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No confidence in bad minority government

“We should have a general election and get rid of the whole lot of them as soon as possible!”

Breaking news by BBC below.

Conservative backbenchers led by prominent Brexiteer, MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, have triggered a no-confidence move against their Tory party leader Theresa May.

Prime Minister May heads the UK minority government. Her fragile government is propped up in the British parliament by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which does not support the PM’s latest disastrous deal on Brexit.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned yesterday, as did Raab’s cabinet colleagues Suella Braverman and Esther McVey sparking a crisis for Madam May.

A few days ago, two other ministers left the May cabinet. Raab’s predecessor David Davis had also resigned earlier in July together with Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

A number of other key government figures have similarly resigned over May’s handling of Brexit which has been deemed “damaging” to the country.

Meanwhile, over in the continent…

PM May’s German counterpart – the globalist Angela Merkel – is equally adrift.

Chancellor Merkel was recently cornered into announcing her withdrawal, by the year’s end, from leadership of Germany’s ruling party the Christian Democratic Union. Merkel’s possible successors are already jockeying for position.

The British minority government and Germany’s odd couple, quarrelsome coalition government came about because they do not have majority support from their respective voters. Such unpopular governments are intrinsicly not stable.

These latest developments have pushed DUP – see breaking news in tweet above – to the verge of pulling the plug on May and her globalist motley crew.

Now let’s wait and watch Theresa May’s minority government collapse.


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  1. If Britain holds a general elections whoever wins may hold another Brexit referendum which may vote to stay.

    1. How can be okay la bro? Salleh Said Keruak whom this blog once strongly supported and admired, has quit UMNO and has declared support for Dr. M today. Along with almost all of Sabah UMNO MPs and assemblymen.

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