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Tun tak ubah pun

Dapsters have accused Mahathir of making too many U-Turns. The truth is the man never really changed at all.

Crooked bridge, Proton 3.0, toll concessions, Sedition Act, rich Chinese … his ideas remain the same old, same old. It’s a pity that DAP supporters are too kedekut to invest in a copy of the 1969 Malay Dilemma.

If they would just buy and read Mahathir’s classic book, these suckers proclaiming that their “beloved Tun” has now “repented” and is “working to correct his past wrongs” can soon see for themselves how his primary purpose has not changed a whit from 50 years ago.

The actual flip-flop

Umno … Pribumi …

… Pribumi … Umno …

The following insider take yesterday by blogger A Voice titled ‘With 95 seats in hand, Khairuddin declared war, Daim attacked LGE’ is worth a read — click HERE.

… Umno … Pribumi …

Pribumi … Umno.


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  1. Here is what i believe, TM have taken us all for a ride and twisting the people between his fingers either which ever races are you…

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