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Tun forgot to mention Kuwait’s expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians after Gulf War

Not only Kuwait but Jordan, Lebanon and Libya have expelled hundreds of thousands of troublesome Palestinians. But the rabid anti semite picks only on Israel.

“When is it a sin to disagree with Mahathir?” asked Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah today. My answer: When the Dearest Leader is now “our beloved Tun” being arselicked to death by the fawning Dapsters. Continue reading “Tun forgot to mention Kuwait’s expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians after Gulf War”

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Semenyih — acid test on regime change GE15

Good boy!

Selangor speaker DAP’s Ng Suee Lim (pix below) has notified the Election Commission of a vacancy in his DUN following the death of Pribumi Adun Bakhtiar Mohd Nor earlier this month on Jan 11.

Nomination day for the N.24 Semenyih by-election has been set for Feb 16, and polling day is a Saturday on March 2. Continue reading “Semenyih — acid test on regime change GE15”

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Bermulanya era baru susulan Umno menang di Cameron Highlands

Calon bukan-Melayu, bukan-Islam DAP ditewaskan oleh calon bumiputera Islam Umno dalam pilihanraya kecil hari ini.

Ramli Mohd Nor (gambar bawah) bakal menjadi MP Orang Asli yang pertama selepas memperolehi majoriti undi yang meyakinkan.

Kekalahan Pakatan Harapan di Cameron Highlands menjadi petanda kepada munculnya persada baru ‘political Islam’. Continue reading “Bermulanya era baru susulan Umno menang di Cameron Highlands”

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The clash of civilizations is here

“Has anybody heard of any push back from any Malay or Muslim ministers on the recent ‘cross-lighted’ building in Penang?” asked Siti Kasim.

“None. Crickets,” she said, answering her own question. (Source: Siti Thots, The J-Star, 20 Jan 2019)

Siti also mentioned that previously the Taman Medan ‘church’ – operating unlicensed in a Petaling Jaya shoplot – had faced protests too in 2015 for putting up a cross on its exterior.

Unlike the liberal Siti, some conservative Malays see DAP as being complicit in the ‘Christianization’ agenda. Continue reading “The clash of civilizations is here”

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M’sia is a “fundamentalist Islamic state” — Mahathir wills it

It’s confirmed! If a country walks like an Islamic state and talks like an Islamic state, then it must be an Islamic state.

The Islamic states regard Israel as their enemy. So does Malaysia, particularly the 7th PM.

Sections of the international media have always labelled Mahathir Mohamad as “virulently anti-Semitic” (see tweet below) or “an avowed anti-Semite“. Continue reading “M’sia is a “fundamentalist Islamic state” — Mahathir wills it”

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Ghost in the Shell

The Umno DNA lives on and on and on, a former MP of the party told a public forum yesterday.

Tawfik, who is the son of the late Tun Dr Ismail (DPM, 1970-73), talked about the continuation of Umno genes in the present pedigreed Malay parties, FMT reported.

“By absorbing Umno members, you get the ghosts of Umno haunting you,” he gravely told Parti Pribumi. Continue reading “Ghost in the Shell”

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Bathtub Baby bans handicapped swimmers

UPDATE (2): Malaysia has been stripped of the paralympic swimming tournament following a statement by Mahathir that Israelis are not welcome here. Dapsters should ask their “beloved Tun” if there are, by chance, any other races besides the Jews whom the PM considers unwelcome in this land too.

The old BN regime, which in 2017 won the right to host the championship, had given assurances that swimmers regardless of race would be allowed to freely participate. The new Harapan regime – elected by Dapsters – is regarded by Israel as being led by a rabid anti semite (in other words, a rabid racist). Continue reading “Bathtub Baby bans handicapped swimmers”

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Jelutong high cross, “low class” and the evangelistas today

Firstly, about the Penang ‘cross’ on high that is currently the talk of town.

The controversial building, which was lit up to visually feature the cross shape, has been named in media reports as the Grace Residence apartment located in Jelutong. As can be seen from the photograph (below) published by the NST, it is a tall building standing at 44 storeys. Continue reading “Jelutong high cross, “low class” and the evangelistas today”

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Cameron Highlands: Post-Anwar power handover (or not) PM calculus

Taking the Malaysiakini report at face value as accurate, you can feel free to now consider the BN dead. Really dead; dead as a dodo. Bukan setakat hidup segan, mati tak mahu — Refer, ‘Confirmed: BN picks ex-Orang Asli top cop for Cameron Highlands’.

Umno, the BN taikor, has at last discarded Indian sentiment in its decision not to field an MIC man as the Cameron Highlands by-election opposition candidate. Continue reading “Cameron Highlands: Post-Anwar power handover (or not) PM calculus”