Waiting for Pribumi to honour its gentleman’s agreement

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“So Umno never set foot in Sarawak and that has worked fine for some decades, until post-GE14 that is,” says Sarawakian Francis Paul Siah in his Malaysiakini column today.

Francis believes too that Pribumi should honour its electoral pact with Warisan and not set foot in Sabah either. But like Francis himself admits, everything has changed post-GE14 because hey, we’re now living in New Malaysia.

BELOWWaiting for Pribumi to honour gent’s agreement like waiting for cows to come home

Honest to God, trust in us

There was “a deal, a pact or an understanding (or whatever you may wish to call it) struck between the two parties”, according to Francis albeit admitting that the tacit understanding between Pribumi and Warisan was “not cast in stone”.

Francis is right in his reminder that the Pribumi-Warisan temporary detente is merely a gentleman’s agreement.

After all, look: The Harapan manifesto is a public document underwritten by the four ruling political parties and signed off by Mahathir “mewakili seluruh anggota Pakatan Harapan dengan rendah diri dan tawakkal kepada Allah Ta’ala”.

Where’s the oil royalties? M63? In God’s name!

BELOW: “Tolak DAP, PAS, PKR & Amanah” … eh, don’t forget to include Pribumi in list because post-GE14, the old ‘Umno-Keep-Out-Of-Sarawak’ BN deal is dissolved

What if the dealmaker is not a ‘gentleman’?

Alas. “An unwritten pact between two vagrants on the street probably carries more weight and is more likely to be honoured,” laments the former Malaysiakini editor, Francis.

Actually some people view the Pribumi-Warisan gentleman’s agreement as a deal between the little and big devil. But Francis is nonetheless correct that their Faustian pact is less likely to be honoured than a grubby handshake between two vagrants.

Sabahans and Sarawakians would do well to keep an eye on the peninsula and see how the Mahathir-Anwar gentleman’s agreement is working out.

BELOW: “Alhamdulillah because we were willing to accept these terms [serving only as “interim PM”], we won,” says Mahathir

Mahathir has sworn that he will honour his words to be an “interim PM” only (read embedded tweet link above). Personally, I wouldn’t place my faith in any pact with Pribumi even if it were signed in blood.

However, I will “humbly” and “with humility” – the same phrases with which Harapan appealed to undecided voters in their manifesto – yes, in all humbleness, I’m willing to walk back my words when I see Anwar set foot in Putrajaya 2020 after Mahathir completes his gentleman’s agreement.

Before then, I shall first wait and see whether Mahathir is going to handle the ‘Cambridge’-degree scandal of his deputy foreign minister in a “gentlemanly” manner or not.


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