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2018: The coming out of the castrated chihuahua

There is no New Malaysia but 2018 saw DAP becoming MCA 2.0.

Before GE14, we had genuinely wondered whether Tun could be used as the “Malay screw Malay” political weapon or if it was instead to be DAP that is kept dangling on Tun’s puppet strings.

Well, now we know. Tun has successfully brought DAP to heel.

Sit! … Good doggy

For too long Dapsters had mocked “woof, woof” at MCA, intimating endlessly that the BN Chinese party was Umno’s running dog. At the same time, DAP never ceased stressing that the unpopular MCA did not have the Chinese mandate. It is DAP which has full Chinese support.

If all MCA could do in the past was bark pointlessly, that is still better than DAP’s current muzzled yelp — emanating from a tiny housebroken chihuaha.

For 2019, expect the neutered DAP to roll over and play dead when Chinese issues arise.


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6 thoughts on “2018: The coming out of the castrated chihuahua

  1. Biasalah tu. Nanti kalau ada yang memperjuangkan nasib bangsa Melayu atau mana mana kaum Bumiputera (tindakan afitmatif membantu kaum Jakun/Orang Asli, contohnya) mulalah ada suara sumbang yang kata ‘jangan abaikan kaum lain’. Bukan nak jadi rasis, tapi ‘kaum lain’ tu bilionair banyak tapi tak tolong kaum sendiri. Kaum yang dikata miskin, inferior dan pemalas ini jugak yang sikit sebanyak bantu ‘kaum lain’ tu. Kesian sebenarnya, sebab ‘kaum lain’ tu lah yang dikencing sebenarnya semenjak PH/DAP menang besar. Dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran merata-rata. Bertahanlah, apa yang kita boleh jangkakan untuk tahun ini adalah, ‘semua salah kerajaan terdahulu, semua salah Najib, semua sebab hutang negara 1 trilion’ dan zikir itu akan tetap diucap sampai pilihanraya depan, dan hasilnya ‘kaum lain’ itu, terutamanya golongan bawahan, akan terus terabai. Dr M tak ada sekalipun, perangai DAP tetap sama, perangai macam pembangkang. Golongan pelampau kiri dan kiri-jauh akan masih bermaharajalela.

    Penafian: ‘Kaum lain’ dalam konteks ini tidak hanya merujuk kepada kaum Tiong Hua. Politik Malaysia ni kompleks, bukan hanya MCI ye.

  2. A word a day:

    Bilk (Billk). To cheat or defraud. As savvy liars of many years fronting the opposition, the DAP party of crooks have bilked us into placing them in a position of power. God help us all.


  3. At this stage, I find reading local news on Malaysian mainstream and alternative news portals rots my brain, with their bland reporting on the political goings on and announcements by leaders of political parties, by national and states’ leaders and so forth.

    I’m more interested on where Malaysia’s economy is actually going but there is little substantial about that and it does not look that with all the politicking, there is much that the leaders are doing about that.

    The Pakatan achieved the ouster of Najib and BN from power in GE14 and now what next?

    1. So true about the blandness of local news. Look at the ‘Top Story’ – screenshot below – in Malaysiakini on 16 Dec 2018. It’s just like the kind of propaganda peddled by RTM in the good old days.

      Since when is the PM’s bland remarks on a football match the day’s top-of-the-page biggest news? How mind numbing!

      Malaysiakini is becoming the old RTM in “New Malaysia”. The more things UBAH, the more they stay the same.

  4. “Malaysiakini is becoming the old RTM in “New Malaysia”. The more things UBAH, the more they stay the same.”

    Ha ha ha ha! or Wakakakakakakaka. Yes, even Malaysiakini has become bland.

    For exciting Malaysian news, turn to Helen Ang, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen, KTemoc, OutSyed the Box, Finance Twitter, Malaysia-Chronicle and some others.

  5. All this political shenanigans when the economy is heading into the shitter.

    What are Economic Affairs Minster and Finance Minister going to do about this?

    November trade surplus plunges on slowing exports
    Reuters –
    January 4, 2019 1:08 PM

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s trade surplus fell sharply in November after hitting its highest-ever trade surplus a month earlier, as exports lagged behind imports, government data showed today.

    November’s trade surplus stood at RM7.6 billion (US$1.84 billion), less than half the RM16.3 billion registered a month earlier.

    Malaysia reports trade data in ringgit.

    Total exports in November grew marginally by 1.6% from a year earlier, far short of the 6.6% forecast by economists, on a sharp drop in demand from China and a contraction in exports to the US of manufactured goods.

    Total exports to China, a major trading partner, grew 3.9% annually in November on sustained demand for chemicals and chemical products, petroleum products and liquefied natural gas (LNG), the international trade and industry ministry said in a statement.

    It was, however, a sharp drop from the 33% annual growth a month earlier.

    Exports to the US contracted 3.6% on softer demand for manufactured goods, especially in the electrical and electronics sector.

    Shipments of manufactured goods, which made up 83% of Malaysia’s November exports, rose 2.2% according to the ministry’s data.

    Exports of mining goods rose 16.1% on higher prices of crude oil and LNG.

    Low prices for palm oil and palm oil-based products led to a 17.6% decline in exports of agricultural goods in November.

    The month also saw imports rising 5.0% year-on-year, a sharp drop from the 11.4% expansion in October, on slower expansion in local demand for intermediate goods while growth was marginal in the capital goods and consumption goods categories.

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