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DAP’s turn to be neutered

Lim Kit Siang demands to know MCA’s stand on the DAP-manufactured allegation that MIC is to be dropped from the Cameron Highlands by-election.

DAP is flogging a dead horse. In the first place, nobody cares anymore about the MCA’s opinion. DAP is, after all, the very blunt instrument that successfully bludgeoned MCA into oblivion.

MCA today is an irrelevant party with merely one MP in our 222-seat Dewan, and that furthermore in a Malay-majority constituency. It’s pointless for the 42-parliamentarian strong DAP to keep kicking at the party receiving only five percent Chinese support.

In the second place, the BN leader Noh Omar making the said contrary suggestion is merely one supreme council member out of Umno‘s 25-member Majlis Tertinggi. He is not the party president, deputy president nor even one of the Umno three vice presidents.

Kit Siang is thus making a mountain out of a molehill from the throwaway utterence by Noh Omar. But this really is the DAP’s main task nowadays, isn’t it – to throw red herrings about non issues while deflecting from Harapan’s trail of broken promises.

The BN component contesting the coming Cameron Highlands by-election is MIC which has held the parliament seat ever since it was created.

Kit Siang is clutching at straws in trying to implicate MCA in this matter of MIC’s traditional seat – which the Indian party contested in the 2018, 2013, 2008 and 2004 elections – and the candidate selection of which has no connection with its sister BN Chinese party.

Moreover, MIC sec-gen Vell Paari has already stated that MIC did not receive any request from Umno to nominate a Malay. Yet Kit Siang persists in his shit-stirring.

Quite obviously DAP is still stuck playing its racist Politik Lama of setting Malays, Chinese and Indians against each other despite that the evangelicals have already destroyed MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

DAP remains clueless about how to raise its political game.

Not only that, it took MCA some 60 years to become ineffective within the BN. But it’s taking DAP only a little more than six months post GE14 to slide into irrelevance in Harapan.

Who’s the “running dog” now?

Below are more relevant posers for the Chinese who put all their Easter eggs into the Harapan basket.

Yesterday, Kit Siang asked: “Who will decide who will contest Cameron Highlands by-election on behalf of Barisan Nasional – BN, Umno, MIC or PAS?”

The pressing question that Kit Siang should be providing an answer for actually to his Chinese voter base is: “Who will decide the UEC non recognition on behalf of Pakatan Harapan – Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Maszlee or the 25-year-old Pribumi cabinet minister?”

DAP should also clarify what is the party’s stand now that Mahathir is making another one of his infamous U-turns on the UEC manifesto promise.

Why “such thunderous silence” from DAP? Chihuahua got your tongue?


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2 thoughts on “DAP’s turn to be neutered

  1. Happy New Year Helen. The old man is getting more and more irritating with his endless whinning. Already form government still want to make noise. Buat kerja je la. Day in day out with his statements (is it me but has Helen noticed only one portal using his statement) . Notice there is no statement about Iskandar Puteri his constituency? Kasihan voters who voted for this dinosaur.

  2. BN mungkin pertaruh bekas pegawai kanan polis Orang Asli bagi sekat PH…….

    The above guy is not indian….anyway, we wait for final says from umno, mic is still a running dog….and umno must tread this carefully, mic being is the only coalition party that stayed through tough time

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