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Bathtub Baby bans handicapped swimmers

UPDATE (2): Malaysia has been stripped of the paralympic swimming tournament following a statement by Mahathir that Israelis are not welcome here. Dapsters should ask their “beloved Tun” if there are, by chance, any other races besides the Jews whom the PM considers unwelcome in this land too.

The old BN regime, which in 2017 won the right to host the championship, had given assurances that swimmers regardless of race would be allowed to freely participate. The new Harapan regime – elected by Dapsters – is regarded by Israel as being led by a rabid anti semite (in other words, a rabid racist).

It appears that the International Paralympic Committee agrees with Israel’s views, saying since the May 2018 regime change, ”the new Malaysian government has different ideas”.

Malaysia Baru, run by a minority government elected by ethnic minority voters dominating the DAP, is seen in the democratic world as a “racist” country. Even Malaysia Lama had not banned Israel. — 27 Jan 2019

UPDATE: Israel has asked the International Paralympic Committee to change the venue of the World Para Swimming championships to a country that is not rabidly anti semitic. — 18 Jan 2019

The competition was scheduled to be hosted by Malaysia Baru.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry yesterday condemned the “shameful” decision to ban Israeli athletes as inspired no doubt by “Mahathir’s rabid anti-Semitism”.

The youngest minister in Malaysian history – whose claim to fame is his topless pose in a bathtub – yesterday announced the cabinet‘s ban on disabled Israeli swimmers.

Kuching, which is to host a qualifying event for the Tokyo Paralympics 2020 later this year, will be instructed by Putrajaya to bar the Jewish athletes from competing.

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Same old, same old: Ada apa yang ‘Ubah’?

Banning Israelis is very much Malaysia Lama. However, we see that this exclusionary practice is still being maintained in Malaysia Baru.

Similarly other old practices are rinsed and repeated – such as ‘cash handouts’ by Harapan in the Cameron Highlands by-election stump, a slew of Sedition Act arrests under Harapan’s 2019 new year watch, Harapan arrogance, Harapan arbitrary arrogance and more in-your-face arrogance simply because arrogant DAP politicians are 100% convinced of Dapster stupidity.

The examples cited above are cursorily gleaned from yesterday’s news headlines alone. Other examples abound endlessly. What kind of New Malaysia were the Chinese HOPE-ing to get when they voted 95 percent for the DAP Switch-and-Baiters?

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(Al-Quds is the name for Jerusalem in Arabic.)

Not an ‘arf’ from DAP castrated chihuahuas

DAP bigshots like Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh used to bark that the opposition bench are “low class”. Hannah has previously called Najib, Umno’s Rahman Dahlan, Gerakan’s Tan Keng Liang, MCA leaders and MCA Twitter people “low class” as well as the MIC operatives, “racist” all.

DAP and Dapsters evidently have nothing but contempt for BN and PAS politicians. But what is the public to think about those DAP ministers who – we presume – were silent as church mice at the cabinet meeting that decided on this latest Israel ban.

Note: The Israeli swimmers are being prevented from competing in Kuching, capital of Malaysia’s sole Christian ‘majority’ (plurality) state.

If we’re left quite konpius, it’s only because the DAP evangelistas are such political chameleons most adept at Baiting & Switching. Such craven behaviour is befitting the political party with no permanent principles that will U-turn, flip-flop and twist with the wind.

In the past, the Harapan Christian supporters were calling for Malaysia to be “saved” from Najib and Umno.

In our present time, the table is turned. Now it is the Palestine supporters – click Ismaweb link above – who are calling for Malaysia to be saved from the biaDAP horde.


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2 thoughts on “Bathtub Baby bans handicapped swimmers

  1. If PH allow the israelite athletes, they are screwed…..if they don’t allow, they are screwed too…..since the practice has always been not to allow israelites in, better to stick to that practice…’s not a national matter after all…..

  2. If Malaysia wants to ban Israeli athletes, that’s their call even though it’s ridiculously small minded. However, they should have made this stance clear when they were bidding to host the event. The fact that they didn’t doesn’t give them a leg to stand on and Israel are well within their rights to ask the Championships to be moved to a non anti-semitic country.

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