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  1. Helen, you’re clearly pro UMNO. That is fine and you have a political agenda. However, instead of targeting the government of the day, of PBBM which accepted your former scumbags, you always spin it as DAP. Now it’s clear why. UMNO opposition – Malay. Govermant – DAP – Chinese. Surely someone as aged and experienced as you would have a better basis rather than race and religion? Or maybe not?

        1. The Palestinians hands down. UMNO are no different, please don’t kid yourself by thinking otherwise. The ranking is as follows.

          1 Malays
          2 Zakir Naik
          3 Non Malay Muslims/ Palestinians
          4 Daylight
          5 More daylight
          6 Non Muslims

            1. Facts? You sound like Trump. Your facts only exist in your miserable universe. You’re a hate monger who has nothing except race and religion. Bet you look like Trump too.

              1. Remember that three-quarters of Malays in peninsular Malaysia did not vote Harapan. Figure (‘fact’) provided by DAP’s Ong Kian Ming:

                • BN : 44%
                • PAS : 32%
                • Harapan : 24%

                It’s because they cannot tolerate Dapster behaviour like yours.

                Today after PAS’s deal with Mahathir, DAP is going to be even more race-and-religion isolated. You reap what you sow.

  2. To put it as simply and without taking sides as possible, DAP, PKR and Amanah agreed to accept their arch nemesis Mahathir and Pribumi into the pact as a strategic alliance or a united front to achieve the single objective of ousting Najib and UMNO from power in GE14 and they succeeded.

    However, many DAP and PKR rank and file members and supporters were upset with this alliance, fearing that it compromised Pakatan’s principles and could lead to developments which they do not like after winning. Some of them went so far as to initiate the #Undirosak campaign to spoil their votes to register their discontent in GE14, even though the #Undirosak campaign had little real effect in GE14.

    Others like DAP supporter KTemoc have been banging away at Lim Kit Siang over his agreeing to this alliance until today.


    KTemoc and some others, including staunchly pro-UMNO bloggers have been predicting that Mahathir has an agenda to beef up Pribumi’s numbers in parliament so it will have a major voice within the four-partypack in parliament.

    Others have even gone so far as to predict that once Pribumi has sufficient numbers in parliament, it will form a new alliance with Malay Muslim parties, including some PKR MPs, Amanah, UMNO and PAS which together will constitute a majority in parliament and then oust Pakatan from government and get installed as the new government, minus DAP.

    Whilst even with these seven ex-UMNO MPs joining Pribumi, the party is still far short of being able to carry out this coup-in-parliament, however it’s seen as a move in the direction of this prediction, which has some DAP MPs worried.

    Of course, all this political manouvering is doing no good for the people, the economy and so forth but it looks like it is happening nonetheless.

    On the other hand, these manouvering could be to eventually provide Pakatan with a two-thirds majority in parliament so that it can amend the constitution, the number of seats in parliament, redelineiation of electoral boundaries and so forth to ensure it has a better chance of remaining in power in elections to come.

    We can only watch, wait and see whether or not these various speculations come to pass.

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