Marzuki & enough capati to stock a kedai mamak chain

February 11, 2019 at 3:33 pm Leave a comment

The buck stops with T-Rex.

It was Mahathir who appointed Marzuki. And Maszlee. And Osman Sapian. And the Son of Azumu. And that Little Twat. 

And on and on and on … the plethora of men, women and wonder boy from Pribumi all catapulted into the very top government posts by Harapan chairman cum prime minister – the Beloved Tun.

BELOW: Only fools think they can ride the tiger or keep a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a short leash 

Definition of the phrase ‘motherhood statement‘:

”A feel good platitude, usually by a politician, about a worthy concept that few people would disagree with, without any specified plans for realisation.”

An example of a motherhood statement, “We want all the races in New Malaysia to live in peace and harmony.”

Definition of the word ‘manifesto’:

”A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially that of a political party.”

The Harapan manifesto is a 150-page document full of motherhood statements. Read the verbal diarrhea for yourself and weep.

What principle has Harapan shown in the Marzuki scandal? What policy? Pie in the sky promises (janji dicapati) aplenty got lah.

Some MCA folks are voicing that Harapan leaders have become “apologists”. MCA should just straight up say that DAP politicians have become assiduous arselickers who tak habis-habis jilat the old man like the lapdogs that they truly are.

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“Yes, prime minister” — Dapsters just adore their Beloved Tun Waiting for Pribumi to honour its gentleman’s agreement

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