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In the holy name of God, Harapan swore to fulfil manifesto promises

What is the worth of the Harapan manifesto?

Empty promises: “Buku ini mengandungi janji-janji kami PAKATAN HARAPAN kepada rakyat Malaysia apabila menubuh Kerajaan”.

False hope: “Inilah dasar dan tindakan-tindakan yang akan kami laksana untuk memulih semula dan MEMBINA NEGARA serta MEMENUHI HARAPAN rakyat,” the manifesto said (capital letters originally in Harapan GE14 document).

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Melayu (dan pemimpin DAP) mudah lupa

The Harapan manifesto was “humbly” presented to voters on the eve of election when the ‘hope-full’ candidates were appealing for a chance to be the new government that will implement a stack of promises.

Speaking for all the amnesiacs hopeful of becoming YBs, chairman Mahathir Mohamad made the Harapan offer “to shoulder the heavy responsibility of saving the country“ – as God is their witness.

Mahathir proceeded to pledge most solemnly in God’s name:

”Saya mewakili seluruh anggota Pakatan Harapan dengan rendah diri dan tawakkal kepada Allah Ta’ala menawarkan diri untuk menggalas tanggungjawab berat ini.”

DAP cybertroopers machine gun the messenger

Gerakan wants to know what happened to Harapan’s promise on UEC. The rebuke by Gerakan directed at the DAP is totally valid.

Quite predictably, batallions of DAP defenders have dashed out – guns blazing – to shoot and mow down the evangelist party’s critics.

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Well, Gerakan is today a standalone opposition with zero seats in parliament, so all the smearing and name-calling nasty attacks by Dapsters is like water off a duck’s back. Gerakan does not owe Chinese voters anything, period.

  1. MCA – the opposition party with only one Malay-majority seat in our 222-seat Dewan Rakyat – owes nothing to the Chinese voters either. But it’s still legitimate for both to query DAP which is the second biggest Harapan party in power with its 48 MPs.

Gerakan has told DAP to stop using ‘Malay objection’ as an excuse. Actually Gerakan should just tell DAP upfront to stop licking the old man’s boots. Ingesting too much shoe polish is poisonous and will induce vomiting.


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