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Why I think PAS better equipped than Umno to fight DAP

Dapsters provided all kinds of excuses for Guan Eng – ref. pix below of him taken during the most recent parliament sitting – and launched their usual feral attacks on anyone suggesting that it would have been easier for the DAP sec-gen to just own up.

DAP tribalism means their dear leaders can do no wrong, and their own side is always the upright and moral one whereas the other side is always regarded as evil.

Self-righteous liberals get upset when they see people they dislike crack a goofy smile. They’re so full of hate – be it for Trump or Najib or Rosmah – that to them, it is wrong for Trump even to smile or for Najib to cuddle a kitten.

For his sin of smiling at the Russian president, and getting a thumbs-up in response, Trump is called Putin’s puppet, “a dictator groupie”, “anti patriot” and declared to be “a psychologically damaged president” – see Slate commentariat in article linked in tweet below.

The Democrats prefer an American president to scowl belligerently at his Russian counterpart as Obama did (pix below).

Dapsters are, under all circumstances, antagonistic towards anyone and anything positively to do with Umno and PAS. This despite the extravagant claim that they’re taught to love their enemy.

As I’ve said, the two-party system is two-tribes warfare.

Three strikes, you’re out … and the pendulum swings back

It took three strikes to bring down BN – through GE12 in 2008, GE13 in 2013 and the knockout blow coming from GE14 in 2018.

BN is down, out and dead. It could only have been killed through the two-party system, i.e. having one side fighting the opposing side, while ensuring that on the Pakatan side its consolidated votes are not split by three-cornered fights while on the opposite aisle, PAS bled away Umno’s support.

After three bruising bouts 2008-2018, MCA is murdered and Gerakan effectively done away with by DAP. Now it’s evident that the knife is out for Umno.

BELOW: “Wicked BN government“, shameless — Hannah Yeoh 

Between the two Malay Muslim parties, I believe PAS is stronger than Umno.

Ever since the evangelistas began to be dominant in the DAP, they’ve been casting their political enemy as wicked and evil. This intrinsic belief of their opponent is an article of faith: “Wicked BN leaders!” cried Hannah Yeoh.

Some Umno leaders and party followers cast their political enemy as (neo) communist – ‘bad’ people in our historical timeline but not neccessarily ‘evil’, which is a judgment in the religious sense.

What DAP and PAS have in common is their religious imperative. DAP wants to “save” Malaysia and have the country “cleansed” or diBERSIHkan. These are Christian concepts.

If you’re with us, you “have a good heart”; if you’re against us, you’ve a “wicked” heart. But if you will cross over and join us, we’ll count you among the saved, Hallelujah!

BELOW: What is 1Malaysia or a patriotic heart?

Umno, on the other hand, operate in terms of cutting deals and coopting their rivals, for instance teaming up with MCA in 1952 later to form Perikatan and absorbing Gerakan and PPP into Barisan in 1973.

In the reverse position being out of government, some Umno leaders are willing themselves to be coopted instead. That’s why you see Umno MPs wheeling and dealing, with six of them having left the party since the May election and hopped/waiting to hop over to Pribumi.

In contrast to Umno, none of the PAS parliamentarians have budged.

PAS too views its political enemy as evil. In this PAS is alike to DAP.

Therefore in a two-party system featuring a fight between two tribes, the natural and equal combatants are PAS vs DAP. The rest of the parties are merely their wary allies of expedience.



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