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“Yes, prime minister” — Dapsters just adore their Beloved Tun

Dapsters are finding their Beloved Tun 太可爱 … just too “adorable”. He can do no wrong in their eyes.

Never mind that there’s a brewing ‘Cambridge’ stew wrt Marzuki Yahya the deputy foreign minister. Semua okay, bah. It was after all Mahathir who put his own Pribumi man in the cabinet after airdropping Marzuki into Dewan Negara (a minister must be either an MP or senator).

“The Marzuki scandal … also opened the floodgates to greater scrutiny of the educational background of other Pakatan [Harapan] leaders including two Mentris Besar,” wrote Joceline Tan in her Star column today. The Menteris Besar under scrutiny are Johor and Perak, and both are from Pribumi too. Continue reading ““Yes, prime minister” — Dapsters just adore their Beloved Tun”