has a bad work history and has broken the law before.

          “A circuit court judge ruled this month [May 2018] that her office broke federal and state law by destroying the ballots too soon after the August 2016 primary, even though Canova’s lawsuit seeking access to the ballots was pending.”

          The complainant Tim Canova was a Democrat.

          • 21. Meor S.  |  November 23, 2018 at 6:55 am

            Bucher, who also missed the manual recount deadline, will still be counting votes when this article is published. She may finish before her staff goes on winter break. At that point, Snipes will be winding down her time in office, having submitted her resignation to the state shortly after her hand recount totals.

            I like to add,

            The country infrastructure is old
            Visiblity is limited how can we count correctly?

            Read more here:

  • 22. Meor S.  |  November 23, 2018 at 7:16 am

    From studying American politics, we understand that only a strong religious nationalist movement (in Malaysia, PAS) will be able to withstand the globalist onslaught.

    To me Helen, that is the danger.


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