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Remember when Syed Saddiq wanted Waythamoorthy’s resignation?

DAP smashed their BN opponents, then Pribumi quickly grabbed the loot. Behold the ghoulish Harapan smash-and-grab combo.

Example: DAP’s scorched earth battle tactic allowing Pribumi to grab the bulk of GE14 war spoils, including the post of Deputy Foreign Minister.

DAP’s junior political brain Ong Kian Ming (its senior brain is Liew Chin Tong) had previously attacked – both in public and in parliament – two of Najib’s GE13 ministers whom he claimed paraded academic credentials from dubious “degree mills”.

Cat got DAP’s tongue now, eh

Back in the day, Ong was barking ferociously (see video above) to discredit Najib’s cabinet members – one a BN minister from Sabah, the other from Sarawak.

Today Ong himself is accused in a Malaysiakini platform of practising “politics at its most craven” when he failed to apply the same standards to his own Harapan cabinet colleague.

A Pribumi deputy minister is currently caught with a dodgy ‘Cambridge’ degree. Mahathir’s cabinet appointee to the Foreign Ministry, Marzuki Yahya, is even now being reported in the news, under negative headlines, by the media in several of our neighbouring countries.

The toes of the Singapore diplomats must be curling in laughter at Malaysia’s CAT (lack of ‘Competency, Accountability, Transparency’) fiasco.

BELOW: Before DAP turned into castrated chihuahuas, they used to be the most feral attack dogs

DAP doing despicable deeds to court votes

Does a politician really require a real Cambridge degree to operate? No.

He merely “lies or spins, works the party system, makes alliances and enemies and generally does despicable deeds to court votes,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist S. Thayaparan today. And not to forget, defending the indefensible.

In his article ‘Fake degrees and fake reforms’, Thayaparan pinpointed Ong Kian Ming as an examplar of how “Harapan operatives are excelling in back-pedalling”.

In 2013, Ong had asked the then PM “to sack two ministers who Ong claimed had fake degrees”, recalled Thaya. So why has Ong not asked the current PM for the resignation of Marzuki, Thaya challenged.

The Malaysiakini writer observed that not only has Ong shifted the goal posts, but the reversal which the DAP leader is now bullshitting (or horse-manure shovelling) is in direct contradiction to the ‘reform’ he pontificated in the past.

BELOW: So how now, indeed

Promising the moon and stars, in God’s name

In order to attain power, political scumbags are willing to swear anything and do everything.

Harapan parties DAP, PKR, PAN and Pribumi even invoked God “dengan rendah diri dan tawakkal kepada Allah Ta’ala”; Mahathir had pledged on all their behalf when promising – on the eve of polling day – to implement the election manifesto.

DAP was raw muscle incarnate. Its politicians were the most vicious, its operatives had been the most adept at agitprop, and its hardcore followers dirty champions at smearing and harassing. Just rabidly foaming at the mouth.

Syed Saddiq’s parliament constituency in Muar has 31.5 percent (almost one in three) Chinese voters. In GE14, some 95 percent of the Chinese electorate backed Harapan. Chinese legwork allowed Pribumi to reap the GE14 rewards and Pribumi twenty-somethings like Saddiq to grab a full minister post.

Barely a few months into his Pak Menteri job, Saddiq felt entitled to ask fellow minister P. Waythamoorthy to quit despite there being no good reason at all for Waytha to be picked on.

Not Ong Kian Ming nor any of the DAP ministers, however, will be asking Marzuki to resign.

The thing about neutered “running dogs” is eagerness to snarl and bare their fangs. Nonetheless in the presence of their master, they can only whimper like whupped puppies.

It might have been a total 95 percent of the Chinese flexing their electoral muscle but reality bites: their political pitbull has doubtless turned into a chihuahua.


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