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Saga of the Castrated Chihuahua: Act I, Scene 1

In my blog post closing 2018, I wrote: “For 2019, expect the neutered DAP to roll over and play dead when Chinese issues arise”.

The first test to greet the muzzled DAP this new year is fulfilling the Harapan manifesto on the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

Unlike deluded Dapsters, MCA could clearly anticipate that UEC was a DAP empty promise (see tweet below) that, from the start, was meant to be broken.

Do you remember RTM news readers in Old Malaysia who used to intone, “Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today …”? Perhaps the DAP will clarify what Tun said today about the UEC’s status.

As long as half a year ago, the Harapan Education Ministry already reaffirmed (see tweet below) that the UEC would be recognized – something which MCA failed to get accomplished under the previous BN government.

MCA’s failure is wholly understandable because the party had less than 10 percent backing from the Chinese electorate, and thus there was no reason for BN taikor Umno to accede to the unpopular MCA.

Some 95 percent of Chinese voters however gave “beloved” Tun’s Harapan government their full-throated support and with DAP’s mighty 42 MPs now in the ruling coalition, there is no excuse for DAP to perform more weakly than MCA.

Moreover, a solid 32 of DAP’s 42 parliamentarians are Chinese vs taikor Pribumi’s present 15 (including frogs) Malay MPs; compare with the last Dewan where MCA had only 7 MPs vs Umno’s 88.

MPs: How they match up 

•  Last gomen: MCA (7) vis-a-vis Umno (88)

•  Current gomen: DAP (42) vis-a-vis Pribumi (15)

Conclusion: MCA had less than 1/10 of Umno’s strength; DAP is almost three times stronger than Pribumi.

Dapsters used to taunt “woof woof” at running dog MCA but all we can hear from the neutered DAP is “yippity yip” – the sound of a little chihuahua yelping.

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