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Jelutong high cross, “low class” and the evangelistas today

Firstly, about the Penang ‘cross’ on high that is currently the talk of town.

The controversial building, which was lit up to visually feature the cross shape, has been named in media reports as the Grace Residence apartment located in Jelutong. As can be seen from the photograph (below) published by the NST, it is a tall building standing at 44 storeys.

Such a cross of light – seen high above, towering over the DAP-ruled island – is certainly awe inspiring and thus causing widespread consternation in Malay-Muslim orthodox circles.

Isma, for one, makes a clear Christian link – see the Muslim NGO’s statement here and cautioning “isu salib ini tidak boleh dipandang mudah oleh mana-mana pihak“.

The apartment name ‘Grace’ is a popular evangelical word.

Umno man Tun Faisal Ismail too raised his concern (tweet above) about an evangelical angle to the matter, and chastized those Malays voting in the “evangelis” lawmakers.

Tun Faisal, formerly Jasa strategic communication director in the PM’s Department, exhorted the Muslims who supported evangelists (in the last general election) to acquaint themselves with the Quran verse from surah Al-Baqarah which reads: “And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion“.

Even the state mufti Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor has waded into the affair and urged Penang local authorities to take action.

According to Penang Umno MP Reezal Merican, the sight of the gargantuan cross is disturbing and causing unrest among the local community. He also wants the developer (believed to be Christian) of the Grace Residence project to be called in for questioning. Reports have been lodged by Muslims calling for police investigation.

Reezal, an Umno supreme council member, said in a press statement yesterday:

”Apa yang berlaku ini terlalu mencolok mata sehingga boleh menimbulkan kegelisahan masyarakat. Jadi, tindakan segera perlu diambil baik pemaju mahupun sesiapa yang terlibat mesti dipanggil untuk siasatan lanjut.”

A PKR Penang Adun Gooi Hsiao Leung however rebutted Reezal with his salvo quoted below. There is nonetheless a deafening silence from the DAP arch evangelistas.

The DAP’s “dangerous bait and switch”

In his most recent article titled ‘Harapan’s dangerous bait and switch’, Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan discussed hypocrisy in general. He wrote:

”Where are all the big guns of Harapan? Anwar Ibrahim, our prime minister-in-waiting, does not want to spook the Malays. I guess leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Hannah Yeoh, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, Lim Guan Eng, and M Kulasegaran do not have a problem with this. […]

“People like to call the MCA eunuchs, but now when it comes time to display [testicular or scrotal] fortitude, all these people who were shouting on the streets, online and on every platform they were on about how cruel andlow classthe Najib Abdul Razak regime was,seem to have lost their voices.”

Commander Thayaparan (rtd) called out the Harapan politicians who have lost their balls – post GE14 after being given plum ministerships – albeit the Malaysiakini editors later decided to tone down their columnist’s earlier salty language.

Yup, the DAP voices calling MCA “running dogs” have themselves lost their bark.

BELOW: DAP evangelistas with DUMC pastor Daniel Ho honoured by the Penang state government in 2016; DUMC was the church whose facilities were once raided by JAIS

Ya all in BN so “low class“

Foremost in shouting online, from the rooftops and on every platform about how “low class” the Najib regime – see her tweet below – and ineffectual the MCA was none other than DAP’s foremost evangelista Hannah Yeoh.

Apart from slagging Najib as “low class”, Hannah berated “the MCA people on Twitter” as well for being “low class”.

She berated a middle-ranking MCA leader as a “low class politician”.

She berated Gerakan’s Tan Keng Liang as “low class”.

She berated Umno’s Rahman Dahlan as “Another low class BN MP!“

She called MIC cybertroopers ”racist and distasteful“; Hannah also pityingly said she felt “very sorry for MIC members”; Hannah furthermore retweeted her husband’s jibe that MIC is “swatted like a fly by ‘tauke’ Umno”.

What goes around truly comes around as today we see it is the DAP that is swatted like a fly by ‘tauke’ Mahathir.

Always a danger in riding the tiger

But karma aside, the “dangerous bait and switch” Harapan methodology highlighted by Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan bears pondering upon.

Dapsters, like Chairman Mao’s cadres during the Cultural Revolution, have been BAITED by their DAP leadership into dominating the social media and we can see their many rude online comments on the aforementioned Jelutong ‘cross’ issue. Like Hannah Yeoh and DAP leaders, these ‘superior’ netizens have nothing but contempt for others.

On the other hand, the DAP evangelical leaders have since SWITCHED to silent mode and being as quiet as church mice. They’re cravenly not commenting on the ‘cross’ controversy.

At the same time, there are now more than 170 subscriber comments on the related Malaysiakini story about the Jelutong ‘cross’ with the majority of them being non Muslims lynching Reezal Merican. The crazed commenters are behaving like an out-of-control cyber mob.

As I’ve pointed out, the bloodied Revolution will eventually and inevitably eat its own. To arrive in Putrajaya, DAP evangelistas rode the Malay-Muslim tiger. It is their mindless supporters that will end up as cat food for the hungry harimau Melayu.


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